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Gallaudet University Graduate Reviews

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The academics are challenging and offer students to become prepared for the real world and working with children and adults in various settings. They also make sure to prepare you for whichever setting you would like to work in
The program is very transparent, diverse and rewarding. They make sure to expose their students to a wide range of population groups and settings while immersing them in Deaf culture
I like Gallaudet because of the direct communication offered to deaf students. Based on my experience, Gallaudet professors, staffs and deaf people teach me about Deaf culture, Deaf community, and they show me a lot about the resources that they offer for Deaf people. What would I see any better for Gallaudet, I would like to see the DC community get involve to Gallaudet university, so we will see more diverse communities, share our knowledge of Deaf culture that DC community will probably work together as a collaboration.
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My bachelor of Arts in Psychology, I had a wonderful experience with students and professors, they taught me a lot about deaf people in psychology'view. We transformed Psychology's standrad view on deaf people, we changed their view of our culture and community. Deaf people and hearing people are equal!
Gallaudet is a great and very unique school. I wish I had been more prepared for campus culture. Very strongly suggest getting to know people there before going there. Institutionally (paperwork, structure) is a disaster there which complicates things.
Academics are a little sticky here because it is a bilingual school, ASL and English. Sometimes standards are lower than I would like because of disparities in background education for both deaf and hearing students.
I love the bilingual community at Gallaudet and the many opportunities to get involved in meaningful work that impacts deaf and hard-of-hearing people. Great place to meet role models and pursue research interests.
Amazing discourse with leaders in the field. Plenty of options for whatever you want to study and plenty of resources to support you throughout your studies. Great mentors available to help support your research. Education in ASL is champ.
My program is extremely intensive (pros and cons) and you come out ready to jump into an externship. Financial aid, however, does not actually get deposited on the scheduled disbursement date. Instead, students typically do not receive financial aid available above tuition and fees for at least 4 weeks following the start of the semester. While the bookstore allows you to purchase books on credit up to $1000, students should not depend on the financial aid disbursement for any other expenses they may have (rent, food, etc.) at the beginning of each semester.

Try to live off-campus if possible. Many students end up moving after a semester of living on campus due to the mice infestation. Instead of getting rid of the mice, traps are set out, and you can hear them scratching inside the walls (if you happen to be a hearing student).
In the Masters for Public Administration program at Gallaudet. I currently have a 3.871 GPA going into my second year. The entire department has been very supportive accommodating and continuously challenges me to do my best. I am a dual impaired two sport (football and track and field) college athlete that has transitioned into the graduate Masters of Public Administration program. It has been very well presented, interesting and challenging. I cant speak highly enough of Department Chair Dr. David Penna for his guidance, mentorship and classes. I am also interning for Congressman John Rutherford on Capital Hill as part of the program through the fall.
I love Gallaudet University because of it where I feel home and bond with my Deaf community. Everyone use American Sign Language (ASL) easy to communicate with each other and it accessible. I would like to see improving cafeteria food and maybe build or fix dorm.
I have had a positive experience thus far. The professors and staff have been helpful and genuinely concerned about the students.
Have only visited a couple of times, but I am enrolled for the fall to be a full time student. Students seem to be involved with on campus activities. Will be fun to join such a unique school.
Excellent communication for Deaf and hard of hearing. Some changes are promoting more bilingual roles and hire more diverse staff. Food are awful, dorms are old and smelly.
Gallaudet is the perfect place for people who want to dive into Deaf culture. Being able to use ASL all day every day will only enhance your skills. As a future interpreter, it was the best place for me and I recommend any students who want to be an interpreter, go to Gallaudet and experience it.
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