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YHC is a wonderful college. The campus is small and beautiful and the staff is dedicated to help you achieve maximum success in all aspects of life. There is a recreation center with health specialists, the dining hall has only large tables to make sure that you make the most of friendships, and there is a huge study center that is open twenty-four hours a day and has three levels with three different rules about talking such as first level: talking permitted, second level: only group study sessions are allowed to talk, and third level: no talking.
Overall the college is really nice, the small size makes you feel more at home and it is easier to learn the college and get from place to place.
My experience thus far at YHC has been some of the best times of my life. I have made so many great relationships here, with my peers and the faculty ans staff. Because YHC is such a small school, you never walk around campus without talking to someone you know. The community experience you have here is like none other.
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This is the worst college!!! Whatever you do please do not go here!!! The staff (excluding most of the professors) couldn't care less about you (even though Cathy Cox falsely advertises the hell out of this school). If you drink or party they all look down on you. ALSO DO NOT DRINK IN THE TOWERS RESIDENCE HALL MARCIA THE WORST RA WILL ILLEGALLY SEARCH YOUR ROOM!! She has done so numerous times. the school needs completely new people in head positions. The staff cares more about busting people for drugs and alcohol (which they threaten to drug test you) rather than having enough classes for everyone to take!! The residence halls are trash and over priced. There is absolutely nothing to do at Young Harris on weekends, mostly everyone goes home. When you're sick they treat you like you have a deadly disease and the RLC and RAs are extremely rude and abuse their power. You pay entirely too much for low quality education. Not worth $41,000!!!!!
YHC is great! I have enjoyed my time here! There's always something to to or get involved in and everyone is so friendly!
I love that this is a small campus. There are many great people, wonderful environment and the professors are willing to do everything they can to help you if you are struggling. Everyone here is friendly, and it is an open and safe place to be.
Young Harris is a beautiful school tucked in the mountains. We, Young Harris students, often refer to it to the valley because we are literally tucked away within the mountains. It is a small school which does take away from the college experience a little bit but it also provides a great opportunity to really connect with your peers and even your professors. There is not a "college town" or anything but there are plenty of trails to explore, mountains to hike, and lakes to jump into. If you enjoy out door activities, this school is probably a good fit for you.
Young Harris College was an amazing experience as a college freshman. It is a small community nestled in the North Georgia Mountains with amazing outdoor activities.
I absolutely love this college. The students, teachers, and staff are all amazing and friendly! The small classes make it so much easier to achieve the grades I want. Also, the residence life is well taken care of and feels like home. My pod is my family.
Personal professors and faculty are great and make for a comfortable learning environment. The area is beautiful and nice for those who love the outdoors, but may be boring for those who are used to city life. The list of majors covers most general studies, but still has plenty of room to grow.
none of this stuff really applied to me
no online classes during the schoolyear which is a bummer
Zell Miller will give you a rec
Young Harris is great if you like parties with only dudes! but they are fun guys
short and quick survey. VERY EASY!
i love it, the full college experience.
I am not aware of post-grad options.
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They have options such as Purple Briefcase, for job opportunities but i am not sure of any alumni connections. Many people have connections through Greek life. If you communicate, options are available, you just have to reach out.
I love the professors, being at a small school helps connect better with them. There is large variety in courses is offer yet a lot of people transfer because they do not have certain important majors. Class sizes are small, never more than 30 students in each class.
The professors will help and guide you but also make sure you do the work by yourself. It is important to understand that you have to do the work in order to succeed.
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