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I like that it's a smaller school and it's a lot of hands on. The people and upper class are very helpful. It also a very clean school and the student also keep it clean . They also have a lot of active and group for the student to do or join and keep them busy.
I am currently enrolled at York College of Pennsylvania and I have to say I love it! The campus is sooo beautiful and small enough where you can wake up five minutes before class and still make it! My experience here has been nothing but great and it has to dooo with the kindness of the students, professors and even the workers. Everyone here is so welcoming and makes you feel at home even when you are living away.
I like that the apathy of the student body towards issues of racial injustice and equality prepare me for the real world. I was disillusioned that everybody cares about these issues, and coming to York helped me realize that most people don't. It prepares you for the real world, completely.
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My experience so far has been very good. The campus food is either hit or miss. Some days there is good food, other days there is not so good food. As expected with any college classes, there is a heavy work load. It is manageable, but it can get stressful sometimes.
I love the small classes that YCP offers. The campus is gorgeous and easy to get around. YCP has the nicest professors and wonderful campus activities. The only downside I’ve seen is the cost of tuition, however YCP is a private institution so it’s okay I guess.
York College of Pennsylvania offers many different programs to many different people. Each program is staffed with friendly and very knowledgeable professors who will work with their students so that they are able to succeed in their career. There are many different opportunities that are made available for students including many sports programs, clubs, internship availabilities, career fair and much more. York is a fantastic school to start off anyone's college career and you are guaranteed to succeed.
York is a small, but beautiful school that provides many of opportunities if you put yourself out there and take them. There is many activities that happen on campus on weekends, although many people still go home. The location isn’t the best, but if you use good judgement you’ll be fine. Couldn’t see myself going anywhere else
I love how York College is small enough that you are able to be known personally by professors and peers, but large enough that there is still a lot of diversity among the student body. I like that the professors are always willing to help both in and out of class, and I truly love how pretty the campus is as well.
The small classes, greenery, and close relationships with my professors and major have made my last 3 1/2 years at York memorable and cherished!
It is a very nice campus. The area is not very nice when it comes to the dark night hours. If you come to this campus and need to go outside in the dark take a buddy. Other than that the college is very clean and nice.
This is my first year at York College of PA and it has been a good experience, I've made friends and excelled academically. There are a lot of opportunities to get involved and everyone is very friendly. There are lots of things to do such as attending basketball games to movie nights. I've enjoyed going to school here, classes have been challenging but not so difficult that I have to study all the time.
I like the school because it is smaller and more intimate. Students really get to know one another around the campus. I would like to see the classrooms become more modernized, however; many still have chalkboards in use.
I lov e going to York, all the professors and people are super great and helpful. Everyone is looking out whats best for you as a student and they offer amazing sources to go to when help is needed. I would like to see a change in any in the security of driving in and out, though I know they are now adding more check in podiums so its a step in the right direction
York College of Pennsylvania is a great school to gain further education. York College creates a community with their students and the students have many opportunities to grow and expand as individuals. The professors of York College encourage students to do their best work, and they help students reach their goals. The academics and courses are challenging and beneficial to real world situations. Overall, York College of Pennsylvania is a awarding school that provides students with the most in order to improve their future.
Classroom size allows you to get to know your professors one on one and build a relationship. The sports teams are a fun way to hangout with friends and cheer on fellow classmates and friends.
I am a 1989 graduate of YCP. My college advisor was a mentor for me as I grew up at college. She guided me to where I needed to be. I stayed in contact with her a couple years after I graduated through an intern from York College that I supervised. My former advisor came by my work place to see how the intern student was doing as well as how I was progressing in my field of study.
My experience at YCP was a positive one that I introduced York to my daughter as she started to look at colleges. My
daughter also decided to attend York College and is now in her second semester of her sophomore year. She has embraced YCP by being part of the theater program, being a RA, & also the campus activities board.
York College has been a wonderful experience for myself as well as my daughter. I highly recommend York College of PA to anyone who is looking for a small college with a family cohesive experience.
My experience at York college has been great from day one. Everyone is so helpful. Can't wait to continue this year's there.
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I transferred to York College and I have never felt more at home at school! I felt so welcomed by faculty, students, and peers.
I was very happy that I committed to YCP because it has become a home away from home. I have met people I see spending my life with and growing into who I am supposed to be. The feel of the college is very welcoming and most employees are very helpful. Professors go out of their way for the students that make an effort. I am happy to call myself a Spartan.
York College of Pennsylvania is a good college with excellent professors. There are many opportunities to do around the campus and it has small class sizes. York provides you with a strong education and successful future careers.
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