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I really enjoyed my first year as a student at Youngstown State University. The professors and staff are very great and are very willing to help their students succeed. The facilities are very nice academically and athletically . Overall a great school to attend.
Been going here for 8 years (part time student) Love this university apart that the Mechanical Engineering Technology department is small with only 3 professors. I had to repeat every one of his classes. Learned more from my tutors and other students. Plus our equipment is outdated, built back in the 60s and 70s. Other than that it is cheap and good for disabled students. Having said that though when Jim Trestle became president the university went downhill. Services all around are being cut. They reallocated all that money to build new dorms that got bad reviews and no one wants to live in them, and they built a new bookstore that is now privately owned. I would love to stay and complete my studies here but not only due to life circumstances and the fact this university is starting to go downhill I have to move out of the area I am cutting my losses. I just said my goodbyes to all of the ppl I cared about.
They have a lot of cool activities and events that go around on campus for students to get out of their rooms and meet new people. There are also many student organizations that cover a variety of interest areas. There's a place for everyone at Youngstown State. One of my favorite parts, would have to be their selection of places to eat on campus and around campus. There's so many choices, that personally I haven't grown tired of any of the options. Another good thing about Youngstown State University, is that their professors seem to really care about the success of their students. Personally, my professors have gone out of their way to make sure that I am succeeding and understanding the material covered in their classes.
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What a great campus in the middle of an up-and-coming city. The Campus Rec Center is top-notch and the class halls are always filled to capacity. Professors have always been ready to help as soon as need be. I like that.
Some staff can be very rude at times. Others can be the angels you need on a bad day. Campus is convenient everything is in walking distance.
YSU gives lots of opportunities to meet new people and get involved on campus. There are tons of different organizations to join. There are lots of options for food, and even as a vegetarian I haven't had trouble finding something I like. I haven't ever felt unsafe while on campus. The instructors come from all over and are always highly qualified and I've personally never had a bad experience with one. There are some things they could improve; driving around campus is a bit difficult with all the potholes, and it takes them a while to fix facilities in the dorms. The air conditioning in the summer could absolutely improve.
My favorite thing about Youngstown State University is the atmosphere. The students that are attending the campus are friendly and are very involved in the activities at YSU. Also on campus there are plenty of ways for students to get involved to show their school spirit such as scavenger hunts, sporting events, giveaways, festivals, and games. The professors are also very helpful when helping incoming freshman decide their major. A Barnes & Noble has recently been constructed on campus for students to buy textbooks or any other office supplies they may need for school. Also Youngstown State University offers an app for students with a smartphone that provides campus information and security at a press of a button in case of an emergency.
Everything about this school fits the definition of "plain" or "average." You can probably have a slightly better experience at any of Ohio's other 14 state universities. The University President (Jim Tressel) is corrupt and only got the job because of his celebrity status in Ohio. I'd estimate only about 5%-10% of graduates go on to find professional jobs in the area. The engineering college does an extremely poor job of preparing students for real-world jobs and does not help find any internships.
The professors are very good and caring. I love the environment of Youngstown. There is a lot of thins to do outside campus. The sports facilities are quite good and of course the engineering department is quite impressive. The department is ranked high in country ranking.
Youngstown State is a great school if your focus is 100% on academics. They don't however have much to offer as far as community activities. The tuition is reasonable compared to other schools in the area.
When I first started college here I chose a major that was not the right fit for me. Through an electives course I found a major that I loved. The classes are all different sizes; some ranging from a few students to some with over 100 students. I have enjoyed my time here, the only downfall was that some classes were not offered during times that were convenient or only during certain semesters. I also have to take my field camp through a different school because YSU does not offer geology field camps.
Youngstown State University is an excellent way to obtain a competitive degree at a competitive price. Their have been issues in the past with food options or living space but it truly amazing to see how much the campus has grown and how many new choices students have for both living and dining.
i don't really have much experience with Youngstown state university because I am just a high school senior but I do have an older sister who tells me about her experiences with the whole college scene and how she likes it and how she does in the classes.
This has been an amazing experience. I attend the satellite in Kirtland and the staff and the school have been great. I am majoring in social work and the teachers all work in the field which helps give real life experiences to the learning.
YSU is for every kind of student. Professors are wonderful and the classes are challenging. There is plent to do on the campus and around it. Great sports, organizations, and opportunity for cultural and social enrichment.
I love YSU! YSU is nice due to the fact that staff if friendly and willing to help. In smaller classrooms the professors know your name and truly care for your welfare in university.
I love attending YSU, because the staff is very friend and has made college feel like home. YSU also has great programs to help you with your studies like a writing center that has other students help you look over your essays and they will also give you advice on your essays.
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Overall it’s a pretty good school, nice Diversity of students. The main problem is they have built so much strudent housing around campus, there is nowhere to park, at all. That I would change.
YSU is a great college to go to if you like a small campus but the educational opportunities of a large college or university. Class sizes are relatively small the professor to student ratio is about 14:1. Small classes allow students to get he individual help that they might need or want. The educational benefits of YSU are amazing for a same state university.
Although, there are somethings I would like to see change. There are not a lot of students that live on campus, there are only three dorm buildings in total. It almost feels like a commuter school in the sense that there are a lot of students that just go to class and then drive home. Weekends are very quiet and there aren't a lot of parties going on mostly because of the lack of students on campus. But, there is some change happening! YSU is building new apartment building the students can stay in. There are three apartment complexes around campus, University Edge, University Courtyards and they are build The Enclave.
When I went to visit YSU I simply fell in love with the campus. With Jim Tressel being the president he really has made a difference and thats exactly what this campus needed. I would definitely recommend YSU
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