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Professors are tenured and therefore tend to be older and cannot relate to the students. They assign a lot of work without properly explaining it and are not typically available for help as soon as you need it. Very Unorganized in helping students and even telling students who to go to for help or how to schedule classes.
I really enjoyed the overall atmosphere of the campus. I am very excited to be attending XU this coming fall. I have many friends that are already on campus and they constantly talk of how much they love it on campus. It seems like a wonderful atmosphere filled with service, community, and great friendships. I cannot wait to pursuit community service activities once I am on campus this fall. I plan on joining the cheer team to cheer on their #4 nationally ranked basketball team.
The community at Xavier is great. The opportunities are endless and the staff is wonderful. The biggest drawback is the cost of attendance.
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I really like the environment around Xavier because I always feel like there is someone to meet on campus. I also like how every day I walk around, I see someone I know. It has a real home-like feel, and I immediately felt like I belonged!
Xavier is a close knit community that truly cares for one another. The feeling of "being home" is the top reason that students say they chose this school I couldn't agree more. The professors care, the students care, and the campus cares. Academics are rigorous but the class sizes are reasonable so it's easy to get to know your professors and peers. There are so many opportunities for growth - internships, study abroad, panel talks, etc. What more could you ask for? A challenging curriculum with the appropriate tools to succeed. Go X!
My experience at Xavier University has changed my view of the stereotypical college seen on TV. Xavier is friendly community where everyone engages in student activities like athletics and activities put on by different clubs. Xavier is my home away from home.
I am currently a senior in high school and recently went on a visit at Xavier. The campus was absolutely beautiful and all of the students were kind and willing to share about their experiences. Our tour guide was very knowledgeable and gave us many personal stories when describing life on campus. There is a perfect combination of academics and athletics, which I feel is what a college should strive to be.
Campus is very small and not much opportunity but professors are great and student life is great as well!
Xavier was a short but great experience. If I could afford it I would have stayed and even lived on campus to have a better campus life experience.
An excellent school with a beautiful campus. Small class sizes, consistent ability to contact professors, and a load of on campus academic resources put thisd school above the rest.
I like that it is a small campus. The classes are smaller so you actually feel like you matter and you're able to form relationships with classmates and professors.
So far it has been really great. Literally everyone is so nice at Xavier the students and staff. Everyone wants to see you succeed and exceed expectations and it is a very welcoming community I m glad to be apart of
Xavier is an amazing, smaller and private school with a big school atomosphere. The institution is devoted to being stewards for the community and making each student feel welcome and like they are a part of something bigger and important.
Xavier is a very great place to be. People are very friendly and I, for the most part feel very safe on campus. There are quite a few things to get involved in which is awesome. It is also great to see everyone come together for basketball games. XU is a great community.
Its a very good school with a focus on the liberal arts. Your curriculum starts off taking one of everything and then you start on your focus. It is not far from Downtown Cincy, and only about a 5 minute drive from UC. There's always something going on with the student body so you'll never be bored!
It is a small Jesuit school. It is easy to get individual attention from your professors and all of them know their students by name. It is not a big party school. However, be prepared for after a big basketball victory; everyone will be excited.
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Xavier University is a school that truly cares. I don't say that just because I'm a student, I say that because this school has an atmosphere of community and acceptance. Don't be thrown off by the Jesuit title. It scared me a little bit at first too, but I do not feel pressured or intimidated by other students or staff. This place is truly an environment of solidarity and acceptance for all kinds of people from all walks of life.
Xavier University is such a great school. They offer so many programs for students to get involved in. The professors all make it a point to learn your name and get to know you. They want all their student to come to their office hours and talk. The basketball games are so much fun and all the students are so enthusiastic. Xavier overall is a great school and I would recommend it to anyone who asks.
When I first applied to Xavier, I had every intention of pursuing an Occupational Therapy degree. Then I decided to come in as a freshman undecided. Xavier was great helping me decide what I wanted to major in. Its important to remember that because it is a Jesuit and liberal arts university that the Core Curriculum is a little more extensive. Those classes can honestly be rough unless its something that you really are interested in. However, now I am an Early Childhood Education major and the program is incredible. The faculty and professors really want what is best for you as a student and future independent adult. I have met some of the best friends of a lifetime here and the basketball scene is always a blast. Go X!
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