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YTI Career Institute - York Reviews

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I couldn't be any happier with the whole process from applying to starting classes. The instructors are wonderful and eager to share their knowledge.
Academics are the best thing about this school. Campus like and being able to choose your class times would definitely be a good change to make.
Very bad experiences at YTI. Bullied by other students, teachers couldn't get along and quit in middle of classes, and I wasn't allowed to finish my externship. I was a top student and put a lot of work and effort into 15 months of classes and have nothing to show for it. I WOULD NOT RECOMMEND this school-I wasted $20,000.
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They have an externship program available to students.
I came to visit the school and the admission administrators were very kind and welcoming
I am a new student at this school. They have a set schedule at this school.
This school is a all hands on school there are no online classes
They have an externship that helps you get into a job in your profession
the time the program takes place is quick and helps get into my job faster.
I have not started this school yet, I will be starting in the fall.
I think that even though you are going for 21 months they fit so much in, in that time, that it makes it nicer to make it into your profession sooner.
Love how hands on it is
They were very helpful on getting started for classes.
The courses are spread out so there is not much of a feeling of being overwhelmed. Students are helpful and supportive.
Everyone was very welcoming the second I walked in the door. The atmosphere was clean and organized. The classes are very hands-on and small for more one-on-one with the instructors. I would recommend YTI to anyone wanting to higher their education.
I go to school mornings Monday through Thursday which is very convenient because I can still work and make money after school.
We do a lot at school with online classes and usually I don't like online classes but I am actually learning a lot.
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The career services specialist is really helpful and she really wants to help us find a job.
Afterschool I will be heading right to an externship, they help us get right into a career after school as long as we are willing to try.
I love my teachers and my classes, I've never had such a good time and so much fun at school before.
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