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    The education I'm getting is well worth the money I am paying. I am receiving some financial, which is a huge help, but only in regards to my tuition. My only problem with the financial aid office is their lack of staffing, which hurts incoming students. Since there is only a couple of ladies trying to process every students financial aid requests there ends up being many mistakes made. I've had to call and call to get help but finally had to go into the office and wait nearly an hour for help. Since I've worked the kinks with my paper work all has been better.
    • Aug 11 2013
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    I was nervous with taking four classes online this summer, but was able to complete all my courses and receive good grades. I only had one instructor that did not run her class effectively. I really had to make sure I managed my time to keep up with the assignments.
    I've noticed more recent high school graduates at the school. The students that are in there 30's and older seem more prioritized, which is nice since I am here to learn and not horse around.