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Great experience. The atmosphere is phenomenal and would highly recommend this college. The student life is impeccable, professors are extremely helpful and caring about you as well as your grades. The small class sizes help out even more when it comes to learning.
What I like most about Young Harris College is the academics and professors. They are very engaged with you and are more than happy to help you if you need it. I feel as if I learned more because of the one on experience you get with professors. At Young Harris receive a more influential way of type of teaching and learning that you wouldn’t receive at a big university.
Young Harris College is a small but very beautiful campus full of engaging professors ready to help you learn. With such a small size it is easy to build connections with professors and it isn't rare to find yourself catching lunch together. It's highly encouraging atmosphere full of friendly faces makes you consider YHC as a second home.
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It is a beautiful campus and full of professors and staff tat truly care about your success. Students and locals are very home-like and accepting to new students. I enjoy every minute on campus!!
Young Harris provides and healthy learning environment, with great attention to student success, both academically and socially. The campus community and surrounding community is very active and supportive of the students. However, diversity on campus is minimal. There is little diversity in the student population as well as faculty/staff, and there seems to not be an rush in changing that.
I went there on a campus visit and immediately fell in love. The environment is amazing, the professors are personal and caring, the community is close knit and friendly. It's just a great, small school.
The campus is beautiful, but it seems that all of our money goes to the gardeners or the abyss. The food is not cooked well, with very little variety, budget cuts got rid of some of the best professors on campus because they were overly qualified and got laid too much, our money goes to nothing beneficial to the students, but some of the faculty and staff are the sweetest, smartest, and most pationate people you will ever meet, as long as they don't get paid off soon...
I like that Young Harris has allowed me and many other high school students save money by taking Dual Enrollment courses. I will be able to graduate high school with most of mg freshman year completed. Others will have their associates degree.
I love the welcoming feeling you get when you're here! Friendly professors and staff! This school has been a total blessing for my family. I sent applications with lots of schools and this one just felt like home. It has a great learning environment and great School leadership, this is truly a wonderful institution
It is a beautiful campus and it is a peaceful place to live and be. It is overall a lovely campus and school to attend.
Young Harris College is amazing. The campus is small, yes, but beautiful. The only thing I would change is how the dorm room doors lock. Some of them lock automatically and are opened with the appropriate student ID, and the others are locked with an old-fashioned key. It would be nice if all the doors could be opened with the student IDs.
My experience in the last three years have been great for me. I've met some great people and have been given an opportunity to figure out who I am not only as a student but as a person. Although I've always been level-headed, Young Harris gave me a chance to take risk and explore my options. Even though it’s a small campus, the scenery is lovely and it takes my breath away every time I go to class. Young Harris provides every student the leeway to make their own choices for classes that fits their needs and/or requirements and payments for financial aid. Yes, its expensive, but the relationships and the bonds that you make on campus will forever be with you even when you graduate because of the closeness and the late nights that you spend together. There are stressful moments and times that you just want to give up but there are a lot of resources and faculty on campus that've been a constant motivation and support whether we are aware or not.
YHC is a wonderful college. The campus is small and beautiful and the staff is dedicated to help you achieve maximum success in all aspects of life. There is a recreation center with health specialists, the dining hall has only large tables to make sure that you make the most of friendships, and there is a huge study center that is open twenty-four hours a day and has three levels with three different rules about talking such as first level: talking permitted, second level: only group study sessions are allowed to talk, and third level: no talking.
Overall the college is really nice, the small size makes you feel more at home and it is easier to learn the college and get from place to place.
My experience thus far at YHC has been some of the best times of my life. I have made so many great relationships here, with my peers and the faculty ans staff. Because YHC is such a small school, you never walk around campus without talking to someone you know. The community experience you have here is like none other.
YHC is great! I have enjoyed my time here! There's always something to to or get involved in and everyone is so friendly!
I love that this is a small campus. There are many great people, wonderful environment and the professors are willing to do everything they can to help you if you are struggling. Everyone here is friendly, and it is an open and safe place to be.
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Young Harris is a beautiful school tucked in the mountains. We, Young Harris students, often refer to it to the valley because we are literally tucked away within the mountains. It is a small school which does take away from the college experience a little bit but it also provides a great opportunity to really connect with your peers and even your professors. There is not a "college town" or anything but there are plenty of trails to explore, mountains to hike, and lakes to jump into. If you enjoy out door activities, this school is probably a good fit for you.
Young Harris College was an amazing experience as a college freshman. It is a small community nestled in the North Georgia Mountains with amazing outdoor activities.
I absolutely love this college. The students, teachers, and staff are all amazing and friendly! The small classes make it so much easier to achieve the grades I want. Also, the residence life is well taken care of and feels like home. My pod is my family.
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