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I really like Wytheville Community College. It has great teachers and amazing classes. I am so glad I chose to do a Community College for my first two years. It really helps you get used to being in college and gives you a great first step to going further. Wytheville is great!
Wytheville Community College gave me the opportunity through the Wythe-Bland Foundation to attend college for 2 years and receive my associates with only having to pay for textbooks (partially).
The faculty and staff at WCC were helpful and friendly throughout my whole time there. I have professors whom I am sure I will know for many years to come.
The curriculum was set-up well to provide a learning environment that allowed me to excel in my classes.
I recommend WCC to anyone looking to get a jumpstart on their college career without going into debt.
All the staff at WCC were great at helping me get prepared and through my degree. The classes were very flexible and the professors were always responsive.
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Wytheville community college is a great college. Instructors and personnel is always trying to help you in any aspects financially academically or willing to make your life easier while you are in college.
Wytheville Community College gave me the opportunity to stay at home two extra years. In those two years, I was able to spend quality time with my family as well as save money for a four year university.
I was awarded the Wythe - Bland scholarship for being a resident of Wythe county and my tuition was paid for in full. I will also graduate from Wytheville Community College with an Associate of Arts and Sciences in Liberal Arts.
The campus is beautiful and kept very clean. The professors really care about each individual student and tries to get to know each student, whether online or in person. The local area is nice and everyone is friendly. The campus is small and safe. The student life department tries to get everyone involved. Really nice, overall.
My experience has been wonderful. All the staff have been very helpful. Everyone from admissions, financial aid, advisers, and book store staff. I would highly recommend this institution.
I went to Wytheville Community College during the 2015 to 2016 year. It is a great college. The classes are very accessible and the work is clear. The instructors are very knowledgeable in what they respectively do.
The experience has been okay. The teachers are great if you can get somewhat of a relationship with them, but the classes online don't really allow that. The hybrid classes are great. I'd much rather have a professor teaching me, instead of the book. It's easier to learn that way.
I don't enjoy online classes because it's pretty much teaching yourself a new subject and keeping up with dates. The workload is manageable. The relationship with the professor isn't really there, and in online classes, there usually isn't much peer-to-peer interaction.
There aren't really any post-grad services for us because it is not a four-year university. We usually transfer to a university, so the career center is just like going to a guidance counselor to talk about what you would like to do.
It is a great school for nursing, but that's not what I am going for, so I really don't see a degree from here as extra special, I could get it anywhere. There are lots of internships available though. The employees are all very friendly and they are all very concerned about each student, making the learning experience person.
The courses are okay. They will keep you busy, but it seems like we are only taking them because we have to in order to get past them. The professors are great and I have loved each.
It seems like every professor I've had genuinely cares about you and your grades, something I look to for encouragement. It's one of my favorite things about it!
So far, all the classes and workload have been very manageable. With the ability to work ahead, I can easily get well ahead of my due dates.
Haven't graduated yet, so I don't see how I can possibly rate this.
Again, haven't been here long enough to fully evaluate it.
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Only just begun classes, so I can't rate it any higher than that, but can't rate it any lower.
They offered a few different times for classes so that I would be able to work and go to school.
They are good and help people continue what they want to be an expert in.
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