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Although it's only a 2 year college, they really seem to care about you as a person and want to see you succeed. I have met several counselors now and they really take the time to educate you and help you on your college choices. The campus is clean, they offer childcare, and it is close to Beale AFB which can be helpful for active duty military members finishing their education.
Yuba College has some professors who engage in student success because they care. I have been in Yuba College for 2 years and have experienced an overall great one since I received financial aid and help from programs on campus. The tutoring center was my go to and always got the help I needed. I wish Yuba College had better access to wifi because my computer and phone would have some difficulty connecting so I would go to Starbucks to do my homework or studying.
I enjoyed the professors I had and the access to evening classes. It was an easy process to enroll in college and evening classes. I felt safe on campus at night. The parking lots were well lit and I seen campus police walking around checking doors in the evening. Class grades were posted timely after the end of the semester. My online course was easy to follow and navigate online. Overall I had a very nice first semester back after being out of college for twenty years.
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its an okay college, not all teachers will respect you. the counselors and DSPS office staff are great! very helpful!
I really enjoy the small town college. It gives me an opportunity to explore what I want close to home. Their counseling department is phenomenal and are very caring toward s their students.
I have attended Yuba College in the past and I am currently employed at Yuba College. Several of my family members have also attended Yuba College. There is a new, state of the art Nursing area with an awesome triage area for hands on training. Building are being updated, solar covered parking is being installed, an on site toddler program and preschool is on campus, welding, vet tech, and auto shop as well.
Yuba College is a great place to better your education. The one thing I’d like to see changed is some of the older class rooms updated and better working technology for the teachers.
I've been going to yuba for a whole year now. It's been a great experience. I've meet great people who really want to help students have a more stress free experience with college. People are always ready to help the student with any question they might have.
Great instructors, they really help you with all the questions, classwork, Etc. I rated it 4 stars because the counselors are not much help. I had to see 5 different counselors because they couldn't set upmy educational plan correctly, and had no idea what my major was all about. I did my research and fixed my own classes, since I got tired of setting appointments and getting the same response. Overall, the school is good, just needs better experienced counseling.
The great part about Yuba College is that it's cheap. That being said, you really get what you pay for...
All of my professors have been very nice, but some of the classes are hard to get into because they become full very quickly.
I'm in the EOPS Program and I like how all the EOPS and financial aid staffs helps the students with questions, but sometimes it gets a little busy and may result in waiting. For the campus, it is very clean with the grass mowed almost every week and there are tables and benches for people to sit and the cafeteria is always open. They also sell food and there is a bookstore that you can buy products such as papers, pencils, books, snacks, sandwiches, hot and cold drinks, mobile chargers, Yuba college shirts/sweaters, and even makeup!
I would like to see better trained counselors assisting students. Also, there needs to be a better communication channel between financial aid and students. One financial aid adviser will say one thing, then another will say something else.
I have had a nice experience with teachers at this college and really enjoy the people that I have met. Teachers are great to work with and really connect with their students on an incredibly personal basis. I've worked with teachers that have encouraged me when I was at the end of my rope and stressing. There is always a friendly competition between teachers and lively debates in classrooms that appeals to people of all walks of life.

As for the staff, some are great and some are just not good. I was off-put that one of the counselors in her personal life was against gay marriage and was confiding this in a classroom to a student after hours. It was not professional.
i love this school so helpful and caring amazing staff!!!! epoands is an amazing program the staff really knows how to make a student feel welcome and excepted no matter their situation
My experience here was fairly great. It was my first experience on a college campus and truly felt that way. There seemed to a very serious type attitude by the students and faculty but there wasn’t that shortness of fun and friendlyness aswell. Definitely recommend for a first year student.
I like how the staff are very patient and helpful. They understand every details and will help along the way with no hassle.
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I enjoy the community at the campus, every time I’m there it feels like a safe and fun environment. The people are nice, and if you need help there always seems to be someone available to help you.
So far, my experience at this college has been okay. I think that the professors should try and reach out to their classes a little more. Out of all of my professors, I've only had one who didn't cuss at the class and actually expressed her appreciation for her students and showed how much she cared about us as students.
It has only been my first semester of Yuba College and so far it has been going smoothly. I have not been around campus for long enough to see what or feel how Yuba College really is. I think that if I continue to attend and progress as a student here more I may find more interests and like or dislikes.
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