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Indiana Wesleyan University Graduate Reviews

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I applied to Indiana Wesleyan University in October of 2013, shortly after my son was born. It was easy to apply. The staff is very polite, loving and helpful in all the departments I've encountered. The professors are very helpful, patient and compassionate about how they educate. I haven't had any type of negative altercations, disagreements or misunderstandings since I've been in attendance at my University. I love it here and am so grateful that my Aunt actually recommended Indiana Wesleyan University to me and I applied right away. I wasn't sure what I would major in and had only planned on staying to get an Associates Degree. However, there were other plans. I am now in Graduate school getting my Masters Degree in Clinical Addictions Counseling. I am proud to be a student here at Indiana Wesleyan University.
The online graduate programs are tailored to the working professional. Yes, there is still a significant amount of work involved, but with focus and intentionality the program and workload are very manageable. Many of the courses offer the opportunity for practical application of concepts, which I found to be a welcome addition to the program. I wish, however, that some of the content was more focused on a specific program concentration, rather than just having a broad focus on the subject area.
The people have been very wonderful and easy to work with. I have really enjoyed my experience so far. I hop to continue to have this experience throughout my time in the program.
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I love this school. I am an online student and professors are super helpful. The Christian background helps teachers to align with values, but they do not let those values impede the environment. Classes are not discriminatory as you would think. This school is also very affordable for in-state tuition and the quality of education received is great.
Even though the program is online, I still feel that I am getting a great experience that will help me become an effective school counselor. Discussion posts, observation hours, and intensives are all helpful to make us students feel a part of the school environment even though we are not there full time. I particularly enjoy my courses that are specific to school counseling, but also enjoy courses such as Multicultural Counseling and Human Development.
Their online courses are offered at an affordable rate, the website is super user friendly, the professors are knowledgeable and they work well with the students to help them succeed.
I love learning about social work with the faith based curriculum. It is such a positive environment.
The instructors and staff have been extrememly supportive and engaging. The online degree programs cater to working professional adults, where the material is comprehensive providing real life day to day examples of what different areas of study reflect.
Will start IWU in January 2019. I researched many colleges offering both online and campus education. I was impressed with IWU because of flexibility of courses. I hope that it is a good match for me, but I'm confident it will me.
My experience at Indiana Wesleyan University has been fantastic. The professor are available to their students when they need them. The material covered is very helpful to what I am trying to achieve. I also appreciate the the level of support provided by my students and faculty.

If I were to change anything surround IWU, it would be the price of college altogether.
Very friendly. Helped me through the process of signing up and has several follow up calls to ensure I am doing well and if I need assistance
The professors are great and they understand that we are all adult learners and have a work, family life out of class.
I love that IWU is a Christian based school and that it offers so much flexibility. IWU is about adult learning and application and while that is different it is nice to apply experiential learning to my courses.
Great programs that get you ready, but can be hard to connect when being an online student, but not impossible.
Application process is very easy, staff is helpful with admission paperwork and application is free!!
The faculty and student services communities within IWU have been extremely helpful during a personal crisis to help me stay on track in my program. Everyone was incredibly understanding and helpful.
This is great school. I'm off site doing the adult learning and it has been a wonderful experience.
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