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It was alright. Only did spring 2020 online because I graduated. Professors adapted their courses pretty quickly!
Yale overall is the best place to spend your undergraduate years. The academics are amazing and allow you to expand your mind in ways never before, if you let yourself. The city of New Haven is honestly a great place to spend college because of its urban environment while giving a small town feel. Yale really tries to make sure it feels like home to its students and I feel that it succeeds.
Yale University certainly lives up to its prestigious reputation. There are so many undergraduate opportunities and experiences, as well as a diverse student body and faculty, and that gives Yale a unique character. It is amazing to meet many of the world's leading professionals and academics, and it is an honor to learn from them--and even work with them. Most of all, Yale is a collaborative environment where the students support each other, rather than compete with each other.
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Yale has been very accommodating to online learning. The professors interact individually with the students, and that allows for every student to have his/her needs met, given their specific individual circumstances.
My classes went online after the COVID pandemic hit. The professors tried but there really was not enough guidance from the university and the transition was shaky at best.
There are outstanding professors and library resources at Yale; however, admission into classes and even extracurricular groups gets fiercely competitive. Also, although Yale is trying to brand itself as more of a STEM school these days, it is still sorely lacking in many STEM areas, with insufficient faculty and limited class offerings.
The student body at Yale is multifaceted, diverse, and extremely talented. Living, learning, and working among students from all over the world is eye-opening and broadening, even beyond the incredible education provided by the knowledgeable and accomplished faculty.
No online class can have the same impact and verbosity as an in-person class, simply because not all students have equal access to online materials. Also, some professors are more adept and skilled with online platforms than others. Yale provided all students and faculty with Zoom, as well as several ongoing online resources (like access to libraries, audiovisual materials, etc.). Yale's response as a whole to the transition to online classes was fairly good. Eventually the administration switched to a Universal Pass/Fail grading system.
Learning online is a mixed bag. Some professors were very accommodating and understanding, but others had no idea how to use Zoom. Most professors understood that learning during a pandemic, online, was less than ideal. Successful student organizing for Universal Pass/Fail meant most of the grade pressure was taken off for this semester.
Lives up to its name. The professors actively try to help you and serve as resources. The student life is enriching.
I loved the campus. You can feel the history through the architechture. However, New Haven is not the most inviting town so stay on campus. There is so much happening on campus as well, its a terrific environment.
As a first generation, low income student it was a bit of a culture shock when I first arrived to Yale. The rich people are very cliquey, but that's life. I have met some really cool people though and surrounding myself with people that care about me and know how to have a balanced social/school life has been great.
haven't even started there yet but i'm so excited to. admissions process is great and they do a lot to get you connected to other incoming freshmen
I went on a college tour at Yale University and absolutely loved it. The buildings were nice and the people there were so friendl It makes e feel a part of thir faily before attedning there already!
i think there is a lot of room here to be yourself. it's not a sporty school, but there is a big WASP atmosphere present. New haven has its ups and downs
Going there helped me fit it, not at all what I expected. The environment isn't rigid, cold, and cutthroat but rather welcoming and passionate. Everyone is driven to work together toward what is best.
Yale is really great! The community is super supportive while also being competitive. There is plenty to do and see at Yale. If you are interested in joining clubs they have hundreds of clubs in all sorts of areas of interest.
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People who gave New Haven a C+ are literally racist and just scared of black people because of their whitewashed upbringing. How does Columbia have a higher safety rating when one of their students was stabbed to death last month? New Haven is safe, some people are just bigoted.
From the moment I stepped on campus, the students and professors were extremely welcoming and committed to making every student feel at home. The residential colleges allow first years to have a small, tight-knit community that is enriched through social and cultural events. The academics are top notch in every department with accessible and enthusiastic professors that push their students to achieve greatness. The party scene is incredible and open for students to enjoy on the weekends as a way to connect with others. Although people who have never visited New Haven are concerned about safety, Yale does an amazing job of making sure the campus is safe at all hours and works to connect Yale students to the city of New Haven.
I love the sense of community here, being a part of a residential college really gives you somewhere to belong. There are also so many extracurriculars available that its easy to be overwhelmed by the choice! Although Yale has been a mostly positive experience, I would love to see the Student Income Contribution get eliminated, so FGLI students aren't obligated to work in order to have a place at Yale.
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