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Had issues with financial aid previously as well as advisors. They are improving the campus quite a bit with dorms and dining. Could do better on safety as there was a hate issue on campus once.
Youngstown State University makes an effort to be evolved and pushes students to go out of their comfort zones.
My favorite part about YSU is the teachers, who genuinely care for the students and sometimes go out of their way to help someone in need. Excellent and varried food options, well kept grounds, many study spaces, and mostly new roads around campus except one area (which may be paved within a few years). The best part is that the president of the university, Jim Tressel, cares a lot about the campus, staff, and students. Probably the easiest man to approach and have a good conversation with, and he remembers just about everyone’s name.
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I love my visit very friendly and informative just what i was looking for in a campus.. I got a chance to see the athletic facility and education building. My tour guide expressed and show us the whole campus in each students fields. The Admission department gave us the information to make a real good assessment of our requirements.
I love it! Small enough to feel known na welcomed but large enough to allow for solitude. I love that the faculty is so involved with their students and they genuinely care about bettering their futures. I have never felt like an unknown face in a sea of faces.
I love it here at YSU I like their education program. In their education program, they really make sure that you get the experiences that you need and they put you in the field right away so you can get a feel what you will be doing.
Was good till both Randy Dunn and Jim Tressle has taken over. A lot of programs have had their funding cutbig time, as a result the academics here suffered. They are now allocating the money to build new dorms to get more students, and more money for sports. Plus while the teachers in the Engineering Department are good, the machines they use for labs are old, like built in the 60's and 70's.
YSU is a hometown college. Built in the city of Youngstown. It has built up it dorms and buildings for the modern times. The downtown is getting a face lift as well allowing for students a variety of entertainment and eating establishments. One of the new policies is the tuition promise. Your tuition will stay the same from year one to year four no matter if they raise tuition during your time at YSU.
The professors truly care about their students. The classes are generally well-structured and the counseling staff makes sure that students get the most out of their class schedule. The Veteran's Center is very good about making sure Veterans are awarded all the transfer credit they are due.
YSU is one of my favorite places to be. This school has so many different courses and programs and is very diverse. Plus they have so many wonderful people on staff always willing to help and answer any questions. Plus it is ranked one of the safest colleges in Ohio. YSU is like my second home!
As I am international student how can I forget to talk about the International Program Office (IPO) of this university. The IPO has nothing much for international students. They don't care much about international students. When you go to the IPO for help because that's the only place where an international student can ask help for, people like Desa Pavlichich are very mean to you. She starts yelling without any reason. Once I went for a help and I saw her drinking coffee in her office from outside though she told her assistant to tell me that she's not in the office. And this has happened to me several times. Other people from the IPO are really helpful but they are not available every time so they ask us to go to Desa and what Desa does is just yell and avoid people. I've seen people who are really helpful here. But people like her spoils the whole impression of the IPO.
It's a good school, but it seems like they just want you to spend your money however possible. The water is nasty, also.
Excellent school. It has a variety of undergraduate and graduate programs. College of Education has a rigorous program with a lot of required pre-service teacher training in the field. The college has a tight relationship with the areas public schools. The courses are well designed to give students opportunity to be ready to teach right after graduation.
I enjoy YSU. Many of the professors are fantastic and make the subjects they're teaching interesting and easy to understand and retain. I wish the campus restaurants were open longer; many of them close just in time for night classes. I firmly believe that the university should be spending more on their professors than on their football team, since it is an university and we are there for the overall goal of education.
I would like to see a change in the advising because it lacks. I love all my friendships I have made and all the help I’ve gotten from professors.
I am currently transferring out of Youngstown State University because it was not the type of college experience I was looking for. The professors did not offer help, advisors only helped if you reached out to them and they made the college experience/process long and confusing.
I really enjoyed my first year as a student at Youngstown State University. The professors and staff are very great and are very willing to help their students succeed. The facilities are very nice academically and athletically . Overall a great school to attend.
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Been going here for 8 years (part time student) Love this university apart that the Mechanical Engineering Technology department is small with only 3 professors. I had to repeat every one of his classes. Learned more from my tutors and other students. Plus our equipment is outdated, built back in the 60s and 70s. Other than that it is cheap and good for disabled students. Having said that though when Jim Trestle became president the university went downhill. Services all around are being cut. They reallocated all that money to build new dorms that got bad reviews and no one wants to live in them, and they built a new bookstore that is now privately owned. I would love to stay and complete my studies here but not only due to life circumstances and the fact this university is starting to go downhill I have to move out of the area I am cutting my losses. I just said my goodbyes to all of the ppl I cared about.
They have a lot of cool activities and events that go around on campus for students to get out of their rooms and meet new people. There are also many student organizations that cover a variety of interest areas. There's a place for everyone at Youngstown State. One of my favorite parts, would have to be their selection of places to eat on campus and around campus. There's so many choices, that personally I haven't grown tired of any of the options. Another good thing about Youngstown State University, is that their professors seem to really care about the success of their students. Personally, my professors have gone out of their way to make sure that I am succeeding and understanding the material covered in their classes.
What a great campus in the middle of an up-and-coming city. The Campus Rec Center is top-notch and the class halls are always filled to capacity. Professors have always been ready to help as soon as need be. I like that.
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