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California State Polytechnic University - Pomona Reviews

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I like how the professors at California State Polytechnic are passionate about what they teach. They made sure that the students are getting the best education possible.
The coursework was plentiful but manageable. Since the class was online due to the pandemic, it is difficult to build connections and engage in a live setting.
Cal Poly Pomona has given me an overall great experience. Cal Poly gave me my best friends and a great education while still being able to visit my loved ones. Cal Poly Pomona is known for their "learn by doing" motto, which is why I initially applied to CPP, being a hands on learner. Something that Cal Poly needs to improve is their parking situation. I always leave at least 2 hours before my classes start, and sometimes I am still late or even miss my classes because of the parking shortage. I have even risked getting parking tickets because after two hours, I still was unable to find parking.
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Cal Poly Pomona's "learn by doing" motto is the initial reason as to why I applied to CPP. I also enjoy how the classes are small (20-40 students), making it easier to develop a relationship with my professors and making sure I get the help that I need.
It has beeen good and the staff are mostly friendly. The staff always encourage you to do your best and the student life is active.
Academics are good and challenging but at times the professors can vary. Overall very good academically.
the teachers are very well prepared, and they know how to explain in an excellent way, despite the pandemic, they adapted very well to change
All the teachers are very friendly and guide you very well from the moment you ask for career reports until you register your subjects.
What I would change about the school is that they need to have more attention about the orientations they have
The academics of CPP are more conceptual and less about job readiness. More emphasis should be put on practical skills. I would also say more time and resources should be put in academic counseling.
Cal Poly Pomona is a fantastic school for the price. It has a UC feel at a CSU cost. The only thing I would change about my experience is to have more involved grad coordinators and more academic support for grad students.
Great value for the education you receive! A good friend suggested for me to look into CPP and I was not disappointed.
After attending CPP for one semester, the CPP MBA program is what you expect to get out of any MBA program.
My major is Mathematics. I had great professors that provided greater insights into the subject. I am also a part of the teacher credential program where I am being taught by many of the best professors. The assignments are fair and representative of the material. Cal-Poly also fosters group work and peer discussions. It aims to prepare the students for the real world.
I love being part of cal-Poly's Community. Great academic, as well as, recreational environment. The students in Cal-Poly have a big role in the development and maintenance of their learning environment. In other words, students have a voice. The campus is diverse and holds a lot of cultural events. The staff and teachers are professional and courteous. They care about the students' learning and further development.
Cal Poly Pomona is great as far as the professors and student services it has. However, diversity is an issue here. It is a Hispanic Serving Institution but there is a lack of a black student population. Some of the departments at my university also lack diversity in their faculty. This can be an issue for students of color not being able to connect with professors on a personal level. It also hurts when looking for a mentor within your program. It’s a good campus to get an education, but if you want professional development, you really have to dig deep outside of class. Student involvement is not a great as it used to be as well.
One of the most affordable colleges in Southern California. It is a commuter school and there is little to do on and around campus. Like most colleges class availability and parking are issues.
I am almost done with completing my BA in Sociology. Even if I can't take a master program here, I will surely consider coming back to teach here.
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I transferred to Cal Poly Pomona and loved it, because of my department! I was a history major and loved the professors. The classes were largely discussion based learning and put Cal Ploy's motto to the test: learning by doing. The professors encouraged collaborative learning and engaged every class meeting. The department as a whole was helpful and invested in learning and in the students. I am going into teaching to expose future generations to this style of learning and engagement. I am current in the single subject teaching program, and wish they would offer a credential program that in blended with a master's program in education. A huge disappointment, since a lot of universities do offer such programs.
Our motto is "learn by doing". Cal Poly truly lives up to this motto. As a future teacher, I had multiple opportunities provided by my classes, professors, and clubs to go out into schools and get a feel of what it was like to be a teacher. Most of the professors are very invested in your future and will do what they can to help you succeed. Although my major is one of the smaller ones on campus, there is still such a strong community that will support you, which is one of the things I absolutely love about this university.
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