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As a homeschooled student, York Technical College was an easy transition into college life and the work load required. Excellent vocational and technical school. Their science labs are amazing and their counselors are engaging.
This is one of the worst experiences I have had in my pursuit for education. If you are not specifically in search of a vocational degree then do not, I repeat, DO NOT attend this college.
York Technical College is a sufficient school and does what it needs to do, which is for me is getting from point A to point B. I wasn't able to go straight into a 4 year university and this was the option that was given to me. Here I have learned what I need and it eases the burden on the wallet.
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I love how the instructors take the time to make sure you understand the concept and are willing to go out of their way to assist in anyway possible.
I like how everyone has good energy. The school offers different opportunities to help students. The only thing I think should change is adding activity days, so students can get to know each other more.
I liked the environment at York Tech, and the classes are good depending on your major. One thing I would change is for teachers to inform students when assignments are due, and offer help when asked by students who are worried about failing.
Mostly great experience. Only problem I had is a few instructors are not interested in their classes. Most of them are really passionate though and really want you to learn and get the most out of your experience.
Everyone I went to for assistance helped me in the best way that they could have and made sure I had the things I needed to succeed at this school.
York Technical College is not the school for African American students. It is not the road to success for young black achievers in education. Part of the problem is that discrimination is so subtle and is not as obvious to see, as it was back in the 50's, 60's, and 70's, for Grandma and Grandpa, who could say, "Here it is!", while they were drinking out of the colored water fountain. African Americans, please refuse to drink out of the present day colored water fountain being put on your plate in a new way and age, that is secretly watering the seeds of injustice on an illusive platform of equality, giving the false impression that everything is just, fair, equal, and okay.
I decided to go to YTC because I wanted to be able to live at home and save money my first two years of college, so that I could transfer to the school I wanted to get my Bachelor's degree from and worry less about how much it would cost us. I have been able to take all the classes I would be taking elsewhere, for a fraction of the cost all while living at home and keeping the job I had in high school.
At York Technical College, the environment is safe and friendly. Professors and advisers are always happy to assist students. Advisers sit down one on one with students and discuss the greatest options for them. Also teachers help students by suggesting tutoring and study groups in order for them to catch up in the class or to push them to a higher grade.
Transferring home to tech was the best decision I could have made. They are all so helpful, answering every question I have. The Radiologic program is already amazing and I am on the waitlist for clinicals. The advisors for this program know what they are talking about are sure to help you along your way.
Small campus, without a lot of the excitement of a 4-year school. But a great place to start your education!
I think York technical college is a great school for someone right out of high school. This school prepare you for a four year university. I just think they should work more with signle mother's and young adults to offer programs that they can afford.
My experience has been amazing before enrollment and after. My professors have worked individually with me when needed and if it was something important they would address it to the class to help any other student out. The tutoring services available is amazing and has been helping me out with my writing papers. The only thing I struggle with is finding a parking spot.
Since it is my first year in college I've enjoyed myself with everything about it. love the people who go there and my surroundings i feel safe at all times. And I am comfortable
Money hungry for profit school. Doesn't care about helping and educating students. Doesn't care about students situations.
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I lik that I can take online classes. It makes it very convenient form my bussy life. I also like that it is close by if I need to go to the school. They offer a wide variety of classes.
All my professor were AMAZING everyone worked as a team and wanted everyone to do their best! Only down fall is I wish they had more clubs or events for students to get to know one another... become involved... and if they do have events,clubs, etc. then they need to advertise them more and let students know.
I like everything about York Tech, but the people in student services building don't really know how to help when presented with questions.
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