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Attended open house and had all my questions answered before I left. Offers great programs with flexible schedules for working adults. Highly recommend.
I was taking nursing program but it was the worst nightmare of my life. I don’t recommend this type of program it all year program means over information in short amount of time to assimilate.....quizzes almost everyday....rush! rush! and more rush! I completed level 1 but I’ve failed level 2 in math. I got 82 and half. The pass/fail grade in math is 84. I got shocked I was dismissed from this program because of one point. I’ve never seen such a thing! It was a wait of time and money.
This school treats adults people like kids, anything you need to do, you have to ask for permission to the director or instructors. The instructors say things that are unpleasant, unprofessional and sometimes can hurt people’s feelings. No professionalism. And you still have to deal with instructors and their favorite students. Never again!
Waste of time! They do not care about the adult students at all! The teachers make their students feel like they have no voice and it's their way or you are dismissed! The information is well needed and if you ask questions then you are disrupting the class and get written up. How are you supposed to learn if you don't understand? Students have no voice. Even if they make a mistake and you prove it to them they will deny it and turn it around on the student.
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Everyone here is so supportive! The staff is pleasant and easy going and the courses are fun and exciting which makes it a great learning environment. Thumbs up!
Many times when you speak with staff they would have different answers depending on who you spoke with. It ended up causing problems with financial aid as well as admission
Sometimes the work is better with a person in front of you explaining it than reading it online. When you have questions that need answered you end up having to wait which might cause problems for you in the long run
So far everyone is friendly and helpful
Not aware of it yet, have not started
The program places you in settings where you can learn hands on instead of sitting in a class room all day.
This is an adult ed program so there are not that many extra curricular activities for the students.
This program is just for students who are interested in acquiring a nursing career as an licensed practical nurse.
Has a great group of teachers, very easy to talk too. Registration presses was very easy. The work load is the same as what you would receive at a two or four year college.
There is a variety of ethnic groups and genders. Which make for a very interesting group and I am learning a lot about different cultures.
Theres not really a lot going on in the adult section since its an high school
Mostly women who like to gossip a lot. There are some really nice ones but others are just grouchy
Everything was great besides the front desk lady. She never answered the phone
Classes were a lot harder than I expected but the teachers were always there to help! Clinicals are great and teachers are so willing to let you try everything
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YCST LPN = Worst nightmare of my Life!!! Worst nightmare of my life was spent going to LPN school at YCST in 2010. Mrs. Pat who teaches Fundamentals is a diploma nurse from the 70's who they pulled out of a 10 year retirement to teach. During class, she would tell us she was too busy taking A&P at Penn State to read the teaching guidelines so she would give us the answers to our tests instead of actually teaching us the material. When she did give us instructions on how to provide patient care, often her instructions were in direct conflict with information we had just read in our texts the night before, which would state, "this is the old way to do [this], but for the last 10 years, it is now done this way..." She taught us to measure in cc's only -- nothing about ml's. We found both the director and teachers, Pat and Diane, would hold grudges against anyone who complained about the way they did things. Some people think YCST is a good alternative to college, but YCST fails over 2/3 of the class just to say they have a tough program! The truth is they go out of their way to use "crazy-making" tactics to make you feel like a failure and then fail you to justify it. Just ask anyone who's attended their program. They act like it’s the students but I saw a CNA with 14 years of experience make A's in class, yet they failed her in clinicals and then kicked her out of the program just because they didn t like her. Buyer beware!!
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