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Wright State University - Lake Campus Reviews

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Very small campus in pretty much the middle of nowhere. The professors are nice and willing to work with you and if you're of an adverage intelligence you'll feel like a genius. But I mean you get a free YMCA membership and it's an education.
Wright state lake campus is a wonderful place to continue your education from the academics to athletics the school is very amazing and has open opportunities for current and future students this campus is a very positive environment it is also safe. Wright state university lake campus is a great experience and I would encourage anyone to come.
I've taken two years worth of courses at the Wright State - Lake Campus! It's definitely a small town basic college, but a great choice none the less. The faculty is exceptional, always pushing to expand the student mind, and the classes are offordable. There are many encouraged accommodations made available for all students including free counseling. I only give them four out of five stars, simply because certain majors cannot be completed at the lake campus alone without having to transfer to the Dayton Campus.
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I've not had any experiences-neither good nor bad--with academic flexibility.
Online courses aren't my favorite, and there generally isn't much peer-to-peer interaction. your relationship with your professor isn't as strong either, but the workload is reasonable since there isn't any lecture time.
At this point in my education i am not sure about post-grad services.
As previously mentioned, class sizes are smaller which is beneficial. The small staff means that you may have a professor for more than one class, which is nice is there is one that you particularly favor.
i have not been informed about many internship opportunities and there is not really much employer recruiting.
All of the psychology classes require a lot of reading and studying on your own outside of lectures. The material is somewhat difficult but it is so worth it!
The small classes sizes makes sure that every student is getting the attention that they need.
Everyone at my school is helpful!
My schedule is flexible since I am going half time.
I do not spend too much time at the school to form a solid opinion.
I am only going half-time, so I do not spend much time at the school. I will know more next semester when I go full-time.
I had a more difficult time than an average student since I graduated early from high school and was in another state.
One of my classes is partially online, and it seems simple and manageable.
I only have two classes. Everyone seems nice, but there are not very talkative.
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The tuition is low, which is very helpful.
Since the school is small, there are not a ton of programs.
I have a low workload since I am only going half time this semester. My professors are very helpful and understanding.
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