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Chaminade University of Honolulu Reviews

7 reviews
Chaminade University is a very beautiful campus, there are many good places to eat near by and the campus is small. I like Chaminade because in comparison to other colleges, I don’t have to be driving to my next class. Chaminade is very expensive but I’m going to make it work.
The academics are amazing, very hands on and very discreet, the teacher to student ratio works well and there is a lot of open assistance if needed.
Chaminade University felt like a second home. I was very homesick but Chaminade had a lot of friendly people.
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The coursework was very challenging but our instructors helped a lot. Very fun and diverse! I learned a lot from Chaminade.
I received my Bachelor's Degree from Chaminade University in 2018. The teachers and staff always were helpful and easy to work with. I recommend this school.
I'm in the graduate MSCP program at Chaminade and there is both lot's to like and lot's to be frustrated with at this university (would is the usual I think). First, the professors are either awesome or terrible with not much in between. Either the effort is there and they are passionate about what they are teaching or they basically show you videos all class and use textbook generated slides instead of taking the time to build their own. However all of the professors do have lived experience in the profession so that is extremely valuable in and of itself. This program is based around lived experience of the profession and not research.
Chaminade University has definitely been my stability during a trying time. I'm active duty Army so a lot of times I get called on random missions and I need to leave Hawaii at a moments notice. Chaminade has been there to adhere my concerns and have worked with me every time and have afforded me the ability to make up the work.
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