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I am transferring to Xavier University. I fell in love with the campus and what the university offers for its students. The admissions staff and everyone I got involved with in my own transfer process were more than helpful and really demonstrated that me becoming a student was as important to them as it was for me.
To me, Xavier University was a an okay experience. I actually ended up transferring to a different school at the end of my first year. Don't get me wrong, the education and opportunities available from this school are incredible!! However, I was super bored on campus and struggled to find the group of people I fit in with. I felt that the school was very much like high school in the fact that you saw the same people everyday. They don't have greek life, which makes it hard to have those built in friends.
Xavier has gave me the opportunity to discover my passions and implement them into my professional purpose.
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I would like the school to become more diverse and to really crack down on hate crimes/racist things done there instead of pushing it under the rug and ignoring it. Sports is more important than academics so take that into consideration. Food is decent, teachers are okay (some great, some horrible), it's really up to you to make this a good experience.
I just finished my first year at Xavier. I definitely loved the first semester from then the second semester because more people are open to meeting new people during the first semester. The second was a little rough since people had fallen into cliques since a lot of people are mentally still stuck in high school, but that's everywhere. I would highly recommend joining a club sport as it is an instant group of friends. Don't let this discourage you though! There will be cliquey people everywhere. Also if you are looking to party, I wouldn't choose Xavier. You can find parties, but most are overcrowded and get shut down.
Xavier is such a wonderful place to be! Every time I enter the campus, I feel like I’m home. Cincinnati is the perfect place to find internships, jobs, etc., + it’s home to the wonderful Skyline Chili.
Xavier University is a school that's located in my home town of Cincinnati, Ohio. Xavier is known for it's academics, campus life and athletics. As far as I know there's never been any real safety issues. The campus is set inside beautiful surroundings. The school is also very spirited, so enjoying sport activities is a fun and exciting experience. It's also veteran friendly which is a plus, since I'm a disabled veteran.
I obtained both my bachelor and masters degree here and have noticed the change in environment and professors. I also worked on campus throughout my junior year
I have just applied to Xavier. The admission process was exceptional and had great interaction with the department head.
Xavier is a great place to break your mold and figure who you want to with the school itself making you crazy. The faculty here are some of the most caring that you will meet and that goes with the general vibe, caring. Ive meet some great friends here that I know I could never forget. The only issue with the school is how mundane it can be. but that could just be my experience.
such a good experience, so much fun. Made many new friends and had an amazing time. I definitely feel I made the right decision.
Xavier University is a diverse, accepting, and rigorous college. The professors here are always willing to help you through hard classes, they know their students on a first name basis which makes it easier to talk to them. The dorms are always cleaned, even living in a community style bathroom I have never experienced a problem. The social scene here is good, on weekends students usually go downtown Cincinnati which is only ten minutes away, and also basketball games are a huge thing here. All the sports teams are good and it is a big deal here. The students and faculty are also very accepting and we have a lot of diverse clubs that anyone can join. Some things I would change about Xavier is to have Fraternity and Sorority houses, and also it is pretty expensive to come here, but other than that I love this school and I would recommend coming here.
Xavier University is a wonderful university, but it is not the school for me. Class sizes range from 5-30, which allows teachers to really get to know you and take a personal interest in you. The campus is small which allows you to easily get to classes, and the food isn't half bad. The thing is, Xavier is too small, you always see the same people and at times campus can feel even smaller than it is, causing you to ultimately feel trapped.
Xavier is an amazing school in an amazing g city. I loved it so much that I have returned for a second degree. The campus has expanded beautifully over the years and the atmosphere is welcoming. Teachers are very accessible and there are always things to do on Campus. The sports teams are also amazing and games are fun to attend! There are a lot of resources to help further your academic life and to help prepare for life after college.
Xavier is a great school that truly feels like home. It's small enough to where you actually get to know the people around you but big enough to where you still get to experience many different types of people.
i liked how small the school is but they keep getting larger and large classes which is making the school size bigger.
The culture of Xavier is clearly based on moral base and although there are students of many faiths, the general principles of goodness pervade the campus. Students are friendly and volunteering is an integrated part of student life.
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Professors are tenured and therefore tend to be older and cannot relate to the students. They assign a lot of work without properly explaining it and are not typically available for help as soon as you need it. Very Unorganized in helping students and even telling students who to go to for help or how to schedule classes.
I really enjoyed the overall atmosphere of the campus. I am very excited to be attending XU this coming fall. I have many friends that are already on campus and they constantly talk of how much they love it on campus. It seems like a wonderful atmosphere filled with service, community, and great friendships. I cannot wait to pursuit community service activities once I am on campus this fall. I plan on joining the cheer team to cheer on their #4 nationally ranked basketball team.
The community at Xavier is great. The opportunities are endless and the staff is wonderful. The biggest drawback is the cost of attendance.