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The things yvcc offers for students is really nice. Like the free one on one tutoring, or the different clubs you can join for class help.
Professors are tough but they challenge students to work hard. Nice campus, friendly atmosphere. I recommend this college to anyone looking for just a two year degree or if you plan on transferring to a 4 year college.
I enjoy the campus and the range of courses and degrees offered. I like that they are able to help all members of the community. I see students ranging from young running start students to students well into their sixties just enjoying an art or foreign language course. The staff, for the most part is always willing to help you out if you have any questions.

The one thing that I have struggled with every quarter I have gone is my financial aid. When I tired to figure out all my issues with the office I had to take time off of work because the financial aid office is only open 3 hours a day, 4 days a week and it just seemed like I would never get any questions answered. I would be very nice to see the office open longer hours, with more staff so that myself and the long line of other students I see out the door on a daily basis can get the help they need.
Review Yakima Valley Community College
Cheap well built college that has a variety of options to help you get to a 4 year college or even get a 4 year degree at YVCC.
For a community college, you think that you won't get the same education as going away to a university or even seeing it as a joke. But at YVC, I have gotten some of the best education I have over my whole educational career. Being in a small community college forces you to focus on school and not partying or joining a frat/sorority. YVC doesn't have the most kind office workers, but the teaching staff is exciting and active with their teaching methods.
I attend the Grandview campus, it is a nice and quiet place. The student center is a good place to go eat and relax between classes. The staff is very friendly. Also, many places to go and study and get tutored.
Yakima Valley Community College, located in Yakima WA, is a small college but has various opportunities for college students. There is a variety of classes to choose from and counselors are always there to assist you when you’re unsure of what classes to take. The instructors actually care about their students not just about their grades in the class. They make an effort to get to know their students and are willing to make time to help them. It’s definitely a cost effective and affordable college which also provides dorms located close by. Typically, community colleges don’t provide students with dorms but YVCC does. It’s a great college to choose if you’re looking to start in an affordable community college to then transfer to a 4-year university, or just remain there. Regardless, I recommend YVCC to all.
There are evening classes which I can go to but no weekend classes. Also there is no a lot of time in the evenings for certain classes.
The core system is in place and it works but I feel as it needs refinement.
I have heard it is very easy to transfer credits from this school and look forward to getting it done.
There are many services to help there is a writing lab, math lab, a student help program. Bookstore has very reasonable prices.
It's a good value for my money and will get me the basic classes I need to open for the full undergraduate degree I need to get into at my 4 year school.
The classes are small and focused I feel like I can learn and pass my classes.
I like the school, I don't like my commute but I chose it.
I am constantly challenged with the courses that I need to major in Nursing. It's not pull-my-hair-out stress but like the last mile of a run where you're pushing your shaking legs to just go a little further. I haven't started the program yet, but come next year I'm prepared to jog the last mile!
I've never known any other college but Yakima Valley Community College, but I'm happy with the small sleepy school. Upon coming to this college, I was rewarded with new friends, new experiences, and the comfort of home. It's refreshing to be so close to my school! The small community is like a large high school and most of us know each other already, which takes the stress away from starting a new school. With a stress free college life, it's easy to make new friends. I work full time as I go to college full time and I don't find myself too stressed out. College has taught me that group projects aren't as terrible as I always thought (probably because everyone is serious about contributing to their work load) and solo presentations will still be the death of me. I'm working on it though! This small town college will help me grow because I can feel comfortable in my skin and study in the comfort of my apartment.
As long as you are committed to your studies and know when to focus on school instead of distractions, this school knows how to help me and give me the opportunities needed to succeed.
Review Yakima Valley Community College
The campus is very small so you get to know the lay of the land very easy and very quickly. If you are from a smaller school setting, I would recommend this school first.
Most classes are available during the morning, with few in the afternoon evening. I had to switch my work schedule to strictly evening hours to accommodate.
I personally prefer the traditional classroom experience, however some classes are good online as well. I took one class in which there are deadlines, but you can work at your own pace. I sped through the course and didn't have to worry about a final.
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