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Aurora courses allow you to take real world experiences and carry them into your education. Preparing you for a job in the field of study. They challenge you and cause you to think beyond the textbook.
The admissions group as well as all the Professors and staff have been so supportive in this very difficult time. A great environment to earn a degree and very knowledgeable individuals to guide you.
While I was completing my undergraduate coursework, I took many courses related to Marketing and Communication and Media, which were my majors. I learned the basics of graphic design, the fundamentals of different types of marketing, sales, data research, and the behavior consumers have when making buying decisions. Beyond my major coursework, I took various courses that follow the liberal arts guidelines such as Animal Science, Acting, and Leadership. I received a very well-rounded education while earning my Bachelors Degree. Even when I was taking courses that did not directly relate to my majors, the faculty always found ways to relate it back to how the skills learned in their course could translate into our careers.
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Aurora University is the best decision I ever made, both for my undergraduate education and graduate education. The faculty and staff are truly invested in their students and that is something you do not see everywhere. Whether you need advice for an internship, networking, help in a class, or you just want to chat, the faculty and staff are always there for you. As a student-athlete, I feel cared about and supported every single day whether I'm on the field or in the classroom. This institution genuinely lives by its mission because students come in as teenagers and leave completely transformed into young professionals.
The University hires full-time and adjuncts with experiences in the field that are so valuable to hear about. Instructors are approachable and kind. They are a wealth of knowledge. The courses are interesting and engage us in valuable topics. Of course, there are days you will think you'll never be able to read all of the assigned readings - or even remember everything from the readings. Tip - find what you can on audible and kindle. I used this "read to me" feature in two ways: to listen to in the car or while cleaning as a supplement having already read the text myself (esp. to refresh right before a discussion) AND/OR - to read to me while I follow along with the text!! Trust me - it helps you focus.
I am in the EdD program. The program is very welcoming and supportive. The instructors are incredibly knowledgeable. The way they have structured the doctoral program works very well for practitioners working full-time jobs "in the field". I would have given 5 stars, but two of my emails went unanswered when I really could have used advice/support. However, once you connect with anyone from the University - you have their full attention and support.
Thus far I have had a positive experience with Aurora University. Very efficient advisers and admissions counselors they get back to me in a timely manner.
So far the academics have been good, I am looking forward to future classes even though they will be online due to the corona.
This is my second semester at Aurora University and so far, I've had an amazing time here. I love the professors in the Masters of Social Work department. I'm starting to get involved on campus, but overall I'm enjoying AU.
The orientation helped influence me to apply to AU, as the professors were knowledgeable and showed enthusiasm for their work.
Aurora university has been an amazing place to earn a masters degree. They allow you to create your own schedule, knowing that we all have responsibilities and lives. The professors have been amazing and really go above and beyond to prepare us for a career in social work.
I am currently taking online classes for my MSW. I have been enjoying the classes and have been learning quite a bit despite being a nontraditional student.
I like the flexible scheduling and online options. I enjoy having a diverse student body to share perspectives with. I do wish that some of the professors were better prepared for some of the courses. Sometimes they use PowerPoints that were created by other professors that they don't understand and aren't able to explain well. Overall, I have had a good experience with Aurora and feel prepared to enter the workforce
I am just starting my MBA at Aurora University but they are a very affordable school with many options for working professionals such as myself.
I truly love this college, not just have the typical reasons. The scenerie surrounding George Williams College of Aurora University are breathtaking. The professors have been great as well. The Social Work program is truly top notch. This place has it all, take a good look and discover the next step in your education.
Aurora University does have great programs and decent activities to do, especially trips to plays and other activities for free. It is not really a party school, so this school is more for those who are serious about studying.
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