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A terrific online opportunity program as well as campus access. A few internet details but otherwise I would suggest this program to all.
I have been an online student for the last two years at Yavapai College. I was enrolled in their accounting program to receive my Associates Degree. The classes were very informative and I learned a lot in my chosen field of study. I am I single mom of five kids and so I loved the flexibility of the online classes. The communication with the professors was always quick and timely.
Yavapai Community College is a very versatile college. They do there best to make sure that each and everyone of us succeed. I like that the class sizes are small so that I can have more of a one on one time with my professors if I need. I like that the professors are always trying to make sure we do our best because they only want to see us succeed
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I have taken a few online classes through Yavapai College and every single class I have had the most helpful teachers. I also applied for the Radiology Tech program but, unfortunately, I did not get into it. Nevertheless, I had a really good experience and was able to meet with the Program Director, Richard LeClair, to review my interview scores. My favorite teacher throughout my Yavapai College experience is Matt Pearcy. I took his class for General Biology 1 and Human Anatomy and Physiology 1. He was so patient with our class and has such a passion for biology that he makes it fun to learn! If there was one thing I could change about Yavapai College, it would be the amount of students they accept into their Radiologic Technology program.
yavapai is such a wonderful college to attend too. Its super easy to get around the campus. everyone is very friendly, and nice.
I love the environment. My sister went there so it’s turned into sort of the family tradition because it’s not to far from home but still away from home and I like knowing if I want to see family I can go home on the weekend and see them if I have time
Yavapai College has many great instructors. Class sizes are big enough that you can find other students to collaborate with but small enough that you can get direct attention from professors. In my experience, everyone has been approachable and easy to communicate with. My only complaint is that there are not many local activities or much entertainment for students.
My first year still learning about it but hopefully it will be a great experience and very knowledgeable and a lot to learn and great experience
Yavapai college is where i found my true passion to help others! Being so involved on campus I was able to make connections with faculty and staff to turn to for any situation I may be stuck in or need assistance with. Yavapai college had some great instructors. They made learning fun and interesting. They always offered support and extra help to their students. YC and Prescott is my home away from home and im truly sad to be leaving as I continue my education at ACU, but I know I can count on YC to have my back through this journey!
The academics and Professors were good. Cost reasonable. Safety not so good. Easy access to drugs and athletes are pretty heavy into that in the dorms. Not much is done about it by campus security. The Prescott area is pretty and the weather is beautiful. There is a lot of outdoor activities to do-hiking, fishing, etc.
Great college, great price compared to other colleges and universities. Wonderful atmosphere and staff is amazing.
Yavapai is a great college, the classes aren’t large so you get a more personalized feel. The instructors actually remember your name and they know who you are. It’s great to start out at and progress to a larger university.
Great teachers, flexible class schedule; willing to work with you when unexpected circumstances came up.
My experience at Yavapai College has been nothing but good. I would recommend this college to any one looking for a junior college to start off. The professors and the atmosphere are great.
Yavapai is a great jr. college, they have amazing academics and have a really awesome nursing program. The teachers here try their best to help there students and have them do good in there class. The campus is on the smaller side but, that does not mean it is not a nice campus. The buildings are very unique and have a lot of natural light that comes in. The Library is the best library I have been too. It has the best views of the mountains and is a great place to study or wright a paper. The students here are very nice and you can get along with anyone at this college. The athletic department is not much but, they have a good baseball and volleyball team.
I’ve been going to the college since I graduated high school. He commute is easy and the professors and staff are very friendly!
Yavapai College has given me a fantastic schooling this far. The professors are wonderful and really care about the success of the students, the office staff are so nice and helpful as well. They have all helped me to be able to graduate on time and are very flexible with school and work schedules. I absolutely love the positive atmosphere of Yavapai College and would suggest it to anyone looking for a two year degree.
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I love how small all of the classes are. Most classes are hybrid which means that they are partially online. The classes are perfect and match my work schedule to a 'T'. The staff is friendly and usually helpful. I love the food in the cafeteria and the library is very nice. The only area I would change about the college is that not all the classes taken there will transfer to universities.
Beautiful campus and excellent staff very helpful and encouraging . Awesome campus easy to get around friendly and helpful instructors.
I like that the campus is not so big and it is easy to access everything that the college. The classes are challenging and I have learned a lot from my first semester.
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