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During the visit, I got to see everything on campus as far as the different schools, the dorms, and the dinning area. The tour guide was nice and helped answers almost all of the questions that I had. The school was nice overall. I enjoyed the trip and I plan to be a 2019 freshman.
It’s very diverse. Adacdemics are great , food is pretty tasty. Amazing sports teams , nice dorms and friendly staff and students
As soon as I walked onto the campus for a tour I knew that there was something about it that made me feel at home. There is over 16000 students that go here but it still has a small town feel, and i like that.
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WSU is a great school for people like me who didn't know exactly what they wanted to study or do with their lives. Wright State has very affordable tuition, which is great because it allows students to experiment and change majors without feeling like they've wasted huge amounts of money. Something as important as a career field can't always be nailed down on the first choice. This is where Wright State's value truly reveals itself. It's an affordable university with a large range of programs study. With the air force base nearby and plenty of high profile companies in the area, it's easy to land an internship as well. My biggest complaint is the lack of social unity across campus. I hope this improves in the coming years with the addition of more clubs and extracurricular activities. I'd recommend WSU to any student who isn't quite sure what direction they want to take their career. I don't think they'll be disappointed.
I love WSU; GO RAIDERS! Even though some classes seem large, you can always seek help with a tutor or with someone in the class. The tunnels are nice for winter when it's too cold outside.
Its a great college to be. nursing professor are very helpful. the institution provide adequate resources necessary for student success. i like the small lab/ clinical groups.
Unless you are literally there to take a few classes and leave, don't go here. There is very little social life on campus and nothing to do in town.

Classes and professors are stupidly easy.

Dorms are pretty decent but really loud and the RA's do little about the noise.

If you're a commuter student or part time it's a great cheap option. If you're looking into it as a high schooler, I'd consider looking elsewhere.
My experience at Wright State has been mostly positive. However, as an Active Duty Military member it is disappointing to me that they do not match the military tuition assistance rate. This forces military students to pay out of pocket to attend classes. Additionally, there is very little availability for online and evening classes which is very limiting for service members. However, I am pleased with the education that I am receiving.
I like the environment but I think the administration needs to look into the budget more. They are making cuts and it’s effecting the students more then they think.
I like how dedicated the staff are to making sure their students exceed. The staff show they care and show they are not there just for the money but to see students get through college with minimum issues. Also, the school offer many scholarships students just have to get out there and get the scholarships.
i feel that parking definitely needs to be improved. we are a commuter school so a lot of people will be traveling to here and each year it grows. i think that we should try and build a parking garage.
Wright State is an excellent school. It is a large school but, offers that close-knit community. They faculty is great and genuinely want the best for their students.
Wright State offered me an opportunity to create a solid knowledge base in my field and enjoy my time doing it!
I love it here, it’s so Excepting to all and has many activities all professors are there to help you and even the academic advisors help plan you adventure through wright state!
The things I like about Wright State University is the fact that all the classroom sizes aren't too big but a big thing I would like to see change is our financial crisis.
The faculty actually care about you due to the small class sizes. They want to help in every way they can, they're just great!
Avoid WSU at ALL costs! A deeply corrupt and unstable institution so far in debt it's unfathomable. If you come here, prepare to lose lots of time and credits due to having to transfer. They committed HUGE H1-B visa fraud AND settled with the feds for $2 million for cheating people out of their student aid in still untold amounts. They still had to cut over $30 million last year. Even AFTER they pulled strings on the gov. (+20$million) Another round of cuts made it so they couldn't even afford to print paper in their own offices at one point. The labs are disgusting and outdated; they cut most of their cleaning crews. They cut a HUGE amount of faculty as well. Good luck having more than one option (if any) even for required courses in many cases. DO NOT take any of your math courses here especially calculus and up.
Just the morning of writing this; they now need to somehow cut ANOTHER $10mill+. The humanities here are delusional only come if you already have a victimhood mentality.
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They are in a financial crises and have to make serious budget cuts. The only thing they seem to invest their time and money into is the basketball team.
I really liked the campus. It was so pretty and unique. Also, everyone is really nice and helpful there. They offer all the activities and majors that I am interested in. The dorms are SUPER nice, especially the Woods housing quarters. Just an overall great experience.
I choose Wright State because it is close to my parents, who I live with, it's close to base where I hope to work soon, and it was less expensive compared to other universities in the area. I like how some of the professors are very helpful. I do wish they are were as helpful as some. Changing up the tunnels a little would also be nice, they are kinda plain and creepy, also having more signs to know where you are going when you are new would be very helpful. Having the professors more accessible would be good, some are only there for class times or before/after, many students have classes back to back and can't get to the office hours well and the professors are not on campus enough to help students.
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