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Yo San University of Traditional Chinese Medicine Reviews

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Courses: Great. Very interesting. First 2 years are foundational, minimal diversity of classes. Years 3&4 offer greater opportunity for focus (GYN, Qi development, Wellness/Longevity care, etc)

Professors: Great!! Excellent, Gifted in the field. Some are ESL, so just be aware to speak up if you don't understand a phrase or concept or word. They are great and very open to adjustments to help the student learn--even if it's repeating themselves or re-phrasing a concept.

Class Size: Small-Mid sized classes. From 6-30 students/class. GREAT individual attention, if you request or need it.
YoSan is housed in one building, and to access the the building you must use a keycard or be buzzed in through the clinic. This is a smaller, private university and the students, faculty & admin know who is supposed to be in the building. Never a problem. However, some bike thefts have occurred in the garage. We're currently investigating what we can do to further prevent this in the future, but would be remiss if it wasn't disclosed info.
We don't have active chapters of any fraternity/sorority. I am a member of PTK, and became such before entering this school. This school does not actively promote any social 'society' other than the professional memberships available for L.Ac or LAOM.
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Very Challenging subject matter - requires an openness to concepts and theories that aren't cubby-holes. This course of study requires a close look at the individual. One size does NOT fit all, when applied to diagnosis and treatment (as I have found is often the case in Allopathic Medicine).
This is a graduate school and does not offer athletic facilities. Nor does it have athletic teams.

This school does offer a Chi Development program, which is physical in nature but NOT an athletic sport.
it is pretty easy to find parking either in the student lot for a small fee, or there is parking anywhere within a block or two walk of the school. if it's nighttime, students always walk together to their cars.
Drug Visibility – Many people at school are into herbal medicine and are very natural. A lot of them don't even want to take Tylenol. There isn't a drug scene at my school. Some people drink a little alcohol but everyone is focused on school. If you party too much you can't stay on top of your studies. Acupuncturists are pretty pure and into healthy lifestyle choices.
the availability of computers is nice, but the wireless internet needs to be better. wireless printing would be nice, as would a network systems where each student receives an e-mail address and access to lectures/class discussions/students in their class online.
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