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Full Sail University Graduate Reviews

21 reviews
The coursework was very engaging and useful to the degree field desired. The teachers also had great experience in the field and also showed pathways through resources to help on assignments.
The classes had plenty of resources to help with class. The teachers are the best with helping with projects and showing what resources are needed for class.
My instructors cared about my success. Before every class, they gave a complete syllabus and all of their contact information in case there were any questions.
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Full Sail is a school for creatives. They lead in the film, video and production industry. My experience was primarily online but because l live close I was able to stop in and visit my instructors if l had any questions. I had a good experience.
I am confident my degree has prepared me for my industry. My classes were subjects appropriate for my future of writing for the entertainment industry.
The online platform was awesome! I was worried about an entirely online program at first but was happily surprised by the amound of comrodery and student interaction.
My experience at Full Sails is one of the best thus far, The teachers actually work with you during your assignment, and they show great support. I would always recommend Full Sails
The Academics at Full Sails are unbelievable there are many studies to choose from and so long as you are a student then failure is not an option. There are many great opportunities that are available just reach out and grab ahold of them.
I love the ongoing interaction between the students and professors in the classroom setting online. We interact for assignments, go to meeting lectures, and for critical thinking discussions. I would highly recommend this University to anyone pursuing a career in the Arts.
I love how its an art school based campus and it's mainly the majors will help students bring out their creativity in them.
They mean it when they say they take your dreams seriously. After just one year post grad I have a job in my field in a city that I love!

I'm only 4 classes in but I absolutely love it. The professors have been on point knowing their stuff!!

You know that saying you learn something new every day? Well, it for sure hold true here. Expanding your mind is what they do. Making you think beyond what you have imagine thus far. Making you think outside the box!

I'm taking my classes on-line. Some think that on-line classes are more difficult than the physical classroom. And they don't like not being able to see their instructors or classmates. I think just the opposite. There is ample time to complete your assignments and the conversations with your instructors are just an email or phone call away.

Can’t wait to get started on the next classes!
I'm currently working on getting my Bachelors Degree. I started in 2017 and will graduate in 2020. On an Online student because I live in New York. Most of the classes are easy and some of them I struggle in but just contacting my teachers and they help me.
Excellent college, I always have the support I need for my programs from my instructors, the classes are great and always have the tools I need to complete my program. Excellent Digital Marketing Masters Program.
My experience has been one to remember because it placed me on a steep learning curve. I switched majors from an MFA in Screenwriting to an MS in Business Intelligence. Upon my enrollment, the advisors and professors were generous with their time and ensured that I would meet success during the duration of my studies at their institution. Due to the fact that I studied online, I have no comments pertaining to changes about the campus.
I love this school because it offers all of the educational opportunities that I actually want to learn about.
I am currently studying online, earning a Masters in Entertainment Business. You are going to find that their Enrollment team very patient and understanding with your individual needs and interests. All faculty make it a priority to meet with you and answer any questions that you may have. I look forward to the new school year and hope to activity become involved with my fellow graduate peers as we plan dynamic business ventures and dream together. After-all, knives sharpen knives and teamwork makes the dream work.
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Honestly they charge you 65 thousand dollars for their online Graphic Design corse and it is not worth it. Here is why, Firstly I got a Bachelor's Degree I spent 3 years doing all the work and it was only ever basics if even that. Secondly most of the work was really outdated by like 4-7 years. Thirdly, the teachers were really lazy and did not give adequate directions. Forth, the classes the scheduled weren't helpful most of the time it was just them saying what was wrong but no feedback about what we should have done to improve it. I finished this 3 year corse and owe so much money in loans and I don't feel that they properly taught anything that can even get a career going. I went ti this college because all the positive feedback I read but honestly most of it is crap and they were paid to say good things. If you go to fullsail be ready to owe a lot of money for something you can teach yourself by watching youtube. 100% not worth the money.
Overall this has been an amazing Masters program to be a part of. The projects and papers challenge you, but through these avenues the learning potential is incredible!
It a very welcoming environment. I am getting a very good feeling about making the choice to attend the school. I believe that will help propel me in the right direction of my filmmaking career.
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