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I wasted time, money, and tears. I wish I was never accepted. All in all horrible experience. I wasted time, money, and tears. I wish I was never accepted. All in all horrible experience. I wasted time, money, and tears. I wish I was never accepted. All in all horrible experience. I wasted time, money, and tears. I wish I was never accepted. All in all horrible experience. I wasted time, money, and tears. I wish I was never accepted. All in all horrible experience. I wasted time, money, and tears. I wish I was never accepted. All in all horrible experience.
I have heard many great things about Yale but what I experienced during my two week program at Yale is why I am writing this now. I really enjoyed the engaging lectures by Yale professors and I corresponded with a few of them to learn more about their research. I visited laboratories and met up with a professor who works at Fermilab, astounded by the facilities and opportunities available at Yale. It would be really exciting to be able to participate in such research and I like the emphasis on involving undergraduates.
My favorite part of the place is definitely the people. Everyone is world-class and super humber and down to Earth. I definitely recommend this place to everyone
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Great academic experiences to be had at Yale. The college is full of amazing and interesting people, but the city and area Yale is in is not the greatest. It is in a good location, though, as it is close to nyc, boston, etc.
Yale is a great place to be a student - variety of class offerings even as a grad student, and plenty of cool events and opportunities among the different schools and departments, though food and housing options around campus are not always as great.
Wonderful experience as a freshman. Made lots of friends and had great professors. Living is set up by "colleges" and you stay in the same college all 4 years. Had some great room mates. Professors are excellent and also enjoy my Dean and Head of College
When stepping on Yale's campus for the very first time, I immediately felt welcomed and comfortable with the environment I had just entered. Each individual that I encountered was different than the rest, proving to me that Yale values establishing a diverse community that embodies similar values to me. Yale is a place where creativity and dreams come to life which is why I chose to attend the university.
All of the students at Yale are kind and are passionate about something. There is a community for every kind of person. Diversity can be improved. Many students of color have reported racial incidents on campus.
I was able to really find my niche and find my people there. I specialized in what I wanted to study, and was able to explore education in ways I had never previously known were possible.
Yale University has an amazing atmosphere, a dream school for anyone wishing to major in anything. The campus is not too large and it feels comforting.
This is a great private school for students prospecting to go on to law school or business school. Also, if a student is medical-oriented, then there is a wide variety of laboratories for research.
I don't need to tell you that Yale is a world-class university with renowned faculty and seemingly unlimited resources. But you might not realize that it is also an extremely open and welcoming community where you will find every single type of person you can think of, and where it is possible to have literally any kind of social experience you like, whether that means Greek life, D-I varsity athletics, international trips with your music group, working on top-notch publications and productions, clubbing every night, or never leaving the library. Whatever you are looking for exists here. If you would like to not only be in awe of your peers, but feel at home among them, Yale is your place. It really is so much more than a school.
It's an amazing university, full of talented students and brilliant staff. Yale does a fantastic job of giving you a well-rounded, liberal arts education.
I"m not yet enrolled at Yale, but my experience with the college so far has proved positive in every regard. The school sets a high priority on helping every student to excel, with an atmosphere that is challenging and relevant to our society.
Great! A beautiful campus with so many resources to have an amazing college experience. Highly recommend
Yale is, like most things, what you make of it. It has resources that couldn't be dreamed of in most schools (dorm rooms, residential colleges, fellowships, advisors, career offices). But sometimes the richness of the opportunities confuses and overwhelms people to the point of not really taking advantage of them as fully as they can.
Great college. Felt like i made a great choice to attend Yale. Teachers are excellent and are interested in teaching. Students are very friendly and the atmosphere is very conducive to learning. Enjoying the sporting community, the arts atmosphere and the student life. Very easy to get around campus and feel very safe. Weather has been great thus far. I feel challenged in my classes and i have to work hard to stay ahead. Great class opportunities. Flexibility in choosing major and easy to talk to professors about college goals.
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The students are extremely kind, the professors are very involved and available, and the campus is beautiful.
Yale offers a great breadth of academic courses, thus allowing students to explore different majors that they may be contemplating. The group approach to studying courses involving math and science can be beneficial or detrimental, depending on how one best learns. The campus is spread throughout an urban city, so one has to use awareness as navigating an "open" campus. Student life is improved by creating bonds with the advisers, deans, and peers that Yale matches one with to avoid isolation. Interest groups also keep one inspired while attaining academic goals. Lastly, dorm life, in general, is good including gym, laundry facilities and junk food splurge nights.
There is definitely a large adjustment to be made in your first year when students are first exposed to many realities quite different than in high school. Going from the top of the class to just trying to beat the average can be intimidating, but the amount of resources here is truly amazing. Many people are looking out for you and want to help, so although the academic adjustment was quite difficult, the competition is manageable because for the most part, people are very helpful and supportive.
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