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York College provides a supportive atmosphere with great academic instruction. The professors are excited about teaching which envelops the students with the same excitement and interest. There is so much to get involved with at York College.
This has been an overall good school so far. There is so much support when needed and the teachers are very helpful.
One good thing is that the majority of the professors and faculty here at YCP do their very best to see every student succeed. Back in high school, we were told that professors aren't going to hold our hands, but here at YCP, I feel as though professors try their best to give students their freedom, but not fully 'let go', because let's face it - adulting is not here yet and we still need mentors.

On the other hand, administration here at YCP is not all that great. The faculty and professors however, definitely make up for the difference.
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My experience has been great so far. I love our campus and the programs are second to none. The food here is great, and because I have so much time between classes I'm able to go in and out of the cafes as I please.
I liked the campus and the student life seemed like a lot of fun. The food was good and the nursing program seems great too! The dorms for Freshman need updated. Shared bathrooms and boys and girls have every other floor.
So far, I have completed one year as a student at York College. I commute so I don't know how the party scene or dorms are, but from what I have heard, the dorms aren't that nice in some buildings. All the teachers I have had so far are very happy to help you if you are struggling, and tell you when they have office hours for you to come get the help you need. Even though York is still a smaller college, I have heard a lot about our sports teams' successes. We have a really diverse set of students compared to my high school. You can see a mix of races and religions on campus everyday, so if you want to see that, it's at York. I heard the food is not that great, but that's because the food doesn't really change. Safety on Campus is good, but Jackson Street is right off campus and several students got robbed at gun point or beaten in the past year. If you wanted to rent an apartment off campus, this is where most of them are by the way.
I loved York College of PA because the class sizes were small and all the faculty were very supportive. Instead of being just a number I was known as a student by all my professors and received a great private education.
Overall, I think YCP is a great college. The class sizes are fairly small,making one-on-one help from your professors available. In all the classes I have had, the professors are always willing to help and I feel that I have truly learned a great deal since I have been here. There are always activities going on and plenty of clubs. My biggest complaint is that the college definitely caters to their resident students. The activities and club meetings are usually at night or on weekends, which are inconvenient as a commuter student. There are plenty of job opportunities on campus and internships available. My other major complaint about the school is that they don't have many scholarships and financial aid options available, making it difficult to afford an already pricey school.
So far tgey have been great. Easy application process and a great campus atmosphete. Flexibility in spending is great option.
The campus is very nice along with everyone who works there. On the smaller side but but still large enough to the point where you can constantly meet new people. The bonus to the size of the school is that you are a name and not a number.
York College of PA is a nice institute with great academics and campus life. The staff and student body are friendly. However, I would like to see more diversity among the student body.
The main campus is beautiful in the spring and in the winter when it is covered in snow, but when it snows they completely disregard the disabled. They push the snow into the wheelchair ramps outside of the buildings, and some of the buildings are not very accessible. The student union building has the disability bathroom located upstairs down a very narrow bathroom. On weekends the shuttles do not run, so disabled students on North Campus have to walk to main campus to eat, and thats if the dining hall isn't closed on that Saturday because of one of the many Open Houses that they close access to students for. Classes are normally good, and there's normally stuff to do on campus, but accessibility is an issue.
York College allows students to experience a private school education with a public school cost. YCP has given me much more then I can express.
I don't have any other colleges to base my opinion off of, but they people here are very friendly, most of the professors are always willing to try ans help with anything, most people will stop what they are doing if they see someone struggling its just an overall great environment.
Needs a more diverse campus. Easy to walk on campus and into buildings without authority. Teachers need to be more diverse.
York College of Pennsylvania has an excellent nursing program. The professors are really there to help you and they want you to succeed. The small class room sizes are a benefit. I would like to see some changes to the school. The food is not very appetizing or it is the same week to week. The hours of the dining hall on the weekends are limited. Overall, it is a good school and cheaper than many colleges.
I really enjoyed my experience at York College, I made so many new friends. Also the ratio of student to professor is amazing you can really get some one on one time with your teacher if needed.
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This college is very diverse and has a great atmosphere. The inclusiveness is excellent as well as the overall experience.
The college is oversold at ALL pre-enrollment events. After the first week, it is aparent that the food is severely lackluster and eating healthy is rarely possible, the shuttle system is inefficient, as a freshman you must park your car on the opposite campus (apparently living near your car is a "privilege"), and some professors are out to help you, but the small class size really just leads to a High School 2.0 situation. Most students being commuters or living within 45 minutes of their house means that there is nothing to do on weekends, unless you're a big fan of laundry and guessing what time the dining hall is open.
My experience thus far has been an amazing journey from timidness to confidence, inexperienced to knowledgeable, and unskilled to professional. York College does a great job at preparing you to be an equipped individual who is well-rounded and ready to take on any task. Also, the personal feel here, is second to none. My professors know my name and genuinely care not only about my performance in academics, but also my personal well-being. I would like to see more diversity on campus concerning race and ethnicity. However, each year there is an increase in diversity ratings and it's noticeable.
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