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When I went to visit the campus I loved how diverse the campus was. I especially loved that the school had so much to offer.
Xavier is what you make of it. Be sure to interact with everyone you never know if you will need them. The campus is small but it works for people like me that feel they don’t belong at a big university.
Xavier is very great school. I love it!! It has a great atmosphere and you're surrounded by people who all want you to do great.
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Once you graduate from Xavier University you will leave ready. My sister graduated from Xavier and I went to Dillard. I would often visit Xavier campus a lot. My sister enjoyed her 4 years and she was well prepared for the work force. My sister would always say that Xavier is a school that challenges you. She buckled down and studied and made honors. It was worth the investment. She said if she had to do it all over again she would.
Great experience, so far! The faculty and staff are very nice and helpful. I love the facilities as well. Very cleaned and well maintained.
Overall Xavier University of Louisiana is a outstanding HBCU. Xavier just recently moved up to number two on the HBCU ranking. Although academics are a struggle depending on you're major the professors help you every step of the way because they want you to succeed. They have endless resources like chemistry tutor rooms and even English. They provide you with a 24 hour library room for late night studies. A shuttle is provided to take students to their dorm rooms from the library during finals. Although Xavier has many amazing things that go with the university they lack when it comes to finical aid. It is very un professional and messy.
Xavier is a diverse school despite it being a very good HBCU. There are plenty resources, review sessions, and professors who are willing to help, and if you become familiar with them, the better.
I really enjoy the professors. They really try to help you and are well informed on the subjects they teaching. The only flaw is the financial aid and account services. They are so unorganized and I hate having to deal with them.
Honestly, Xavier's college experience is what you make it, with all the activities that the school provides. It is the best university for students that want to become doctors or pharmacist. I struggled when I first got there when it came to the academics and making friends. Xavier is very challenging, however there are resources to help you understand, USE THEM.
Hi, my name is Johnny Le and I'm currently an upcoming third year Pharmacy student at Xavier University of Louisiana. I attended undergrad at Xavier University of Louisiana for one year before being admitted into their pharmacy program. What I enjoyed most about Xavier were the small classrooms and the professors. The professors took their time out to actually know their students and were always helpful during office hours.
I loved my experience for my first year at Xavier. The classes are fast-paced, but the teachers and other resources on campus really work hard to help you succeed. The atmosphere for learning fosters a friendly competition, so there are students there that will help you succeed. I would not suggest coming to Xavier for a degree that is not medical-related, due to the expensive nature of tuition. Xavier is a private, Catholic, and an HBCU, which means that federally, the school is underfunded. It is also underfunded by the state. Nevertheless, Xavier is a wonderful institution to pursue a degree.
The Financial Aid office doesn't care about you at all. *insert yelling Ye* The school is great academically so if you plan on living off campus it is perfect. The campus live is terrible and it feeling like a prison. We are very clinch-ish but I kinda love that low-key. Everybody is friendly enough to hang with but understand that there are still snakes out here.
I enjoyed the overall experience that Xavier University of Louisiana brought. It really made me feel at home and welcome as an incoming freshman. The academics are tremendous and the amount of services available to better our skills are great! Overall, I would only improve the housing and food accommodations. The housing needs to be more up to date and preferably bigger living space. The food needs to be more appealing and more of a variety should be brought to out selection.
Xavier is honestly a home away from home. Faculty and staff are truly invested in seeing you succeed and become the person they believe to be. The school focuses on promoting a just and humane society within the community around the school, as well as our communities back home.
My experience at Xavier University of Louisiana was great for my first year. I had met a lot of new people. We became a family. Allowed us to get ourselves out in the community.
Xavier University is one of the best universities one could ever attend and on top of that it's an hbcu. What I love about Xavier is its friendly environment and familiar atmosphere. It's tough academically, however, it pays off in the long run. Xavier does have a few drawbacks, however, it all depends on how you look at it. I recommend Xavier to students who are up for a challenge and won't let anything get in his/her way.
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I like that the campus is small and the professors care about the students. Administration is difficult to reach. They do not provide enough support for non stem majors. Since I am a music liberal arts major, I have to spend a lot of time in the practice room. A lot of times music building gets closed because they feel we don't need to practice. Also, non-music majors are coming into our building and performing disgusting activities while we are in class. It is sad that administration and campus police will lock out music majors, but can't keep the non-music major or outsiders from the music building Administration do not understand the level of difficulty it takes to play music.
I liked the size of the campus because it was easy to get around, but i didn't like how the campus is so open. There is a neighborhood in the middle of it. Most of the staff is pleasant, but there a few who are lazy. The math and english departments are great, and chemistry is decent, but the rest are pretty bad. Also New Orleans is a bad city for a college or any type of improvement for that matter. The classes are small though, which can be good. It really just feels like II'm still in high school here. Xavier doesn't give you much room to make your own decisions and grow.
Great atmosphere and the faculty and students care about you. Tough, though there are many resources and opportunities here.
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