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YSU is for every kind of student. Professors are wonderful and the classes are challenging. There is plent to do on the campus and around it. Great sports, organizations, and opportunity for cultural and social enrichment.
I love YSU! YSU is nice due to the fact that staff if friendly and willing to help. In smaller classrooms the professors know your name and truly care for your welfare in university.
I love attending YSU, because the staff is very friend and has made college feel like home. YSU also has great programs to help you with your studies like a writing center that has other students help you look over your essays and they will also give you advice on your essays.
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Overall it’s a pretty good school, nice Diversity of students. The main problem is they have built so much strudent housing around campus, there is nowhere to park, at all. That I would change.
YSU is a great college to go to if you like a small campus but the educational opportunities of a large college or university. Class sizes are relatively small the professor to student ratio is about 14:1. Small classes allow students to get he individual help that they might need or want. The educational benefits of YSU are amazing for a same state university.
Although, there are somethings I would like to see change. There are not a lot of students that live on campus, there are only three dorm buildings in total. It almost feels like a commuter school in the sense that there are a lot of students that just go to class and then drive home. Weekends are very quiet and there aren't a lot of parties going on mostly because of the lack of students on campus. But, there is some change happening! YSU is building new apartment building the students can stay in. There are three apartment complexes around campus, University Edge, University Courtyards and they are build The Enclave.
When I went to visit YSU I simply fell in love with the campus. With Jim Tressel being the president he really has made a difference and thats exactly what this campus needed. I would definitely recommend YSU
I love how connected YSU is with the community and with its students and alumni. It has tons of resources and is very accommodating. I am currently enrolled in a class for college credit through YSU, and I have experienced little to no problems.
I like the college because they accept you and you don't have to put a down payment down to reserve a spot.
I love going to grad school at ysu but I wish we had more classes online and didn't have as many Saturday classes
The overall experience has been quite well in the 3 semesters I have at YSU. There are many great places and a wide variety of student activities to keep someone busy. The price of the university is also a big plus.
Was really good and everyone wanted you to reach your goals. Only issue was the bathrooms at times they got nasty. I made a ton of friends! They helped me through the year and adjust to being home and away from my family and friends back home. The professors were all helpful and encouraging to get good grades. There was a lot of area for one to grow in responsibility and respect for their self and others.
There’s nothing better than having a clean place to live, being taught by the most knowledgeable professors, and having a walkable downtown. Overall, it’s a beautiful campus and YSU provides a great environment to grow, learn, and find yourself in.
I am a international student and freshman this year in YSU. Over here I have a good experience, the academic environment, housing, food all of them are good expect for their diversity of knowledge about the outer world which is outside the USA Nd as well as I personally think that the living area in Youngstown is not that safe. So I would like to feel more safe around the living area.
I really enjoy Youngstown State University! Here, I have found what I am passionate about. The campus is beautiful and my professors have been great so far! I have enjoyed so many activities and events over the past few years and I hope to enjoy my next few years here as well.
Pretty much the only thing I enjoy here is my program. As far as the college experience..... it lacks. There is absolutely nothing to do in Youngstown, Boardman is about a 15 minute drive but not much to do there but shop. People aren’t really serious about their grades, more focused on boys or other things, so it makes me feel as if I’m the only one that does care in my friend group. Buildings and technology could be updated. If you don’t live in the Honors dorms then they are outdated and overcrowded. I only live one hour away so I guess that’s another plus, but I plan on transferring.
My experience at Youngstown State University was a overall positive one. The college is STEM is one of the best in northeast Ohio and it allowed me to pursue my education on a great campus.
What I found unpleasing about my experience so far from Youngstown State University, is that the campus along with courses that they offer are unprepared. For example, the FYE classes that all incoming Freshmen have to take, there is not a set syllabus and there are over 14 sections of this first-year class. Many students have dropped out because of how disorganized this university is.
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YSU was a choice for me because I wanted to stay close to home. However, YSU is very boring for the students because there isn't a social life whatsoever. I wish there was more to do , and I also wish there was better advisement here.
The faculty and the students are all very welcoming and make the experience of school life fun. In the short amount of time that I have attended I have met many friends already.
Youngstown state university is an excellent campus! I wouldn't choose to go anywhere else. The courses, student life, and extracurricular activities provide for the best college experience and overall career preparedness. I've learned so much through my time there, I feel very confident going into the career world. I have picked up so many invaluable skills here, top notch school!
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