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I like that YC is a small campus with small class sizes. However, the athletes run the show here. The money that coordinates with athletics here is sadly what keeps the college in business. It is convenient for my needs, but would rather be somewhere else.
I liked the food at York College: it's affordable and delicious. The library at York College needs to be bigger and have more computers because during the afternoon all the computers are in use.
I love the experience here, there is a great student-to-teacher ratio, the professors know your name. There is great tutoring and resources for a struggling student to succeed. I love the atmosphere of the college and the food is very good. The only problem is that the meal plans are large and expensive for someone that does not eat large amounts of food.
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I love the Diversity! I am Native American and I felt very welcomed and comfortable. I am also very fond of the Athletics and Student Activities.
My experience was great! I loved the quiet scenery and beautiful campus. The teachers are very understanding and I love my basketball coaches. York College is like one big family so being a freshman, I had allot of support from everyone. Anything I needed they were there for me from financially to spiritually. One thing i would want to see change is how big the school is and more sports.
York College have always been my top choice and still is where I will attend. However speaking with their administration at times could be difficult to understand when they're explaining certain questions that is asked.
I am a senior in high school and I am enrolled in college classes in York college. It has been a great experience because it introduce me to college life and how tough managing time can be in college. After taking several classes I realized college is no joke because its a huge impact on you career. York has motivated me to push my self harder and harder to achieve my goals. The professors offer extra time after class to help students who have questions or dont understand topics. After attending York College I got a better understanding of how college is and how serious it can be.
The food is enjoyable once you get used to it. Student life is great and very connected. Housing is varied, and slowly upgrading and getting better. The professors are nice and very helpful.
I think that the value of a degree from this school is high. So far there have only been one or two employers recruiting on campus
I feel that this is a very safe campus. I have never heard about any incidents of sexual assault taking place on campus.
The dorm hall I live in a pretty good. Just wish that there was a water fountain on the 3rd floor and that boys could be allowed in our rooms during the day time and that boys in my family, such as my dad and my brother and my grandpa, could be allowed to come in my room.
The Greek clubs here are not exactly a fraternity or a sorority, they are more social clubs.
The coaching staff for women's basketball is great! The facilities are way better than what I had in high school.
It is an amazing place full of amazing people!
It has a great reputation.
The professors will work with you. I really enjoy going to college.
I haven't had too many interactions due that my schedule is well over load.
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I enjoy sports however between work and school I don't have the time to participate now that i'm in college.
I really enjoy going to York College. It has made me mature and focus in life.
I haven't heard of any instances of crime or sexual harassment on campus.
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