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YTI Career Institute - Altoona Reviews

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Some teachers cared for the education of the students as well as the support for them. One teacher lied to the program director and the school board a couple things as well as bullied. Failed a project for stupid reasons.
I enjoyed going to YTI and I would like to return as a student for Respiratory Therapy. It is a very good school to go too.
I love the school and the teachers. If you need help they help you directly. Easygoing, fun learning environment.
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I am currently at the end of my first semester and the teachers are very educated in the CST program and it was very easy to make friends. YTI helped me open up to friends professionally and help me reach my goal so far and YTI is always willing to help me if i need assistance. What i would recommend in the future would be is the finacial aid department take the time to explain alittle better to comprehend what is presented, also the start of the first semester was really confusing and wish we could of took some time to understand how the school wanted us how to submit our assignments,and communication was off alittle ,but in reality it will only make me more prepare for my career and be successful. The way i view YTI is .. "it is what you put into your education" !..
In the respiratory therapy program, there is a lot of work to do only because it is in a short amount of time. We get hands on experience and we get to go to clinicals which could help us get a job in the long run.
I haven't been at YTI very long, but the faculty and the students are very kind and helpful. I had friends the first day and felt right at home. I would pick this school again if I could do it all over.
I haven't taken any online classes through them but they seemed like they had a good program
So far i haven't really gotten to know many people
When it comes to career finding they've got your back and they will do anything and everything they can to make sure you are going to find a good job
The program is pretty straight forward it isn't like other programs. It's long intense days
So far my experiences have just made me want to have more
I haven't had any in class time yet but I'm excited
So far my experience has been a pretty good one, i hope it just gets better from here on out.
I mean obviously it's not fun to spend money but when it came to financial aid and showing me my options they were very considerate and helpful without being judgmental
When I went to take my admission exams the faculty was very kind and explained everything in perfect detail.
At the altoona campus there aren't a whole lot of options but there were enough and actually there were more then I orginially knew
There really isn't much of a campus in Altoona and it honestly almost swayed me to not go there but it still has friendly faculty and a lot of resources at the building so I think it'll be okay
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I think the money spend on my education will be worth it in the long run.
I have a set schedule but I know that the school has morning, afternoon and evening classes to work around home life
A feeling of community at our school is very high.
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