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Xavier University is one of the best universities one could ever attend and on top of that it's an hbcu. What I love about Xavier is its friendly environment and familiar atmosphere. It's tough academically, however, it pays off in the long run. Xavier does have a few drawbacks, however, it all depends on how you look at it. I recommend Xavier to students who are up for a challenge and won't let anything get in his/her way.
I like that the campus is small and the professors care about the students. Administration is difficult to reach. They do not provide enough support for non stem majors. Since I am a music liberal arts major, I have to spend a lot of time in the practice room. A lot of times music building gets closed because they feel we don't need to practice. Also, non-music majors are coming into our building and performing disgusting activities while we are in class. It is sad that administration and campus police will lock out music majors, but can't keep the non-music major or outsiders from the music building Administration do not understand the level of difficulty it takes to play music.
I liked the size of the campus because it was easy to get around, but i didn't like how the campus is so open. There is a neighborhood in the middle of it. Most of the staff is pleasant, but there a few who are lazy. The math and english departments are great, and chemistry is decent, but the rest are pretty bad. Also New Orleans is a bad city for a college or any type of improvement for that matter. The classes are small though, which can be good. It really just feels like II'm still in high school here. Xavier doesn't give you much room to make your own decisions and grow.
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Great atmosphere and the faculty and students care about you. Tough, though there are many resources and opportunities here.
I love the environment of the school. Everyone wants to see everyone succeed. There are many resources that the school offers outside of class and the professors office hours.
The professors are very nice and are willing to work with you. The campus is beautiful and the campus food is good. In New Orleans, you will get the chance to experience a different culture and atmosphere.
The faculty at Xavier are more than welcoming! There is always as spot for someone to fit in at. The freshman dorms do need more improvement. The food is great and the location of Xavier is perfect for anyone that wants to explore a relatively big city.
Xavier University of Louisiana has been an amazing experience! I wasn’t sure of how my transition from high school to college would be, but I must admit that my counselors, professors, and classmates have made this journey incredible. I look forward to the upcoming years ahead!
My school is one of the BEST HBCU's in the country! I enjoy having like-minded black colleagues in my classes and around the campus who are eager to succeed as much as I want to. We have lit parties, yet we know when it's time to study we study and will miss a party for the sake of our grades.
More course, more teachers. Overall school is affordable and does challenge you to become a better student of life and offers insight to diverse leadership.
it is a very rigorous enviornment with helpful teachers, peers, and resources. the teachers really care about your success and being around motivated students that are all there to accomplish a goal as you are helps a lot. they encourage us by showing how the regimen of the school has been successful in countless people’s lives and how it will be successful for us too as long as we follow it.
Xavier University changed my life! I had the best HBCU experience and was prepared for whatever life threw at me.
The food is the surrounding areas are amazing. The vibe around campus is good, as well as the amazing people. The city of New Orleans in fun and amazing! There is always something to do or somewhere fun and exciting to go. The classes are challenging, but the tutors and professors are always there to help. All the tutoring centers at Xavier University of Louisiana are completely free. The have a writing center to help correct and improve your essays and papers too. Everyone is so friendly, and there is a lot of resources to help. The cafeteria also services authentically New Orleans cuisine.
I use to like all the events that happened on campus, but recently we have been frequent dangerous situations that we can't talk about to the public happening on campus. The food is getting better, and the internet is working faster. Professors (depending on who you get) care more about your well being than a check. I would definitely not live on campus if I did not have to.
As a student athlete at Xavier I really think Xavier is a very helpful school. The teachers understand that you’re an athlete so they try to make your schedule as simple as possible. When it comes to test and quizzes they talk to you and set a new time to meet with you so you can take it. Also as a student you aren’t looked at as a number, instead you are your own individual person. I really enjoy being at Xavier because it’s both really strict when it comes to academics but also really fun when it comes to student life. There’s always different organizations teaching students about what their organization is about. Whether it’s their research that they’ve conducted or just simple information about what they are about.
Xavier University of Louisiana offers more than an education, it offers a lifetime of guarantee of knowing what you’re doing in the real world. It helps students practice for adulthood as it quickly approaches. Xavier’s academics are one of a kind. With each major they offer comes proffessors who are experts in teaching critea and making the information memorable!
I have a love hate relationship with Xavier. Academically, it’s an amazing school. However Xavier lacks in other areas.
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I think the school is very nice. After talking to many others they all have come to a silent agreement that they feel like it is the right place for them. when it comes to helping there students financially they are all in no matter what they are very involved In making sure a student has what they need.
I liked Xula at first because of the events they had on campus, but going into my sophomore year the tuition was raised and nothing has changed. You don't really know where your money is going, there are frequent crimes (*ex. Drug bust, raids, rapes, ect..). I am transferring very soon. Some professor are dedicated, spot on, and amazing, while other professors don't really care to know names. Financial aid is not great, and sometimes the police officers on campus are rude.
XULA is a great school to attend. I feel it’s a place you can really call home. Friendly faculty and staff for the most part.
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