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WSU is a great school with amazing opportunities and great programs at a low cost. I am still a senior in high school, but our school is very connected with WSU. We use the same accounts (for emails and one drive) as the college students there and we also have many board members that work at WSU. Because of these connections, we have a lot of field trips there and quite a few guest speakers come from there. I also have a aunt that went and worked there as well as quite a few friends that go there as well. Despite WSU getting a lot of "hate" from the local community, the community is very diverse and connected. (The "hate" is because it is a small community college and is known for "everyone" getting accepted. )
I'm a first year student and I am very happy with my decision. I was stuck between this college and another and I'm happy I chose wright state. RAIDER UP .
Though I have not yet attended this school I am looking forward to attending in the fall, based on the orientation as well as the college visits I have gone on I can say that this honestly seems like a really good school.
Review Wright State University
Everyone I spoke to was very friendly and could answer all of my questions. Plus they had the academic programs I was looking for!!!
I instantly fell in love with wright state from my first day. I felt welcomed. There are so many things to be a part of out there! Easy to make friends. I'd like to see more opportunities for students to get to know each other and to feel more at home.
The professors at Wright State University all really care about every student. They always offer their time to help students. The classrooms are very nice and are a great learning environment to be in. The Dunbar library is especially nice! The third floor is the quiet floor!
I love Wright State University it is very different and it has so many opportunities for you to get connected with. It also has many different clubs you can join to get involved.
I'm a first time freshmen myself but I've heard nothing but positive rumors about the university. I'm really confident in my choice because this college has a lot to choose from such as academic wise and organizations.
Wright State is the right choice! They have many different majors to choose from and I promise you'll find one you love.
I really enjoyed the campus and many teachers really care about their students! However, in the science field there were nay professors only concerned with their personal research projects.
Wright State is not the BEST college, but I do not hate it. Wright State offers low tuition, but is currently fighting financial issues. WSU also lacks empathy and awareness of the Black community on campus, who are constantly looked over. Most teachers are helpful and are easy to access for help. WSU has a good selection of dining as well as living, where students have the option between traditional dorms, suite-style, and on-campus apartments. So they low score mainly derives from Wright State's lack of inclusiveness.
Wright State is a very diverse and nice school I would just love to see more activities, student life, better forming and nupes. More excite my about sports!
This university is only good for a resident of OH/USA. If you are an international student I think you should consider other options also. Not that many assistantships or scholarships available for the international student even after maintaining 4.0 GPA for two semesters I got nothing.
I have had such a positive experience at Wright State University. Not only have the communications classes boosted my confidence academically and challenged me, the climate of Wright State outside of the classroom is so comfortable and welcoming. I have grown academically and matured during my freshman year.
The only thing that I would say puts a damper on the generally positive vibe on campus is the long-standing issue with the university budget, and while Wright State is working to remedy this problem, it's my belief that a perspective student should have all the facts. Understanding that we have a big budget problem is one of these facts.
This is solely my opinion, but I think the location of Wright State relative to my house is just right. It was a factor in making the college selection, and it's allowed me to gain more independence while still being in the same state and close to so much family.
I love it there. The atmosphere is great. The teachers are all really great and so are the students. It feels like one big community.
Although the academic aspect of wright state is good, there are a lot of negatives that come with this university. For example, this school is bed bug city. They only treat by room and not by building which does not solve the problem at hand. One of the good things is they have a mass amount of shows and events to keep students involved and become active students.
What I liked about Wright State University is that the safety of the students and staff are their top priority. I also liked how the professors will work with you if there is something unexpected had come up. I also enjoy how close the housing is to campus, and how there are always events happening on campus. However; their food options get old and become limited.
Review Wright State University
Wright State University is a diverse learning culture, with dedicated professors and staff. There are several student-based programs that truly benefit student involvement and education.
The professors here really do care about your education and for me thats what makes me so happy to going here.
Wright State University is a great school for a lower cost of tuition and a great social life. It has an outstanding Liberal Arts division with their being an exceptional School of Music.
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