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YCCC's staff is so very helpful and always available to answer any questions you may have. Everything here is wonderful.
I had used to been to this College there is Dorms/Housing at this Type of College this is located in the State of Maine in Wells Maine! I had used to work here as Lab Monitor under a work-study program through the school!
Everyone is really nice there, small classrooms but it helps to know everyone well. There are the learning center, library, trio and Early college Me to support you if you are struggling with classworks. They are always welcome you.
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This college is affordable and they have great people who really want you to succeed and they have tons of resources
YCCC is a great school and I enjoy going there as a full time student, The professors work with you and try to help you succeed. The work load is a normal amount but it is enough to fully understand and not understanding something in class is easy to speak up about. Something I would like to change is the communication between student and advisor, I had tried getting ahold of my advisor and he hadn't responded to help me pick new classes for the following semester. I had to go through a higher up person in student affairs. Overall I have had a great experience over at York County Community College.
I started going to YCCC as a senior in high school, I took advantage of the duel enrollment program and started with a semester of college bio on top of my high school classes. I then started as a full-time student this past fall after graduation and I am now moving to a university. YCCC prepared me for college life and was a good stepping stone.
I loved the many opportunities they offer at YCCC. There are ways for everyone to get involved and the staff really seems to care about the students and want to help them get ahead. Although there are no parties or dorms, there were still ways to get the "college experience" through YCCC. One great thing they do is offer work-study jobs like working the book store's front desk or reception at the library.
I enjoyed my time here as a dual enrollment student and highly recommend YCCC. I received a quality foundation from experienced staff that helped me gain knowledge. I was at YCCC a year and found the school to be a great introduction into higher education. Though I did not continue my education at YCCC because of the limited range of courses, I would still attend YCCC if they had the requirements needed for my degree. I credit the passion I discovered for psychology due to my first professor and course at YCCC. If not for the class I took here I may not have chosen my major.
Affordable, plenty of resources to help succeed. What makes this a good starting point is that many or even all (depending on the program) credits will transfer to other universities that are a part of the Maine University system or Maine Community College System.
It's what you'd expect from a community college. The sociology department could be more current on it's information.
Everyone at YCCC is very accepting, there is a large diversity in age, gender, religion and that is great to see.
I was very intimidated by applying and actually going to college, when I had gone to YCCC, the staff made the admissions process very easy for me by their help and friendly attitudes. I absolutely love the sense of community that comes from going to this school and its tight knit family life style. I would definitely choose YCCC again and again and recommend it to everyone. I am looking forward to attending my fall semester :)
The professors at this school lead classes that are reasonably sized and that's great for me and my style of learning. The teachers are very personable and available for the help of individual needs in the classes. The classes are great, the information is great and the amount of classes offered is wonderful.
The amount of internships/job prospects I am aware of is outstanding, this makes me feel very secure in my choice of degree and career when I am finished with school. I love that my adviser, Tracey Cornell, keeps all of us updated to the different positions available for while we attend school and ones that are available when we finish our degrees. Tracey helps us decide which ones are best for us with our individual strengths and weaknesses in mind. I really appreciate that sense of security from my professor and can't wait to get started on my internship.
The career and internship services offered by the school are great. I get a lot of information about all of the different job prospects that I can apply to and I love that.
I haven't personally taken an online class yet, but I have heard great things about them. The people that I know that have taken them have love them. In one of my classes, we did a lot of our course load online and that was convenient for me and easy to do.
My first semester at YCCC was great, I was a little intimidated at first about if I needed help or if I would have the right resources and when I had finally started, all my worries were gone. The library had a number of people there to help me if I needed it and there was also a specific room for anyone who needed any tutoring or help on certain papers or assignments. The school also has a number of quiet rooms for people that need a quiet space to just get things done and I love that. It's great to know that there are a number of resources available if and when I need the help or the space.
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I really enjoyed the different classes I took this past semester, the professors were knowledgeable and personable as well. I never felt hesitant to ask for help or inquire about different things. Tracey Cornell is very helpful when it comes to learning about the different internships/job openings and other different available positions that we can apply for. She helped my pick my classes for the fall and I am very excited for the ones that we chose together, this was a relief as I had no idea what classes I should have picked.
I absolutely love the Criminal Justice program, the professors are great and I am looking forward to applying for internships in the spring. Tracey Cornell is my academic adviser, she is very knowledgeable about the different opportunities offered for someone in my major. This helps a lot and will help me when I finish my degree and a out in the job force.
The school was very helpful with applying for financial aid, they were there if I needed any help or if I had any questions that needed to be answered about the process.
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