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The classes are small so the teachers know everyone by their first name. Growing up in a small town, I wouldn't want it any other way. The teachers all are great and can always talk to them when I need help.
This college is good for getting help from professors and tutors if you need extra help. Also is a great learning environment.
Although it's not a big college it's still a nice place. My experience has been awesome. I'd rather go to a school where a lot of people get to know you than not know you. The instructors actually know who you are and take the time to work with you. It's super laid back and less stressful than any large college or university. I'm a small town kind of person and this place is perfect for me.
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Amazing Professors, and having a amazing time. Love this college! I had a hard time making the decision to go to college so late in life. But, this college has made the decision a very successful choice for me.
The instructors are very nice, and evryone is there to make sure you graduate. All of the intsructors want to see you succeed.
Bad communication, pushes you for in-person classes; only minor, 2 year programs, online work, expensive computers and materials.
Absolutely loved the professors I had for my degree. Couldn't ask for more caring and dedicated professors who wanted to see you succeed in life. Am still in contact with them even though I have graduated. They are constantly helping us to better ourselves and getting us ready for a life long career. They post jobs and assist us where needed. Couldn't ask for better professors. The administration was mediocre and somewhat unhelpful.
So far it's been pretty good, I've of been here 1 semester. The professors are amazing, the students are generally pretty nice, and the cafe has ice cream now so that's always a plus!
Like I said before, it's the worst. I'm not sure I can stress that enough. It is certainly a pain to make sure that the schedule for your semester is correct. There are only a couple advisors that truly listen to the students.
Some professors make videos so that students taking the online course will have a kind of idea on who their professor is.
Everything is as hands on as can be.
The professors are absolutely the best and are extremely fun. It's a great variety or personalities, and they're not only teaching you about content in the class the student is taking, they also teach them other things that help with life outside of school, and will help with the career. It's amazing how this school tries to make things easily accessible for students. They try to make things easier for the student. Aside form administration, it is absolutely worth attending this school and students save an incredible amount of money.
Students are able to easily communicate with their professors and advisors whenever they need to. Classes are extremely hands on.
The professors at this school are absolutely amazing. I've been extremely happy with the education I received from the professors, I actually learned and got so much more from the prerequisite classes I took than what I was honestly expecting. The professors are laid back, yet at the same time the classes are extremely educational.
This rating is based on price and how amazing the professors are. However, the administration is not the best or friendliest, and students are often fighting with them to get things done correctly or understanding them. Administration will honestly be the biggest pain for most students.
The school is very helpful but compared to a university the options aren't as good
I love Zane State. I transferred in from another school that was very expensive and wasn't willing to work with you on financial needs. At Zane State they are very helpful and the teachers are very easy to get along with.
Review Zane State College
It was surprisingly easy to transfer credits. I filled out some paperwork and sent it in. They pretty much did the rest. Sometimes I wish they had more selection with class times, but being a smaller school that should be expected.
I would definitely choose this school again if I had the chance to do it all over. It is a bit of a distance to travel for me, but well worth it. I have had two great instructors for my major specific classes that have made the whole experience that much better. I love the location, which is very fitting for my major, Parks, Recreation, and Wildlife. The Natural Resource Center (NRC) used for some Parks classes is not even located on the campus. It is off in the woods by itself, which I love. Flint Ridge is not very far away, and for Botany we would go out there to study plants, along with some other fun locations like Blue Rock State Park, which was somewhat of a distance, but beautiful. We also have vans so we do not have to drive there ourselves, which is awesome. My overall experience has been great and I have really enjoyed it.
So far I have had a very pleasant experience with everything. I have enjoyed my instructors for my major specific classes. Classes sizes are small which can be nice. The teachers get to know you and are able to offer more help. I have even had two of my instructors write recommendation letters for me. You probably would not be able to do that at a big school.
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