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Overall York Tech has been a great experience for me. Work load is not too heavy, and is a large money saver for students who are planning to transfer.
The instructors are extremely helpful and they know everything there is to know about their profession because they are professionals in the field they are teaching.
I was advised to take a microbiology course at York Tech by my professor because she said the micro course at Winthrop was too in-depth for a nutrition major. The class exceeded my expectations. It was a hybrid course but it was designed for those entering the health field. I imagine most of the other courses here are just as good? It was an excellent experience.
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The campus is quite nice, but some buildings are definitely older. Newer buildings are great, so it evens out. Most instructors will work with students. Some will not go off-script at any point, which leads to a few awkward moments. Otherwise, tuition rates are great, considering the transferability of credits to other universities and summer courses.
I like the small campus of York Technical College, and the ability to interact with your professors frequently. I would like to see a recreation center for the students and more student assistance.
York Tech is great college especially if a you have a major in the Medical Field. There are also people at the campus who can help you around the school or with tutoring.
My experience so far is okay. I didn't expect York Technical College to feel like a downfall compared to other schools. My first semester was definitely overwhelming, complicated, and stressful. Financial aid is definitely one of the top elements that are a problem for a lot of people in the school. I had an issue in the beginning of the year where I was going to have to pay more money because I "supposedly" had not lived in South Carolina for a year and my mom and I went back and forth with the school board appealing to drop the decision that I should be dropped from class and asked to give more money. However, the problem has been resolved but financial aid overall is very unorganized, and tend to lose important information easily. I have to say the Trio Program is beneficial for me at YTC. Overall, this school should have more things to offer and the advisors should be more willing to work with students with anything. The best thing to do is to just stay positive.
My classes are very flexible! I was able to move my classes around my work schedule.
Online classes are my favorite! I love being able to take classes at home!
The school is very good at giving students job opportunities for after graduation.
I've only had 2 teachers that I did not like. The rest were awesome!
The school offers lots of internship based programs to help students.
I am in the general tech right now and it's not too difficult. I can't wait to start my program.
the classes are good depending on what major you have. The only thing is that you have to make sure that you get the right classes for your major.
The people around the school are helpful especially when you are trying to find your classroom or just your way around the school.
I marked this as great however I have not had to take any online courses, all my courses have been in person.
I don't think much is offered.
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Most all basic core courses are available and the professors have been great in my experience. The classes are relatively small and I feel I learn better in this setting.
I've only attended for one year and most of my peers are trying to get their core classes at the local college before transferring to a private college. The value for the 2 year degree is great, since this is a 2 year technical school there aren't many business's that are recruiting on campus.
Right now I am still taking the basic courses required in college. I find it to be a good review of what I already learned at my local high school.
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