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George Mason University Graduate Reviews

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I like their flexibility in timing for the Graduate students. The location of the school is also one of the considerable point of the school. The upgraded laboratory and highly qualified teacher is their one of the best aspect.
Yes, the course works are very engaging and helpful. The presence of the highly qualified professors and their experiences makes the class extremely stimulating. The inclusions of the variety of new technological developments in the courses makes it more interesting.
Overall it was a good experience. I enjoyed the ability to study in the library and being able to use the gym was also awesome. They have a wide range of counseling services available to students.
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Overall the academics are very good. I would say I'm a bit disappointed in my program but with the backing of the school overall I'm confident my resume will stand for itself.
The MPH program at Mason has been a great experience thus far. Some of the great qualities include: a mixture of full time and adjunct professors who work in Public Health careers currently and can provide real world experience, great proximity to several local health departments and public health careers in Washington DC and surrounding areas as well.
It was okay. I went there for my undergrad, and I enjoyed the student involvement, particularly from black students. I do wish there was a greater effort to make students feel safer on campus and protect their interests.
I found GMU a very interactive, collaborative, and extremely diversified school. Overall, the school is good in academics and most importantly the place makes the school much more competitive with a lot of options for jobs and internships. It has fantastic facilities for students, faculties, and staff.
I loved my time here and had some of the best years of my life! I made amazing friends, connections with employers and professors. This is an amazing school for networking.
Teachers were excellent and classes were engaging. Only issue I had was they REFUSED to give me instate tuition, even after living in VA for 2 yrs which resulted in me having to take out considerable more loans than necessary.
I loved the College of Education and Human Development at George Mason University. The professors and students rely on research for decision making and also partake in thoughtful reflection of practices.
George Mason is a great school. The Education College is impressive because of the close proximity to some of the best schools and talent the country has to offer the field of education.
I loved going to school at George Mason University. The university offered me a wonderful education in my field of study, although it did not help me in my search for a job related to my degree. I also wished there were more internship opportunities for my field so I could gain professional experience before searching for a job post graduation.
This school has a very attentive admissions office. It has been so easy to apply to a master's program, and there was someone to help me every step of the way!
George Mason is a great school. The one thing I truly love about this institution is the availability and approachability of the faculty and staff members. I have recently come back to school from several years off, and instead of just leaving me to "figure it out", individual faculty members have all offered to help me and give me advice independent from one another. Additionally George Mason is in the Washington D.C. area and has many connections to our nations largest and most important agencies. Thats just to say.... Job placement, job placement, job placement.
I am a first year graduate student who moved from Texas to Virginia to attend GMU. Mason’s professors are fantastic and student life ensures opportunities for academic and career growth that extend past the typical classroom setting. Mason is concerned with provided a holistic graduate education which prepares you for both careers and further doctoral studies.
It was great experience. I lived in the area and it was easy for me to get there. It is very diverse . People are nice. Sometimes professors are just a little bit tired to teach. However, each of us came here to learn and not to complain.
The professors engage with students and help them succeed. The campus is always busy with activities that make students feel part of a community.
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Affordable compared to other 4-year universities in Virginia. I wish there were more housing options on and near campus that were reasonably priced. As a graduate student, the most affordable option was to commute from my parent's home an hour away from campus.
George Mason is a large school with sometimes larger classes, and I know that can be a deterrent for many people. My advice would be to put yourself out there and get to know someone in your class, or make connections with your professors. These bonds can be valuable throughout your college career as you look towards the next step.
George Mason is a university that really invests in their student population. The administration is very transparent and engages the student body. The food offered on the campus is wonderful. The campus is always clean and well manicured. Most of the teachers are extremely helpful and clearly want to see the students succeed. Parking offers could be a little more affordable for students.
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