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Harvard University Graduate Reviews

16 reviews
Great academics and professors. Flexible schedule and can opt into as many classes as you're interested in. Great learning environment. Gym isn't great and we need a lot more diversity. Campus food also needs improvement to accommodate vegetarians.
I am at the Harvard Extension School and I feel as if I am learning a lot in writing and communicating with my peers. It is a beneficial program with lots of positive experiences.
Ease of educational access equates to egalitarianism in higher education and personal empowerment; flexible scheduling and distance education options enable successful project development!
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I am in the Harvard Extension School to get my Master in Liberal Arts Management degree and I am learning a lot about professional writing. My course has been online and I have been attentive in the course. Harvard is advanced technologically and provides many different options to study at the school.
An amazing whirlwind of support from world class faculty, the leader of every field, and a supporting student body who will foster growth of knowledge, culture, diversity, and person with every effort and experience. Opt out of the dining plan however, it isnt worth the price!
It's reputation is awesome. it has the long standing history of excellence we all seek from a university.
Prestigious. Knowledgeable staff. Smart students. Beautiful campus. Dorm is old. Buildings are old.
Harvard University is a great campus that's dedicated to teaching students how to change the world. Their general facilities, professors, and students, make it very easy to get connected with some of the best minds in the world. Harvard is a university that is truly top tier and the students who attend Harvard are some of the most dedicated and hard working individuals in this world. In addition, other living aspects of the college like the campus and extracurricular events like recreational sports, study groups, and organized parties are extremely fun and engaging. These events make it extremely easy to get plugged in and make lasting social relations.
Excellent resources and professors. The classes are kept to a small number of students and there is plenty of opportunity to share and to discuss topics in a more in-depth manner. Professors are available to meet with you and to help support your learning. The campus is full of events and the time you have with friends to discuss your learning is excellent.
Great school with great traditions and academics. World renowned education that challenges the students
I am attending Harvard for my premedical studies. The resources are great and extremely beneficial to my learning. The overall teaching is also amazing and the professors truly care about the students.
some of the professors are very rude, but besides that everything else is okay the oly other thing is that they can work on getting better food for how much it cost to attend.
Harvard University has excellent programs for graduate students. The courses are flexible and fit around work schedules. However, the material can be challenging and very time consuming. I would recommend going to graduate school here.
Harvard University is the best university one could get into for education due to the unmatched intellectual atmosphere consisting of the world's top brains with cutting edge research being done in all fields leading to new interdisciplinary collaborations.
This institution is unparalleled. The professors, alumni, cohort, and everyone involved in the university is phenomenal at their job and as a human.
I am pursuing my Master's Degree at Harvard. I have found the Professors and Teaching Assistants to be very helpful. This has been an incredible experience so far!
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