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This is an amazing Technical of Applied Sciences college. I did the Practical Nursing Program and the staff is amazing! They are invested in you and see you as a student. There are aids and constant help to get one on the right path!!
The online portion of classes were predice and clear. The instructors were easily accesible to questions and comprehending to assignments and reading materials. It was not light or heavy work and there was no changing of due dates or chaos of syllabus.
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I am a nontraditional student. I’ve had no issues with any of my instructors, as they encourage you to ask questions and genuinely care. All my instructors have accommodated me, not me accommodating them. WSU Tech has its first sorority, Xi Lota, which has been very educational and rewarding. I am so proud to be a member.

When you first walk in, Jennifer is there to assist you and always has a smile. The support staff at WSU is just as amazing. Chris (a lady) is an advisor and is down to earth. The library is open, and a tutor is there to assist you. The printing is cheap, and they give you $15 worth of free printing each semester. The library is where the IT department is located. The best in the world! Talk about the fantastic customer service; they have it. WSU Tech also has Science Hub. I enjoy checking out all the cool toys they have.

WSU Tech is a work in progress. But they are there for you, and because of this, I am proud to be a Shocker!
WSU tech is a great school to start off at, I am currently doing my prerequisites to be in the lpn program here. Hopefully after obtaining my lpn I will continue for my RN.
I like that the staff and teachers are polite and the environment is quiet small and easy to get around I am looking forward to going there this fall.
Fantastic School! I really enjoyed everything they have to offer! I appreciated the flexibility the teachers gave me. I am a father of two and work full time and went to school in the evening. I really felt I was getting the hands on learning that prepared me for the field that I am in now.
I love the small class sizes. My teachers are absolutely the best. I still go back to my General Psychology professor and get help with my other psychology classes. The tutors are great and help me through even the toughest questions and problems. The campus has plenty of places to have a quite group study between classes.
The school is ok. They tell lies to recruit you into specialized degree programs. So that you have no choice but to finish. You can't get out because your credits only apply to that specific degree program. They raise fee's 89% after your first semester.
I attended WATC's LPN program 2017-2019. They were in the middle of a transition so it was slightly chaotic but we managed to get through it. All-in-all a wonderful program with great instructors. I'm proud to have received my education there.
I like the staff, they are very nice and welcoming. I love where it’s located and the food around it as well. It makes you feel safe and lots of help if needed as well.
Easy to return to school as an older adult. They are very encouraging and helpful and they offer many online courses as I commute and also have family obligations.
This is my first semester at WSU Tech, preciously known as WATC. So far everything is wonderful. I cannot complain.
My adviser has been friendly and accommodating of my specific needs, and the financial aid office has been great in helping me figure out all my forms and nonsense. My semester starts soon, and I'm pumped for class.
This school is amazing. If you don’t want a lot of people around this is the place. Classes are small, it’s cheap to go for just your general education.
It's been an interesting experience. The teachers have all been decent. Financial Aid has been very helpful. Advisors sometimes forget their people skills for advising.
Financial aide process can be strenuous but overall a great college to get a degree! The staff tries to explain as much as you can expect. It can be more than other colleges but for the great teachers it is definitely worth it.
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This college is good if you are trying not to spend too much money just to get the class taken. I choose to go here to save money. This is helping me get into the career profession I really want to be in. This is a school for older learners, so there is no party scene or athletics. This is a place to learn. They are open at night to help students go to work during the day and go to school at night. This helped me, to still earn money and learn at the same time
Very safe environment. Genuine people and the professors seem to be very interactive with the student. Wish to see a it be more of a college with athletics and organizations/clubs
The programs they offer are great to get you into the work force. Advisors help you to be successful and find immediate employment!
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