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amazing, I can tell that The University is not what it once was. Unfortunately, the bureaucracy is slowly eating the University's finances away, causing good professors to leave and bringing in adjuncts who couldn't care less about the students. Then again, there are some great professors at YU, but at this rate I'm not sure how much longer they'd be able to stay. What the university needs is a complete reconstruction of their financial prioritization as well as sensible fiscal accountability. Only then will YU be able to keep professors for extended contracts and pay them enough to genuinely care about their students. I personally am a Political Science Major and Economics Minor, and I can attest to this dilemma. This past year (2012) the Political Science department lost all but one professor, making the department I once knew alien to me. There have also been cuts to the Economics department, as well as most all departments in the social and hard sciences.
Stern College does a wonderful job of catering to our spiritual needs as Jewish women while giving us a rigorous and focused academic atmosphere. Two completely separate schools of thought are married so seamlessly at this institution.
I have loved most of my classes so far, but have worked hard. I wish there were more class options, and more courses available.
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Security is a constant presence on campus, and I always feel safe.
The rooms are pretty small, which is especially tough for out-of-towners. However, I have had great experiences with the Housing Department and RAs.
I am not an athlete, or involved in the athletic life on campus, but it is not a big part of campus life.
While my freshman year was challenging, I enjoyed it, and am looking forward to the next 3 years!
Our security is excellent. The presence is always felt and I have always felt safe.
The variety of courses are amazing and the professors have honestly changed my life.
The career center is so helpful and so are the advisers. They make it clear that they will help every single student get internships and jobs.
It's convenient and brings something special to the social life at school.
I don't think sports are so popular at my school, but school spirit is present!
The plethora of classes are amazing and I have met many teachers that inspire me and I hope to keep in touch with for the rest of my life.
i got in easily enough
Not the most successful teams but it was fun to be on one.
The teachers and classes that are offered are very interesting and engaging. I feel like i'm getting my moneys worth out of being in college here.
Sexual assault would never help me on my campus. The boys and girls live different campuses and the parties that happen don't get wild enough for anything like that to happen. But it could just be that im very innocent and actually have no idea what im talking about, but i dont think so.
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Degrees from this school get you far. The classes aren't easy to pass if you dont study. The school makes it a priority to set you up once you've graduated and even before. Also during your time on campus the school has options for workstudy and other ways to gain hands on experience.
I love my teachers and the classroom buildings. The school has incredible security and is well kept. The quality of life on campus is excellent and active. The food could be better, but the dinning rooms themselves are very nice. The class sizes are small which is fantastic. The teachers really make it a priority to get to know their students and create relationships with their students. I feel like a real person and not just another face in the crowd or number on a list of hundreds.
It's in an amazing location but that means we dont have much of a campus. We're very close to our classes and the dorms are comfy for living in the city. The building is clean and well kept.
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