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Wright state has a nice campus, the professors are nice, the dorms are spacious and clean. If you need help with something you can just ask and people are willing to help. The basketball team is pretty good. The local area has a lot of restaurants and things to do, places to work (mostly retail).
Everyone here has Raider pride and cares about your education. Teachers are always available to talk to and really helpful. They have had to cut back on some programs with budget cuts, but overall it's a great school and I highly recommend it.
What makes Wright State unique is the rather small classroom/campus size. It allows you to get a more hands-on approach to learning. Another plus are the professors. So far, I can tell that every professor I have had genuinely enjoys their job, and are happy to help you learn the material in any way possible. One thing that could be improved with Wright State is the budgeting, specifically into athletics. Wright State has many students who have great potential to be successful athletes, but with Wright State's financial issues, it makes it hard for some of these students to get a chance to show what they can do when some sports teams are being cut.
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I really liked that Wright State had excellent professors and classes, but it is a very large school. Most students commute so there is not much chance for the college experience.
For a student that has never gone to college before and is completely new to the Dayton area and knows absolutely no one at the school, Wright state is very welcoming. I have found a close knit group of friends that are so close to me they are considered family to me. For my short time of being at Wright state even though I will be continuing my college career there I have found that because it is a much smaller school compared to like OSU there are many more opportunities and amenities to the students. such as there is the tutoring center which to me is worth every penny of tution. it is free to all students and the math lab helps with anything you need. Because of the tutoring center I have been able to excel at German even though it is by far the hardest class I have ever taken.
The professors are great, and I enjoyed my classes. It's a safe campus with nice scenery and much diversity. The campus life is nice with many different things to do, and it's a safe area. The professors I had were very helpful, and always got back to me quickly if I ever had any questions. The food is good, and the dorms are nice. The only thing that I wish was different was how wright state assists transfer students. Since I'm in the process of transferring to a different college, they seem to not really care and don't get back to me quickly. They make transferring a very difficult process.
What I love most about Wright is the bonding the university has with rhe surrounding community and how the academics are a numver one priority!
So far, my experience has been great. I am involved in a lot go organizations and I have grown to use sources around campus such as the tutoring center. I would like to see more school events such as festivals held on campus. I feel that getting involved and making friends are hard things to do unless it is in an academic setting and I would rather be involved and meeting new friends while enjoying food trucks and activities.
The library has a large collection of study materials and the Tom Hanks Center supposedly has a large film collection but I can never find the guy I'm supposed to talk to about renting movies. They do have an online streaming service that seems easy enough to work. I did get a stomach bug from eating on campus though so I can't encourage eating the food. It has nice scenery though except the dorms tend to have bugs, no matter how much you deep clean the rooms.
My Wright State experience has been great! I’m only a freshman so I haven’t been here too long, but my overall time here has been awesome. Everyone is so welcoming and friendly. I’ve made so many friends and I don’t feel excluded. Also, there are lots of campus activities so I’m never really bored! The classroom sizes are good and I feel like each teacher will give you the needed attention. It’s a fun environment to learn in and Id recommend it to all!
Being a state school, the financial advantage compared to other schools is significant. The professors have so far been a mix of decent, to terrible. I believe in the end, with a lot of work on my own, a valuable degree will be obtained.
I first attended Sinclair Community College, and thought that it was okay, but it never felt like going to “college.” However, once I started going to Wright State, I started to get the campus life experience and really enjoyed going to class. I think I also enjoyed it because I was actually taking classes that related to my degree instead of taking prerequisites. I am now graduating this April and still plan on going to Wright State for my masters since I enjoyed this campus so much and it is so convenient for me.
My experience here has been average. The classes I take that are specific to my major are very satisfying, but the general education courses I have taken have not been as exciting. Campus is usually quiet, which is great sometimes but lonely other times. The underground tunnel system is convenient when it's cold, and the food is edible.
The lecturers are very experienced and the staffs are very friendly. They have great infrastructures and an awesome library. I mean there's a plane inside the library. The people are very nice. It close to every food joint you want to try. Want to eat at a New York deli its right there. Its also close to the air force base its just great. one down side its just too cold!
Wright State University is a college that is dedicated to ensuring that all students have a chance to better themselves. The professors overall take time to ensure that every student is getting the time that they need, and learning assistants also aide in providing a positive learning environment. It is very affordable as far as universities go, but the food also reflects that. There is a diverse culture of international students and students from every possible background, allowing for healthy interaction and a unique community that is hard to find elsewhere.
Great college, but due to financial strain lacking in activities and things to do on campus, but for a strictly educational time, this is your best choice!
The students on the floor are very rude! I would try and make myself notice to my neighbors and they would ignore me as I greet them. There would be times where an RA would knock on my door to write me up for being to loud for quiet hours. As they wrote me up they would say they had multiple complaints about my guest and I being loud. I then questioned well if there is a no warning policy, why couldn't one of my neighbors come and ask me to quiet down before they told the RA. They told me that the people on my floor are intimidated by my roommate. The reason being is because of the color of our skin. I have told multiple people at Wright State the problem but no actions have been taken.
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I love the school and the job experince I get through my lab and classroom education. The staff are super helpful. I love this school.
Overall my education there had been great. The professors are genuine people who care about you in more than just their class. They will sit down and talk to you if you need it. The only thing that is not so good is the food options. The food establishments close early and have little options. The healthier option are slim and not so good looking.
As a student who is currently working to pay off school, the affordability of Wright State University’s tuition is very appealing as compared to other schools of its size. Due to smaller class sizes, I am able to establish great connections among my professors. Since a majority of the students are commuters, the student life is much more relaxed than average schools. Despite that, I’ve still been able to make friends and find myself involved in extracurricular activities. An interesting aspect of going to Wright State for me has been taking classes that are full of diverse students, not only in terms of race and religion but also age. This has helped broaden perspectives for me in my education. I would recommend Wright State to those who want a great education and a good experience at an affordable cost.
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