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My experience at York college has been great from day one. Everyone is so helpful. Can't wait to continue this year's there.
I transferred to York College and I have never felt more at home at school! I felt so welcomed by faculty, students, and peers.
I was very happy that I committed to YCP because it has become a home away from home. I have met people I see spending my life with and growing into who I am supposed to be. The feel of the college is very welcoming and most employees are very helpful. Professors go out of their way for the students that make an effort. I am happy to call myself a Spartan.
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York College of Pennsylvania is a good college with excellent professors. There are many opportunities to do around the campus and it has small class sizes. York provides you with a strong education and successful future careers.
I am currently enrolled at York College of Pennsylvania and I have to say I love it! The campus is so beautiful and small enough where you can wake up five minutes before class and still make it! My experience here has been nothing but great and it has to do with the kindness of the students, professors and even the workers. Everyone here is so welcoming and makes you feel at home even when you are living away.
As I conclude my freshman year at York College of Pennsylvania, I can easily say it is a decent college.It offers plenty of opportunities and academic counselling. The faculty and staff are friendly and helpful. Not to mention there are on-campus jobs to help pay for anything you may need.
The main downsides to this college is tuition money does not really go towards the college, but the York County Day School. This leaves us with renovations and improvements that need to be done. Secondly, the area surrounding the college is not all that kosher. There are parties, and potential to be robbed. Though campus safety does a good job at keeping the campus safe. For instance, there is a LiveSafe app that allows students to report various hazards or complaints, but also allows for safe means to move around campus at night.
York College is meant for certain type of people. If you do not fit into that mold that they have created for their students, you will not survive. Most professors do not care to help you, and are just there for a paycheck. The school does have lots to do for student life, and the sports teams are okay. I would not recommend this school.
York college is a great school. The campus is large, but small enough that you can easily walk to all classes. The professors are great at getting to know you, and making sure you learn the material. Highly recommend the school.
I absolutely love my experience at York College. I am a nursing major and I have found that all of the professors and academic advisors are overly helpful. The program is set up very efficiently and I wouldn't change a thing. Being only a freshman I have a lot in store for me, but I am confident that York will provide me the opportunity to acquire all of the skills I need to be successful in my career.
Such a great environment, so much to do, and always feel welcomed with support. There is never a day you could be bored here, so many activities in a great area of the town. Many verities of almost anything and everything. It's perfect in my world.
I would like to see the school improve the website and make it easier to keep up to date. The food on campus is very limited, with everything being closed before midnight. I would like to see some of the places to eat on campus to stay open at least as late as the library is open. The safety of the students could also be improved a lot by increasing security.
I liked York College because the other students and faculty were very welcoming and personable. The school seemed very safe and campus safety was everywhere. I liked that the professors had real world experience in my major so I know they know what the real world is like. The dorms are very nice and spacious, friends that come over say ours are much larger than other schools. The technology is very up to date and taken care of. The IT department is on top of things and are very quick to take care of any technological problems we have. The only concern that I have is that main and west campus are separated by a neighborhood and it is not very safe especially at night. Shuttle services don't run on the weekends when most students are out and could use a ride around campus. Otherwise things are very good.
I honestly love my little liberal arts college. College really has really been a time for my to learn a lot about myself and the world around me and I believe York truly has helped with that.
My experience at York has been fairly positive. The class size is small which leaves a lot of opportunity to ask a lot of questions and get that one on one experience with them. Campus life is what you make of it, and it's easy to find a group of friends to share your college experience with.
York college is a nice little college with open space and a friendly environment. The classes and teachers are excellent. The teachers are well prepared and are more than willing to help you should you ask.
After almost four years at YCP, I feel like I've had the opportunity to be a part of many diverse facets of the campus. Coming in to the school playing lacrosse and balancing life as a student-athlete, to being a co-op student through the engineering program working throughout the US, to living off campus and being an active member of a sorority. I believe the biggest downside to YCP is it's housing policy. Hundreds of students run into problems every year when it comes to approval for off-campus housing, as leases must be signed before approval is offered, and then there comes to be some legal issues involved with local realtors. The policy limits many students from experiencing off-campus life, which at many schools proves to be a great experience for independence and learning to pay rent and utilities. Overall, I felt like my major and many campus experiences made my experience at YCP a positive one, but some of the policies this school has need amending.
The campus is really beautiful and I have met some of my best friends here. The college provides a great opportunity to be active with in the surrounding community.
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I am a student athlete at York college and I have had a pretty good experience in my time here so far. I would like to see more large scale campus events, and another late night food option. But all in all, I've enjoyed my time here.
Absolutely wonderful college. I love the class sizes, the faculty and staff, and the stunning campus. I would definitely recommend coming here!
I think that it is a really great community. Though I do feel like I am not as far along as I should be at this point in my school career.
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