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Pretty much the only thing I enjoy here is my program. As far as the college experience..... it lacks. There is absolutely nothing to do in Youngstown, Boardman is about a 15 minute drive but not much to do there but shop. People aren’t really serious about their grades, more focused on boys or other things, so it makes me feel as if I’m the only one that does care in my friend group. Buildings and technology could be updated. If you don’t live in the Honors dorms then they are outdated and overcrowded. I only live one hour away so I guess that’s another plus, but I plan on transferring.
My experience at Youngstown State University was a overall positive one. The college is STEM is one of the best in northeast Ohio and it allowed me to pursue my education on a great campus.
What I found unpleasing about my experience so far from Youngstown State University, is that the campus along with courses that they offer are unprepared. For example, the FYE classes that all incoming Freshmen have to take, there is not a set syllabus and there are over 14 sections of this first-year class. Many students have dropped out because of how disorganized this university is.
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YSU was a choice for me because I wanted to stay close to home. However, YSU is very boring for the students because there isn't a social life whatsoever. I wish there was more to do , and I also wish there was better advisement here.
The faculty and the students are all very welcoming and make the experience of school life fun. In the short amount of time that I have attended I have met many friends already.
Youngstown state university is an excellent campus! I wouldn't choose to go anywhere else. The courses, student life, and extracurricular activities provide for the best college experience and overall career preparedness. I've learned so much through my time there, I feel very confident going into the career world. I have picked up so many invaluable skills here, top notch school!
Small campus. Small classes. I've never had a class larger than 20 students. Great professors that care about students. Many improvements on and around campus.
Youngstown State University is a very diverse university and I feel very welcome. I am having a amazing time here and I am so happy I’m attending.
The community is the best for new students. The atmosphere really brings everyone together. The college professors at Youngstown are amazing at what they do and really do teach the right way. The tuition is cheaper compare to most other colleges and they are still or even better quality that the more expensive colleges. Their engineering program is rated one of the best in the nation and they have so many other degrees they specialize in.
YSU is very good school. They have many clubs and activities on campus. Down town Youngtowns is being built up daily, so the if you are a social person there are things to do. Academically it's an average, but they are always trying to be better every year. My niece had the opportunity to attend YSU also and she majored in Finance and the CFP fast track the school offers is amazing. She was able to get a job her Jr year in college and now 2 year after graduating she her own boss. This school is underrated because of the area it is in but YSU is a good school. And I just graduated this pass Dec and much has changed since I left. So go while they still have one of the most affordable tuition out. I didn't stay on campus because I'm a Non-Trad. I majored in Psychology and miniored in Social Work. I love the psych department We have the best chair and some of the best professors. Give YUS a know you always wanted to be a Penguin.
You get a lot of bang for your buck here. I do not live in Ohio, however, I was close enough that I did not have to pay out of state (I had to pay a 200 dollar fee on top of in state tuition). Some of the teachers do not know how to teach; in those classes, I often didn't feel like I really learned anything. However, those that can teach are very passionate and helpful. The social atmosphere here is just simply amazing. I have been able to meet so many friends, many of who have very diverse backgrounds and interests. There are many clubs here, so there is something for everyone. Campus is extremely safe.
I have had the best time at YSU. The professors are lovely and so helpful! There are so many opportunities to do research and gain leadership roles, it is remarkable. It's also a beautiful campus to call home to.
It is a great hometown school. Plenty of commuters. Although the academics are great, the spirit is lacking.
I like Youngstown State University as a whole but I wish it was more affordable for people. Youngstown is a great place full of businesses and stuff to do with friends and families.
The President's opening message. Do three things:
1. Graduate in May 2021
2. Come out debt-free
3. Know where you are going
I love YSU. The campus isn't too small or too big. theres always some great activities going on on campus and the professors are all great
My experience at YSU has been great, the people are friendly and always willing to help. The professors are always there to help, they make sure you understand it before moving on.
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It is close to home for me. They are making it safer for the students and making improvements all around the campus.
Overall YSU is a pretty good college I've only had a few issues over the past 2 years I've been here. Some of the advisors can be very discouraging if you aren't reaching "their standards" for certain majors and they push more so for you to change majors rather than giving you options to help stay/put you back on track. I'd like to see more diversity represented because there is little shown, especially being a minority myself I'd like to see more implemented.
I graduated from YSU about five years ago in dietetics. The courses were extremely hands on and definitely prepared you for your role in that career. After moving out of state I switched career choices. I decided to move back, and signed up to go to YSU to change and further my career choice in the fall. I will always attend this college due to its friendly staff, the Greek life friends I have found, and the level of hands on learning and willingness to help the students.
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