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So far I have enjoyed the experience at Wyotech it is a great school the instructors are fantastic and very understanding for the most part. They want you to learn and understand as much information as you can handle and they are very hands on. I am not a fan of the days off thing they have here only having 24 hours to miss if you have somewhere important to be or are out sick. other than that great school I love it here.
Wyotech Laramie was an awesome Campus, Everybody was nice and friendly, The professors would help you with anything you asked them too. The town of Laramie is a nice and clean town, everybody get's along and doesn't have a problem.
I wouldn't change a thing, it was easy enough to use and led me to good scholarships. I applied for multiple different scholarship and am hoping to continue my education.
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WYO technology does not have online courses.
Since it is a nine month program, we go to school Monday through Friday, 7:00AM-4:30PM. This makes it hard to keep working at my current job, but they are thankfully willing to accommodate for school.
There are many different careers to take into account with Automotive and Diesel Technology. Having recruiters from these high paying companies is really the icing on the cake. I like having the opportunity to speak with these people and learn new things about becoming the best I can possibly be.
The career opportunities are endless with this field. There are many recruiters from different companies that visit the school and are willing to associate with the students. These people are very high quality and can set students up with a very promising future.
The female attendance at this school is very low. However, the professors are more than accommodating and the work is mostly hands on. There will always be some type of machinery to work on, so the job opportunities are endless.
So far they have gone out of their way to assist me
This school is very professional proud you must be shaved and show a great appearance
This school offers programs that guaranty 100% job placement it's up to you to do your part the school also provides an opportunity to help you with job interviews and they help you better your resumee
Mostly a male school because of heavy machinery
They have many sites for community service and many options for students to hang out
It's okay being a student with no income is hard but the school provides many helps through financial aid
I love working on engines, and I feel that Wyotech is providing very good service
Great teachers with lots of experience in the career.
Its an average school, with good and bad student.
Review WyoTech - Laramie
I have learned so much and the experience is just top notch
There is a wide variety of people for all I've the US
They offer so much life time service to us its awesome.
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