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I like how the staff are very patient and helpful. They understand every details and will help along the way with no hassle.
I enjoy the community at the campus, every time I’m there it feels like a safe and fun environment. The people are nice, and if you need help there always seems to be someone available to help you.
So far, my experience at this college has been okay. I think that the professors should try and reach out to their classes a little more. Out of all of my professors, I've only had one who didn't cuss at the class and actually expressed her appreciation for her students and showed how much she cared about us as students.
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It has only been my first semester of Yuba College and so far it has been going smoothly. I have not been around campus for long enough to see what or feel how Yuba College really is. I think that if I continue to attend and progress as a student here more I may find more interests and like or dislikes.
People are super friendly and helpful. Counselors are smart and will help you with whatever you need.
Yuba is a great college with wonderful professors. Although the campus is somewhat outdated, it is very affordable.
Information isnt spread around efficiently to students and some of the staff act as though they are only there for a paycheck and dont care about the students
yuba college is great. It offfers many different classes in several different fields of study. it also has classes offered on-line and on TV.
My overall experience has been pretty good. The staff is really helpful. The professors here are also kind and always ready to help. The food in the cafeteria is pretty alright. The environment is usually clean and healthy. Online classes are easy to follow along. Students can easily go to the library or tutoring if they need any help. The counselors are super nice and you can always ask them for help or just talk to them if you have any problems.
This community college is pretty nice. The academics and professors here are fantastic, and tuition is pretty low. I learned a lot here.
Yuba College is overall a great community college to start at if you want to. I was here four years and now im transferring. The staff is very helpful and you will learn a lot about yourself and the careers that interest you the most. If you are an athlete like myself then you will enjoy meeting new people every season and traveling to cool places. The best thing that i would recommend for anyone is to stay positive even when times are hard and to never give up in following your dreams.
It is good all around school that helps you in any way they can. Most of the professors are there to help you succeed. I have nothing but great things to say about this school and I would recommend this school to anyone.
The professors are very caring.
All of these topics fit this college,I'm having a great experience there.
I would have to say all the above questions are awsome
The experience with my courses are very understandable. With most classes.
The career aspect of the school is very hands on and the teachers are very caring.
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The major aspects of my major is very educational as well as very persistent in helping their student thrive, to over come any fears we have, they wont give up on you.
If I had to do it all over again I would,this school has tought me how to persue my dreams and not to give up,it's a awesome school I would recommend it to anyone who is thinking about getting a higher education. My overall experience so far is outstanding the staff as well as the teachers are very hands on and will help you until you understand. My favorite classes were English with mrs.strik,and Mrs.morgan,they taught me about how not to give up and how to stay persistent. Professors put a lot of effort in helping you succeed Each professor I've came in contact with has been very passionate about helping their students to succeed.
The quality is exceptional. The people and the programs are a direct path to succes.
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