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I enjoyed obtaing my Associates here. Would recommend to anyone interested . Main thing is staying focused. Submit your assignments and keep your head held high.
Found course work exciting n challenging as u have to be disciplined to obtain an online degree. Stay focused and go far. As u know you have to be disciplined to obtain any degree online. Graduation ceremony was also done online. Which made for a lot of convinence.
When I first started at AIC four years ago, the program was tailored to fit my busy schedule. The program has gone through several transformations over the last year and a half. I am currently on my fifth advisor and it has been difficult at times to keep up with the different expectations each advisor has brought with them to my work.
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The program I am in (Doctorate in Education) has been engaging and has increased my knowledge in the field of education.
The program and professors are incredibly helpful and really want every student to succeed and be successful not only in school but in their lives as a whole.
The professors do a good job at presenting information in different ways and adding hands on experience to engage students with the information
The academics at America International College are challenging and progressive. Professors at the college challenge students to become effective 21st century educators.
The experience at America International College are challenging and progressive. Professors at the college challenge students to become effective 21st century educators.
Coursework was very engaging, interesting and prepared us for what to expect in our careers. The amount of coursework was high and sometimes difficult to manage. However, being enrolled in a program where you averaged taking 18+ credits per semester, this was to be expected. However, professors were available in person and online to go over questions.
At the time I attended AIC, a lot of turnover was about to happen. We had a stand in director, who was not all that supportive of the DPT program, and adjunct professors who were often overwhelmed and stressed, but did give a valiant effort to educate their students. The outpatient professors were phenomenal. They provided ample details and instruction.
I was just accepted into the AIC DPT program for 2020. So far, the faculty and admissions people have been extremely helpful in my application process. The school is diverse which is refreshing. They have a brand new Health Sciences building that I look forward to spending the next three years in.
The program is building and getting better, still needs some improvements but overall it’s a good small school with some really amazing professors.
I have done my undergraduate schooling at AIC and am currently finishing up a graduate program. I have loved the past six years of living here and learning at this school. I have had the pleasure of meeting many different individuals as well as learn from many great professors. AIC has helped me grow into the person I am today and helped me also grow into a confident individual.
I think this place is great! The staff is great, they are very friendly and helpful, dinning common is well equipped, everything is very clean and spacious, there is so much going around here. I really like it :)
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