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American University Graduate Reviews

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I have not completed enough coursework to provide an assessment of the academics at this university.
Very diverse, and admissions has been very helpful. Opportunities to connect with current students and alumni are also good.
American has made it possible for me to pursue a quality degree while working full time. Classes are available online in the evening and they are good, difficult courses. I was worried they would be lacking, having never taken online courses before. But I have learned a lot and found the set up to be very effective.
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Coursework is engaging and also great to add to my own personal portfolio. It's good to know I can go into interviews with examples of my work that don't use data I can't share.
I would like professors and the school in general to be a bit more accountable to the students and their commitments i.e. holding up their end of the bargain.
Graduate courses are frequently combined with undergraduate courses, so it's a mixed upper-level undergraduate and graduate student course. This is frustrating given the difference paid in tuition for graduate students and not receiving any additional rigor, high level information, or opportunity from undergraduates.
American University is a dignified, respectable institution. The faculty genuinely cares about student success and there are several resources available to obtain additional support and help.
The School of Public Affairs at American University has provided me with a great experience so far in my program, from the experienced and high-quality educators, to the vast array of resources and assistance available to graduate students.
I love the online platform! I also love how inclusive the school is. You can get a great education here! The curriculum is riveting and the work is challenging as well.
Really build your own experience for your graduate degree. Faculty are generally supportive of whatever direction you want to go with it
I am getting my graduate degree from American University. I am taking all classes online so I am unsure about the physical campus or party scene in the town. I should be visiting the campus towards the end of my degree plan and hope to find these answers then. Hopefully, this is helpful!
I began contacting Americsn University because of the institution well known and prestigious international relation and foreign service online ph.d degree pogram. My educstional goal is to pursue my ph.d degree in international relation and may also concentrate in the areas of climate change and the impact in third world countries.
Top rated school in the international realm. Networking and connections made are invaluable. Every department I have come in contact with has been extremely helpful and responsive.
Good location and student body. Right in the heart of Downtown DC and the faculty are second to none.
I did the joint JD/MA at American earning my law degree and masters in international studies concurrently. This program, getting two advanced degrees in 3.5 years instead of 5, is an excellent deal economically but also felt like a really great way to get a well-rounded education in many components of international law and human rights. I am currently in my last semester of my masters and am studying abroad through American’s partnership with the UN University for Peace. Studying abroad was a very easy process and I felt I have all the support I needed to pick the right program for me and still graduate on time. I also got a lot out of various job-connection programs the grad school has, like site visits to top international organizations/government bodies where we could ask questions to help us land the jobs we want.
I'm incredibly excited to take part in this school, as the academics are incredibly appealing to me and the resources available surpass most non Ivy League schools.
I went to AU as an undergrad, and because of the wonderful support I received from the faculty in my department, decided to continue with my MA at AU. Although it is certainly dependent on the department, I've found that students receive sufficient support in order to pursue their academic and professional goals.
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Graduate programs do not allow graduate students with full time jobs a lot of flexibility. A lot of classes are offered before 5pm so the classes after 5pm are always full and students are put on the waitlist. The school should enforce more opportunities to include more online classes
It was the only well known school in the area that did not require a GMAT. It offers an online program for people living around the area, such as myself.
In my experience, enrolling in AU has a wonder experience. they prepare you for real work experiences and network is great
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