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Coaches have the capability to break you DOWN as a human if you let them. They remind you often that you “chose” this. I do not ever remember signing up to be stripped of any of my humanity — and the confidence a coach can strip you of, that will transcend off the field. I am here, as a coach to never ever be the martyr of a person that dictates, controls, punishes, bullies it’s players, it’s humans. I learned not only so much of what I want to represent as a coach for every player I get to grow with; but more of what I want to be as a woman. A confident and happy woman who models for athletes on the field, because when they walk off the field, what will they remember to take?
The academics at Monmouth University felt they were entirely dependent on the ability of the staff to deliver messages effectively and efficiently. I felt like my professors and especially the part-time professors who were typically seen as business leaders. They did a terrible job preparing us for what the real world would actually want from us.
Graduate program is excellent at this university. Explored in-depth topics that will forever changed your learning experiences. The student body is excellent with many friends in the graduate program.
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The coursework was great because it forced you to do incredible research into a topic, while posing an argument among other students. Although the work was lengthy, I learned a lot from it.
I was a student-athlete at Monmouth University. I was on the track team and it was the best decision I have ever made. I had the best support system with coaches, professors, administrators, and teammates. My major is Health Studies and Exercise Science. The professors and staff in the science department are wonderful. I loved the classroom size and support on campus. I would like to see the people on campus connect more. For example, maybe have more cookouts or activities that bring the campus together. I believe that is truly important to have a student life that is connected. I loved going to the sporting events but I wish more people were involved and went more. The only time our school comes together as one is homecoming and spring fest. Other than that everyone does their own thing and does not go out of their way to connect with one another.
I am satisfied with my academics. All my professors really cared about me and took the time to explain things that did not make sense. They were so welcoming with their office hours and encouraged everyone to go to them and I took advantage of it and would see my professors. Another thing I took advantage of was the writing center. The staff in the writing center always helped me become a better writer throughout my years. I was able to tell how I improved since my freshman year to my senior year. Health Studies and Exercise Science is a wonderful major that I will continue to use for the rest of my life. I plan to go back to Monmouth University for the Masters In Athletic Training, which my previous major set me up perfectly.
The campus, the social life, the location right in the heart of the jersey shore. I cannot say enough good things about Monmouth. I transferred there in 2014 as a junior and had the most amazing memories in two years, that some don't even get to experience in 4. Thanks, Monmouth for a great education and time!
Monmouth University has a very strong Education program. Education majors get out into the schools early and are provided with many opportunities to observe teachers and teach their own lessons throughout the required courses. Monmouth University's professors and other employees are very approachable and will offer any help they can to ensure that Monmouth students have everything they need to be successful. The campus is small which provides a great space to build community and relationships with fellow students.
I like the professor but I am not a fan on how dark the parking lots are at night and not that many security driving around
So far I have had nothing but good experiences with Monmouth University. Expensive, yes. Supportive - definitely. I would rather attend a more pricey school and have one on one help and attention than be thrown to the side like my undergraduate school did.
Monmouth is a beautiful school with amazing people and staff. So much to do in convenient timing. The sports are unbelievable along with tailgating and the students that support the campus and sports is surreal.
I love Monmouth University because of its small class setting and the professors actually know you by name, it's a great place to get an education.
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