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it is a very rigorous enviornment with helpful teachers, peers, and resources. the teachers really care about your success and being around motivated students that are all there to accomplish a goal as you are helps a lot. they encourage us by showing how the regimen of the school has been successful in countless people’s lives and how it will be successful for us too as long as we follow it.
Xavier University changed my life! I had the best HBCU experience and was prepared for whatever life threw at me.
The food is the surrounding areas are amazing. The vibe around campus is good, as well as the amazing people. The city of New Orleans in fun and amazing! There is always something to do or somewhere fun and exciting to go. The classes are challenging, but the tutors and professors are always there to help. All the tutoring centers at Xavier University of Louisiana are completely free. The have a writing center to help correct and improve your essays and papers too. Everyone is so friendly, and there is a lot of resources to help. The cafeteria also services authentically New Orleans cuisine.
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I use to like all the events that happened on campus, but recently we have been frequent dangerous situations that we can't talk about to the public happening on campus. The food is getting better, and the internet is working faster. Professors (depending on who you get) care more about your well being than a check. I would definitely not live on campus if I did not have to.
As a student athlete at Xavier I really think Xavier is a very helpful school. The teachers understand that you’re an athlete so they try to make your schedule as simple as possible. When it comes to test and quizzes they talk to you and set a new time to meet with you so you can take it. Also as a student you aren’t looked at as a number, instead you are your own individual person. I really enjoy being at Xavier because it’s both really strict when it comes to academics but also really fun when it comes to student life. There’s always different organizations teaching students about what their organization is about. Whether it’s their research that they’ve conducted or just simple information about what they are about.
Xavier University of Louisiana offers more than an education, it offers a lifetime of guarantee of knowing what you’re doing in the real world. It helps students practice for adulthood as it quickly approaches. Xavier’s academics are one of a kind. With each major they offer comes proffessors who are experts in teaching critea and making the information memorable!
I have a love hate relationship with Xavier. Academically, it’s an amazing school. However Xavier lacks in other areas.
I think the school is very nice. After talking to many others they all have come to a silent agreement that they feel like it is the right place for them. when it comes to helping there students financially they are all in no matter what they are very involved In making sure a student has what they need.
I liked Xula at first because of the events they had on campus, but going into my sophomore year the tuition was raised and nothing has changed. You don't really know where your money is going, there are frequent crimes (*ex. Drug bust, raids, rapes, ect..). I am transferring very soon. Some professor are dedicated, spot on, and amazing, while other professors don't really care to know names. Financial aid is not great, and sometimes the police officers on campus are rude.
XULA is a great school to attend. I feel it’s a place you can really call home. Friendly faculty and staff for the most part.
Xavier University of Louisiana is a college that welcomes everyone with open arms. The faulty and administration really care about all of their students. The school provides many resources that help you to succeed ; for example the biology and chemistry tutoring sessions and centers, the health and wellness center that provides counselors for personal and academic help and etc.... Xavier University of Louisiana is a great school and should be at the top of everyone's list for a college.
I enjoy being in such a tightly knit community as well as the cultural emersion that being at an HBCU provides. As a premedical student, the environment at Xavier pushes you to be the best you can be to become a strong applicant for medical school or any other health professional school for that matter. However, the experience there is not for everyone as it is academically intensive and doesn't have much of a party atmosphere. But the lack is remedied by the fact that the school lies in the Crescent City.
I LOVE TH CAMPUS! It's not too big nor too small. For the most part, the professors are very willing to help you WHEN you apply yourself. They keep it real and I love that. The dorms could be better but overall I love my HBCU!
I love the Administration and all the students. This school is the perfect school for an African American women like myself.
The school is smaller than most universities so the professor student ratio is quite favorable. The material is very challenging but is giving to you in a way that helps you. The students really work hard to do well in their studies and everyone helps each other so that everyone can achieve their goals and graduate. There is a great science program that produces many doctors, pharmacists, engineers etc. but every other field of study is just as good and the school also has a strong since of community.
I love that Xavier University is a HBCU. Xavier university is known for helping a lot of black people succeed in life. Xavier university provides a catholic church for their students i love that.
I like that Xavier is a small school. I can talk to professors much easier. However, Xavier has a lot of rules that don't necessarily make me feel like I am a college student. For example, there's a schoolwide curfew, even on weekends. We have specific hours that we can have visitors. It literally feels like I'm still at my parents' house sometimes. The classes are also incredibly difficult; I feel that I struggle more than if I were taking the same classes at a different school.
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The school has great academics and provide many resources to help students. There are many clubs and on campus activities. I learn about new clubs all the time. The students are very welcoming. Of course, all professors are different, but upper classmen are willing to share the professors' strengths and weaknesses. The classes are ALOT of work, but it;s worth it at the end.
I enjoyed my time at Xavier University of LA. It's a good academic school and although it's not a typical university with frat and sorority houses and massive dorm parties, -being by Downtown New Orleans solves this problem- it provides its students with the academic knowledge to succeed in any profession that one desires.
Xavier University to me means a gateway to more opportunities. I have a lot of older mentors who attended Xavier University and are now working on the highest level of doctors, and I’d hope Xavier can bless me with same opportunity. I have researched that the university has remained first in comparison to Ivy League schools like Harvard and Yale University when it comes to bringing through the largest number of Black medical students, as well as Black students with Bachelor Degrees in Biology and Physics. That percentage rate is very exciting and drives me to want to accomplish my goal at Xavier. Xavier gives off a welcoming atmosphere of community and collaboration amongst the student body, the professors, and the faculty, making them seem like the type to help nurture and guide me throughout my time at Xavier.
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