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The students are extremely kind, the professors are very involved and available, and the campus is beautiful.
Yale offers a great breadth of academic courses, thus allowing students to explore different majors that they may be contemplating. The group approach to studying courses involving math and science can be beneficial or detrimental, depending on how one best learns. The campus is spread throughout an urban city, so one has to use awareness as navigating an "open" campus. Student life is improved by creating bonds with the advisers, deans, and peers that Yale matches one with to avoid isolation. Interest groups also keep one inspired while attaining academic goals. Lastly, dorm life, in general, is good including gym, laundry facilities and junk food splurge nights.
There is definitely a large adjustment to be made in your first year when students are first exposed to many realities quite different than in high school. Going from the top of the class to just trying to beat the average can be intimidating, but the amount of resources here is truly amazing. Many people are looking out for you and want to help, so although the academic adjustment was quite difficult, the competition is manageable because for the most part, people are very helpful and supportive.
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Check out the open yale courses online! Amazing resources! I cannot recommend this enough. As a member of the class of 2022, I am obsessed with everything about this college and I can’t wait to step foot on campus!
I applied to Yale on a whim, mainly to please my parents. Both of them were graduates of prestigious universities: my Dad was a Columbia alum, and my Mom was a University of Chicago alumna. I got wait listed, which was WAY more than I would have expected to have gotten, based on the fact that I wasn't an excellent student in high school, and it took me all four years and extensive tutoring to get a passing grade in AP Mathematics, and a passing grade on the NYS Regents exam in Math also. However, I was ultimately rejected (NO SURPRISE) but, I actually spent quite a bit of time at Yale visiting during my time at Hampshire College, and I have to say, I think I would have LOVED being a Bulldog. It's an amazing institution, and since I was a theater student, ostensibly I could have gone to Yale Drama for grad school, and probably should have. This was the ONLY Ivy I applied to, and I truly think it's the most artistically inclined of the Ivies.
Everyone at Yale is very self-motivated, and that can be both very refreshing in the classroom and overwhelming. Regardless, Yale provides plenty of support to transitioning first-years with their residential college system and access to the multicultural centers on campus. It is extremely difficult to fail at Yale because of all of the people: Professors, Frocos, College Heads, etc. that are around to cheer you on along the way.
I lived at Morse College, great food, great dorm, and great people. I think it is one of the best locations on campus, right in front of the Payne Whitney Gym.
Professors are great; my personal favorite is Physics Professor Daniel Prober. Best moment in his APHY 120 course is he took off his shoes while listening to a student presentation LOL.
Yale has been an amazing place so far. It brings together people with interesting stories who are super kind and overall really great.
Not worth the money, quality of education no where near the other top ranking schools. It's just historically significant, but doesn't serve high ranking at all
Yale is a highly diverse university with exceptionally friendly and helpful faculty, staff, and students. The food is beyond exceptional, taking sustainability, food waste, health, and nutrition in mind when it comes to every dish. I'm always learning new things each time I step foot on campus. I can't say enough about this place!
It is one of the best experiences, and the 'Ivy League' title is a silver lining. YAle yale yale yale yale yale yale yale!!!
Yale is the most amazing place. Though when I think of Yale I first think of old white men reading old white books, it really isn't that anymore. It is an involved, active campus with an incredible amount of diversity. Most people here are excited to be here, and the residential college system really is the best.
Although my first two years were a bit rough, I absolutely adore Yale. The financial aid is generous, the campus is beautiful, the curriculum is both challenging and interesting, and the variety of extracurricular activities and funding available to students is still overwhelming to me, even in my final year.
The sense of community is phenomenal. Yale truly fosters individual growth and strives to make college an experience worth having, not just a means to an end. I, along with mostly everyone, love it here. <3
Yale managed to exceed my expectations. I originally chose Yale because of how genuine every student I met was and that perception continues to persist. I have met the most interesting and talented people while at Yale and have made some of the closest friends. One moment we'll be discussing a bio problem set, the next discussing the real solution to economic disparity, the next talking about our upbringings. While it's easy to think of Yale as a competitive college, I think that's far from the truth. I have never collaborated as much as I have at Yale. Everyone wants the best for each other and grades are not a focus. The social scene at Yale is also great. Frat parties are open to anyone for the most part and it's very easy to get integrated with Greek life members even if you aren't in it yourself. Just based off of the year I've been here, I can already say that Yale has changed me to be a more well-rounded person.
I love the diverse campus and culture around Yale. New Haven is comparable to New York, one of the most diverse cities in the world and where I currently reside in. It is amazing and has some of the best restaurants and culinary foods available.
After being here for two years, I feel that I belong. It can take a while but there are amazing people here that devote themselves to the students they serve. At the same time, Yale is by no means perfect; it can improve in terms of diversity (racially and socioeconomically) and administration can be more responsive. Overall, however, I can't complain.
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Yale is everything you dream of and more. Walking through these century-old libraries with the gothic really don't get more Ivy League than Yale. As a graduate student, I sometimes feel a little removed from the main campus, but overall the college community is incredibly open and accepting. The opportunities that this school affords you just by name recognition alone makes it worth attending.
I think what makes Yale what it is is the people. Everyone here has something about which they're incredibly passionate, and you feel that in the buzz of energy around campus-- everyone is always busy doing something, meeting someone, or going somewhere. While it can sometimes be hard to find your niche (isn't it always, though?, especially with so many deeply invested Yalies, it's ultimately become a home and a place with so many incredible memories, so much academic and personal growth, and so much I'll miss when I leave. We're already planning our reunions.
Yale is the best school out there. It is ranked number one on the charts of schools, and it's an ivy league school so with a degree from this school, you'll have a great feature ahead of you.
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