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Classes run Mon-Fri from 7am to 4pm so if you need to work to bring in money you have to do it after class hours.
The career services center at the Blairsville location is flawless. Amy, Jason, and Nate are great people and do everthing rthey possibly can for you.
The instructors are all gentlemen that have worked in their fields for many years and have great experiences in them.
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I am to graduate on the 21st of June and have been contacted by multiple employers seeking myself as an employee.
I took the automotive program with heavy diesel and added on ASM. These classes have crazy workloads for someone coming straight out of high school but it is very real life.
WyoTech is a great school, but if you're just coming here to waste some time and money, that's exactly what you're going to do. WyoTech's instructors are amazing and can and will work with you when personal issues arise. This is the only place I left and said, "I miss school." Here I am, back again, a year later finally finishing.
When you have a problem with something either in class or shop they will give you one on one help
The school puts on job fairs so we can meet employers and physically ask them questions
The instructors try and make class somewhat fun while we are learning
This school is a lot better then other schools i have looked into going to
They say they will get u a job when graduate but they don't and can't
Nothen to do in area
Teachers need to stay with what they k ow and not get put into classes they don't teach normaly
Schools ok no student aid sucks tho
The School has hands on and class time. The instructors want the students in the shop to learn. The hands on approach is what has helped me succeed at the school.
I cant stand online courses. In high school I attended at school that all the courses were on the computer. This why im attending a hands on school
On campus living really helps with the student bonding
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I believe this choice of furthering my education with wyotech instead of UTI. When Uti costs $35,000.00 compared to Wyotech's $29,000.00. The program speaks for its self. Im going to turn Pro at Wyotech
Its not youre standard classroom environment. Its hands on and thats what i love about it.
Automotive Engineering. Wyotech has 92% placement rating for the student who do our best to exceed.
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