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California State University - Long Beach Reviews

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I loved my classes as well as the professors. They were engaged in research and they were able to bring their experiences into the classroom. I feel that when they share their experiences, it helps to apply textbook knowledge into real life scenarios. This is especially true in all the upper division classes.
This institution did not make any changes in fees for the non-availability of the campus during the pandemic.
My experience as a graduate student in the School of Social Work at California State University Long Beach has been positive even in the midst of a pandemic where my in-person program was moved to a completely online platform. The school recognizes various needs students have from social connectedness to technology issues to food disparities, exacerbated by a global pandemic. Faculty and staff have done very well reaching out to students and addressing these issues, providing opportunities online for students to be connected and seen in all these aspects.
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Academics are challenging as expected in a graduate program. Professors are knowledgeable and very proficient in their field and scope of specialization. Provide opportunities for ample class discussion.
The Geology department is small and personal and the advisors, faculty, and staff really care about your progress. Unique opportunities for research are available. Overall this department is great.
Coursework was engaging and useful. All classes felt tailored to either future research or job searches.
The coursework is very relevant to the job I am looking to get after graduating. I like that they focus on applied research versus theoretical research as this will help me apply learnings from school to my future job.
I like that teachers are proactive in communicating with their students, especially with all the sudden changes COVID19 has presented.
Overall, I have enjoyed my experience at CSULB. The campus is very beautiful and large. There is a lot of green and lots of places to nap.
I am a Speech and Language Pathology major. All of the professors I have worked with have been very helpful. They go above and beyond to ensure the success of their students.
The academics are great and professors very knowledgable. Classes were interested and offered a variety of subjects to take from.
Wonderful program however with the COVID-19 pandemic professors and staff were not prepared for this sort of thing to happen. Online classes transition was difficult and does not make up for in classroom learning. Tuition is also the same as in person and did not lower it even with the pandemic leaving many jobless.
The coursework was engaging, related to real life business issues and left students with a powerful message to take with them for years to come.
Cal State Long Beach was one of the best choices I made. The campus is clean and inviting, the students are driven to succeed and the professors are passionate about helping their students grow. You leave feeling proud and honored to be a CSULB alumni.
My experience at California State University Long Beach definitely was the best. I cannot image having gone to another University. It feels like this campus was built around the needs of students. There are so many places for students to study in peace and quiet.

Being a college student is stressful, but CSULB has a culture focused on student health and well-being, which always reminded me to slow down and take care of myself in order to enhance my learning experience.
Professors were passionate about the subjects they taught and very welcoming during office hours. I was lucky enough to build relationships with faculty that helped connect me to organizations and movements within my community that I remain active in. I am forever grateful for receiving my undergraduate degree from CSULB and being accepted into one of their graduate studies program. I am excited to continue to grow and expand my knowledge at CSULB.
I liked that the staff is very transparent and reliable. All my questions are answered with care and in an appropriate time frame.
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Professors are great and take what they teach very seriously. It makes students including myself feel driven.
The school is extremely diverse with a large campus and up-to-date facilities. People are very welcoming and accepting of diversity. There are many opportunities for student engagement and community involvement.
The Doctor of Physical Therapy program is excellent and challenging. While it is one of the most affordable programs in the state, there are many clinical education opportunities built within the program as well as dedicated faculty and staff.
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