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Great college experience with great faculty. The price and educational experience is well worth the time. I was able to land a great job because of what I learned here.
Yavapai College is a great place to learn! The campus is clean and the staff are very friendly. I enjoy the weather in Prescott and one of my favorite things to do is study outside and sip on some local brewed coffee from a nearby coffee shop. The views from the school campus are amazing. The classes are great! The staff members add a personal touch to your education. I think Yavapai is a great place to learn, and earn a degree for reasonable cost.
I am a Radiologic Technologist because of the opportunity of the radiology program that was instituted in 2010. Yavapai College is a beautiful campus with many degrees and certificate opportunities. I am so appreciative of my time at this college and the instructors that I now consider my friends. This college helped me jumpstart my career goals and focus on my future. "Go Roughriders!"
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Yavapai has a good selecion of Professors. I have only taken 2 classes since moving to AZ from California but I have enjoyecd them both. My courses were relatively easy but did pose some challenges. The Cottonwood/ Clarkdale campus is rather nice with a modern natural look. The campus is also easy to navigate. The school provides a number of student help services. My only quams is that the campuses are fairly spread out and that there is a limit on the classes that are provided at that campus. The comute is about 1 hour from my house which is a little inconvienent but it is the closest community college to my location.
Yavapai College is conviniently located in the heart of Prescott, Arizona. The local scenery is peaceful and the small town atmosphere is relaxing. The process to get started may seem a little daughnting at first, but the advisors help out a lot. For the local residents, the value for education cannot be beat.
I have attended Yavapai college for the last three years as a program that my high school offers. I have had no bad experience with any Yavapai College courses, and have always had a great time in each of my classes. Yavapai College has a beautiful campus filled with many friendly faces.
Yavapai College is a wonderful place. I have learned so much in the past few semesters, not only from the classes I've taken, but from the faculty as well. The majority of the people on campus, both student and employee, are nice, pleasant people. One of the things about YC that I have really enjoyed is getting to meet fellow students who are hungry for knowledge. It's encouraging and inspiring to meet people who are working so hard and diligently to earn their degree.
I previously went to a community college in Tennessee. Transferring to Yavapai was easy and the school accepted all of my credits. They were really helpful on me choosing what classes I need to take now to move forward in my degree.
The online courses are very useful in that it allows students to work and go to school. I've taken a couple of online classes that gave me plenty of knowledge of the subject and wasn't overwhelming. The online professors make themselves available online and even in person. The system yavapai has makes it really simple and convenient for students to interact with each other.
Yavapai has a direct link to many universities across the state which easily accept your credits. Yavapai has advisors specifically trained in helping students transfer and make the best option of what school after yavapai.
The courses are very helpful to real life job opportunities. The professors are very approachable and willing to help the students succeed in every way. The classes are smaller which makes it easier to get involved and to know your professor and classmates on a more personal level.
The school has a great reputation in the community and therefore businesses want to hire graduates from Yavapai. The school has an enormous amount of career center/ services that can provide information and tools for the student to make the best choice on a career.
I'm a nursing student and the nursing program is highly respected by the hospitals in the community. The instructors care about the knowledge you acquire so you can be the best Nurse and treat your patients effectively. The curriculum is not impossible or overwhelming and they are always willing to help. They offer a preceptor ship in your last semester which really is beneficial to getting your foot in the door of the hospital.
Yavapai college has helped me succeed in my academics by providing an avoidable and high quality education. Since the very beginning the staff has gone over and above to help me in choosing classes and funding. The college has become a place where I can truly grow and get involved. I wouldn't choose any other school to get my degree.
Transferring credits was as simple as I suppose it could be. of course, I'm only speaking for myself.
Again, it's nice and convenient to a certain degree , but for students who do better learning in a classroom environment such as myself it kind of limits my education ( for lack of better word)
I really cant speak on behalf of this matter at the current time.
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The professors that I've met seem to have a good knowledge base. The courses are okay. Though some are only offered online which is kind of restricting when it comes to students who learn in a classroom environment better.
I haven't yet been able to access or identify all the possibilities listed above. The school seems very well organized, but I am unfortunately unfamiliar with the school and programs as a whole.
Once again., it's only the first week of the semester .
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