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California State University - Bakersfield Reviews

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Pretty good. Most of the staff is nice and helpful. I didn't attend the main campus. I attended the satellite campus in Lancaster. They say go near go far and I believe I have. I have been able to achieve so much at CSUB. I will continue to further my education at CSUB by getting my master's degree.
Some instructors are nice and know what they are doing. Some are pretty mean and don't know what they are doing.
I give Academics at CSUB an A. There are so many different programs and majors to choose from. Popular programs include psychology, criminal justice, liberal studies, and nursing.
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Faculty and staff are always willing to help students. I have been in 3 different grad programs until I finally found the one that was right for me. Each program was different but had advantages. Now currently in the MS Educational Counseling - Student Affairs program, I am learning so much. It’s a 4 semester long program that teaches students how to counsel students in higher education.
I wish there was more hands-on approaches to many relating careers for students interests, but the labs were a good setting for the majority of the lessons. The Kinesiology secretary was a major help for me to obtain employment relating to my field.
I enjoy the professors and my classmates throughout the program. Very cooperative group of colleagues. I would like to see the Kinesiology program evolve more.
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While perusing through the courses, I find that they will guide me in the direction of a more culturally sensitive and engaged therapist. The courses emphasize counseling theories as they pertain to family, marriage as well as the self. I am very pleased with the courses.
I was just recently accepted into Bakersfield's MS in Counseling Psychology program for Fall 2020. While doing my research, I noticed that this was the only program that provided hands on training with their campus counseling center on campus. This opportunity allows graduate students to work on caseloads with licensed Psychologists. I felt this program would provide the proper training and give me a heads up when I enter the Psychology field once I attain my degree.
In my masters program, I am not only learning academics. I am also applying the hands on experience to the academics.
I have been taught different methods to engage with clients as a social worker. I have gotten both the hands on experience and education.
I love the interactions professors maintain with students. I have had many classes that are engaging and interactive. The class sizes are relatively small, allowing for a more intimate teaching setting and getting to know all of your peers (think networking opportunities down the line!). Additionally, the MBA program is now offering online classes, to allow for greater flexibility for working students. I am happy I chose this school, and hope you can say the same.
I loved the professors and the classes I took. However, I wish it would increase it's attention on student life and include more activities so the students feel more connected to their university.
It is a great school with a wonderful campus and professors. The only bummer I found was the lack of community because it is such a commuter school.
I love that it is somewhat of a smaller campus because its easier to get around. I also like the tranquility of the campus and how everyone is just out doing their own thing.
CSU Bakersfield has offered me the privilege of earning my degree, and it is my desire to pursue a graduate degree on the same campus. CSU Bakersfield values diversity and inclusivity and the efforts of the student body reflect that.
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I have taken a class at CSUB and the environment is a beautiful place to be. The people there are so nice that they helped me find what building to go to.
Small class sizes and most professors are interested in educating.

Financial aid office is the worst at getting a response.
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