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George Washington University Graduate Reviews

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As an entering freshman, I was challenged by the courses that required essays in English Literature. After teaching English for 25 years, I've now published 6 books proving that the instruction I received at GWU has paid off.
I attended GWU 1968-71 and earned the B.A. in English Literature in spite of the turmoil of protests against the war in Vietnam happening all around campus. After graduating in 3 years, I enrolled in the M.Ed program at GWU and attended 1973-74, leaving shy of one 3-credit course. I now intend to complete my Master's work at GWU. GWU is a highly regarded academic institution and I'm proud to have attended there.
The curriculum was very rigorous but doable. If you have a full-time job I would suggest scheduling your classes to graduate within 2 years.
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I was a student at their MPH program and I enjoyed the experience. I was even able to take an elective course at the Washington D.C. campus and that was fun. A lot of the students I met were very friendly and they inspired me to continue working on reaching my goals. The faculty were also very knowledgeable and inspiring as well.
I like that it is ranked as one of the top graduate nurse practitioner online schools. I like that it is in the capitol of the United States.
I am starting and am really excited! I like the online platform but I want to graduate in 2020! Yay I really want to be a nurse practitioner
It is really engaging and easy to understand. They have lot of way to teach students with various materials. And mentors are always there for their students.
It’s an amazing opportunity that I got admitted there. This school is down to earth for their students but a little bit expensive.
I am in my first year of law school. My professors and classmates are excellent. The student services like the career center expect you to be proactive in reaching out to them, but they also provide an incentives program for exploring the school. The library does Halloween trick-or-treating.
I liked it but my program had some significant flaws, so it varies by department. Prestigious school with smart professors but a lot of them are too focused on research and methods based work rather than practical applications of our knowledge.
I've enjoyed my experience at GWU overall, though financial aid can be tough to deal with. I like my professors, many of whom are renowned in their field, and it's great to pursue a MS in Washington, D.C.
Being in the history department, the faculty is second to none. They are extremely supportive to students and inventive on creating a unique learning experience. The bureaucracy of the school is crippling in trying to navigate basic student needs such as financial aid and registration. They are not helpful unless you visit them in person, which makes it impossible when you try to reach them over any breaks if you’re not near DC. The school does not value having graduate student housing, as seen by their elimination of it in the 2020-21 school year. Their scholarships are, while generous, misleading in the amount of time they will be received. I would rather have known I would receive aid for all four semesters at smaller increments than to have it depleted in my first year, something only the finest of print alludes to. Otherwise, the opportunities provided by education at GW is excellent and the ability to take classes across departments germane to your research focus is great.
Love the faculty, students, and networking opportunities. Also love the fact that it's in the heart of DC. Not very impressed with the administrative staff, takes forever to get basic paperwork through with unnecessary hurdles along the way.
The university could not be in a better location and has a number of very high quality professors. George Washington University does an excellent job at preparing students to enter the workforce and has a number of opportunities to allow students to network and apply for jobs. The major downside to this university is the outrageous tuition rates which are some of the highest in the nation.
George Washington provides an unparalleled university experience by combining academic excellence with practical tutorials in the Washington, DC area. It promotes students' growth an development with resources such as the writing center, wellness center, athletic trainers etc.
I wish the campus was more closed and secure--the urban campus in way too open and we have problems with people who are not affiliated with the school in any way being allowed to walk through areas of the school. It's not something I like at all. I wish the school could close off the school and make it more secure.
The office of admissions staff was very helpful with my transition, as well as the GWSPH faculty and staff. They are very interactive and informative. The process of applying and staying in the loop went smoothly because of all their hard work and dedication!
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I really enjoy George Washington University and all it has to offer, but I feel my program struggles to be fully recognized by the school. Very little funding is given to the Graduate School of Education and Human Development, as well as opportunities for research. The program has been accelerated, which does not give us time as students to fully develop our skills or get what we need out of the program.
I’m online only. The platform is troublesome, the materials are often 3 or more years old thus not exactly current.
The George Washington University creates a supportive environment facilitated by caring people, guiding students along their journeys to success.
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