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Yakima Valley Community College Reviews

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My experience was excellent, everyone is so kind and friendly. Very small campus and I loved it because all my classes were very close.
Can't wait to get started on a new career. Looking forward to the new chalanges and new people I will meet along the way.
I enjoy coming here because it is in my hometown -- nearby -- and it is affordable with my financial aid. The degrees offered here are mostly two year degrees, and there are a few four year degrees offered, too, depending on what you are going for. But be aware that if you can't get a four year degree with your field of study, you would end up having to go elsewhere. So I consider myself lucky that the Bachelor's (four year degree) I am going for is here at YVC. The place is very diverse sex, religion (including those that don't follow a denomination), sexualities, culture, etc.
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I’ve been going here for almost one year and my experience in getting any type of help for my studies has been fantastic. Professors really do take the time to help you out when you are struggling. So do other staff members.
I liked that it was easy to schedule classes around my work. The professors I've had have been great with only a couple exceptions. That being said my experience is limited to the Grandview campus and I've only been here about a year.
Yakima is a great school. It has a beautiful campus and I feel safe there. The staff I’d friendly and informative. The gym is very nice and up to date. They have a great basketball program and coaching staff.
Teachers work with you. They have many outreach programs and encourage students to seek help when needed.
I have had a very good experience with Yakima Valley Community College. The staff is very helpful with any questions and concerns that I have had. The professors work with you one-on-one. It is only obvious that the professors genuinely care about their fellow students.
I like that I can complete my coursework very quickly in a matter of ten weeks. YVC is less expensive than most colleges so if it offers a degree that you want for less, then you should take get it from there. You'll save time and money.
So far I really like YVCC. The teachers have been helpful and I can ask questions without feeling intimidated. Since I'm new, I don't know the school very well but I do know that they provide for almost everything so that there's no way to say "I couldn't get involved because I couldn't find what I needed."
I like the school very much, the teachers schedule's are very open so it is easy to find time to talk to them or get help from them. The campus is also very pretty, and small so everything is easy to find!
I attended Yakima Valley College for two years. The instructors were helpful and courteous. I recommend this college to anyone wanting to transfer or updating their professional skills.
I think yvcc is a great school to start at its very small, your close to your teachers and you get one on one attention you need it. I just wish they had more programs but its not bad if you just want to get the basics down first.
My experience at YVCC has been pretty great overall. I have been a running start student for over a year and the academics are way more suitable for me than high school.

Running Start: Definitely, do it if you're either advanced because this will give you a chance to actually earn college credits for free while you're still in high school.

College: If you're in the area, I would highly recommend getting a degree here even if you are planning on going to a 4-year because you can save money and time by getting a transfer-DTA degree.
My experience so far at Yakima Valley Community College has been excellent. I would highly recommend this college to students looking for a smaller, very qualified school. All of the professors have been helpful with all questions I may have had. The housing is an excellent resource for those away from home.
My experience at YVC has thus far been a great college journey. Their programs are competitive and the instructors strive to push you academically to achieve your most potential in order to receive your degree towards your new career. Only a few things I am not to proud of towards this college is their schedule online is not always correct, it is hard to reach someone by phone, and also the financial aid department is very small which can be both time consuming and confusing.
My life started changing in a positive direction once I started attending college at YVC Grandview campus. The people are great and the motivation for a better life is there.
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I liked how it helped me get a head start on my education through its running start programming, which allowed me to attend its college while in high school at no cost at all.. A tip I would give someone is to pay attention in class and study. Put aside leisure time and make time for studying.
I like that Yakima Valley Community College has a running start program. All the instructors there are good as well. I think making sure students know when there are events going on around the college would be a good improvement for the college to make.
Overall I really enjoy Yakima valley college. The campus and class sizes are small, this makes it easier to get time with professors between classes.
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