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Wright State University is a diverse learning culture, with dedicated professors and staff. There are several student-based programs that truly benefit student involvement and education.
The professors here really do care about your education and for me thats what makes me so happy to going here.
Wright State University is not focused on their students success, educating their student, or helping to build the community. Rather they focused on indoctrinating their students to despise the United States and have values that cause a divisiveness between different groups. They openly encourage and espouse the doctrine of 'victimology'.

They import individuals from foreign lands, that openly preach killing and maiming as many Americans and Westerners as possible. They ensure that those on their campus are not protected from threats via NOT taking the opportunity that the State of Ohio provided with SB 199 (Concealed Carry).
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Wright State University is a great school for a lower cost of tuition and a great social life. It has an outstanding Liberal Arts division with their being an exceptional School of Music.
Wright Stat is a fantastic University and coming from a smaller high school, the smaller class sizes are perfect for getting to know the professor and your classmates better to help give you a better overall college experience. Also, the campus is beautiful!
The academics are wonderful, I really feel like I am involved in school on and off campus. I am learning a ton more compared to high school. Wright State definitely helps to make sure you are good to go with your learning experience there.
Wright State has a very friendly atmosphere. It is not hard to get involved on campus because there are so many opportunities. It is right by the Wright Patterson Air Force Base, so military people can be really successful here. Academically, some of the programs have better professors than others. As long as you ensure that your professor is someone who truly cares about you success, you can be very successful. In all, Wright State is a really nice, conveniently placed university.
I came to Wright State university because I got recruited to play for the club football team here but aside from the sports it is a great atmosphere to get a great education and make long life relationships from. It is inexpensive to become a raider and I urge that if you want a great college education and experience, wright state is the "wright" way to go
As a CCP (College Credit Plus) student, my experiences here have made me want to enroll in the university full-time. The staff are helpful and friendly, and the campus has a lot of green space. It is also fairly inexpensive for tuition when compared to nearby universities. There is a nice amount of diversity among students and staff. The school is close to Dayton, and situated right between Cincinnati and Columbus, so one is within an hours drive to the activity. There is little to no campus crime from what I know, and with the blue light system I have always felt safe walking to m car as a commuter.
I like all of the international events and just the event in general that they have and I like the diversity around the campus. They need to work on the parking and the food that is on campus.
Great school. Not much going on for parties but the staff and the students are genuine and nice people
Wright State University is your typical commuter school with the additional "live on campus" feel. Honestly, there's nothing special. It's kind of just a school that gets the job done per say. Which is alright, but it isn't for me. The professors were not in touch with the students by any means. Which I am completely against. I think that professors should know the students and actually want to help them. This is why I am going to go to UCBA. It's a smaller community school and I've only heard incredible things about the staff there. Wright State might be right for others, but certainly not for me. I look forward to my new school life at UCBA in Fall of 2017!
Wright state university is a very unique school.It is a very diverse school. I'm an international student and one would expect meeting to be a lonely student making friends with only people from my country. But I'm a friend to people from over 20 countries including the domestic students. The education is really up to standard. The classes are so good thanks to the great professors wright state has. Also the success center that is solely for helping students is extremely helpful. It is my favorite thing about the school. I was an average student before coming to wright state but as soon as I ended my first semester I realized how educational gifted i was. Wright state university is no joke trust me. You will work very hard for that A but it's not as bad as it sounds. One thing I don't like about the school is that some students work so hard to get financial help but they never get any.
Wright State has such a welcoming vibe and I am very blessed to be able to attend here. We have underground tunnels we can use to get to our classes when it's too wet or cold outside. There are quite a few food options on campus we have available which is great for students living on campus. Since a lot of us don't have cars it is very convenient to have two different buildings on campus filled with different places to eat. We also have a convenient store that is basically like a small gas station where we can things from snacks to kitchen goods to toiletries. The professors i have had so far have been very helpful and kind. When I email them they tend to email back within a few hours. The only bad thing i have noticed about Wright State is that after a certain hour of the day there are absolutely no parking spots left to park in for residents who live on campus.
Although i personally have never attended wright state I have seen and heard nothing but good things about the facility. My best friend goes there and she said that she really enjoys the amount of assistance provided by professors and the class size is not overbearing. She stays in a single dorm so she doesn't really have to worry about a roommate or any spacing issues. As far as the campus itself goes, everything at Wright state seems well organized and put together. There are safety poles all over the campus so that the students can feel a sense of security. Also everything on campus is neat and peaceful. The student life is decent at wright state as well, the students have many events and activities that can help anyone who may be feeling uneasy about being alone at college.
I'm currently a sophomore, Biology major at Wright State University. I enjoy the campus and its smaller size - this makes getting around campus much easier. The classes are challenging, and really make you think. The professors are great, and are willing to help each student succeed. If I could change one thing about Wright State, it would be the food option - there is not much variety, and after awhile you get tired of eating a similar meal. There are nearby fast food places, but it can be risky since there is limited parking on campus. Leaving to get food will result in difficulties in finding a new spot to park in. Other than the food, the campus is great for those who enjoy attending a smaller campus.
All of my experiences with the students and faculty have been positive. Professors are helpful. Counselors are also helpful in finding the right path to my future.
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My overall experience at Wright State is really great. The people I have met at Wright State are really nice and I help out people that need help with their school work. I also like how there is different opportunities to do at Wright State. With choosing to do Greek Life or being active in a sport, the possibilities are endless. I am on the Track and Field club here at Wright State and it is really fun to be on this club sport and to continue to be on the club sport until I graduate. The food here is excellent and love how they have different choices of food for people. I am glad I made the right decision of coming to Wright State and to continue my education here.
I love Wright State. The campus is beautiful and everyone is really nice. We have a lot of diversity as a public school and as an easily accessible for students with handicaps. We have great professors and courses as well as a long list of clubs. Wright State is very active in the community and volunteering and you can get involved through clubs and Greek life. We have great sports clubs that you can see play in the Nutter Center. The campus offers a variety of food that is good.
Being a part of wright state makes me feel really good. Professors are good, ofcourse not all, but yes professors do put in a lot of hardwork to make sure that the class understands the material.
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