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CUNY City College of New York Graduate Reviews

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The school has been very helpful throughout this pandemic in providing resources like laptops to help students to continue there education process at home and provided programs to reach out for any assistance personally as well.
the academics at city are very challenging in the education department especially when it comes to disabilities and in interdisciplinary studies as it tests your knowledge of how to look at things in a broden environment and to help analyze things better.
I felt like they did not really care about me. It was more like as long as I can pay the money and pass classes you stay. There was no real guidance.
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It is one of those schools where you understand the work for class and forget it after. Academically it is not for everybody.
I like the classes I've taken and the professors. I would change that classes had to go online because of the coronavirus. I was happy with the grades I received at the school. My professors were knowledgeable and understanding.
I enjoyed the courses I took. The teachers were engaging and I was enlightened by what I learned. I would go to City College again, I would choose it as a school to study at all over again.
They tell you nothing if you don't ask. They lose paperwork, they forget things, every department is understaffed and underworked. The professors are good but the expectations of the school overall are laughable. Intellectual stimulation and challenge are not to be found here.
City College is a pretty large area with many buildings and people. The college is public and may be the cheapest college option in NYC. The college has a diverse population with many different opinions, but they are all friendly none the same.
This is really nice school in terms of getting an affordable education, Campus is nice, old buildings, very little social life, not many cool places around the campus.
I have been part of City College for more than five years. It is a wonderful place to study. The environment is very friendly and the college is very resourceful. Professors of the college are always willing to help their students. However, over the past couple of years, the tuition fees got very expensive. Sometimes the advisors of the college don't pay much attention to the course s they recommend. Therefore, I ended up taking a course that was not required. This caused me to lose money and time.
City college has a wonderful campus and it’s locayed nearby train stations and buses. They offer a variety of different courses and they offer several evening courses which is great for working students.
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