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Worsham College of Mortuary Science Reviews

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I just graduated from the program. It's the best in the country. They are always adding new things. They listen and care too.
Very small class sizes still do not protect the students against threats of physical violence during class. Arguments that could lead to fights break out but the teachers will not stop them due to them wanting everyone to graduate. Many of the students in the program cheat and if you intended to take this program and not cheat you will be ostracized from the group. Just pay and they will graduate you. You don’t even necessarily have to show up.
Worsham is a great place. It is tough but worth it. I am glad I came here. The staff is really nice. The year goes by fast.
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I love almost everyone I have met.
There is one computer lab with a dozen computers and one library. There is no wifi. There are plenty of study areas throughout the building. Everything one needs to succeed at Worsham is available.
It's very small and simple, however you don't need much.
The academic flexibility is very fair. If you are putting forth the effort and it shows, the faculty is very understanding and willing to work with you.
My experience at Worsham has been great. I am learning a lot, and meeting many great people.
Tuition is very fair at worsham. For a private school, the tuition is what I expected and the education is exactly what I need to stay out and succeed in the field. There are many opportunites available for grants, scholarships, etc for funeral directing, but you must do your homework. Nothing comes easy.
The funeral service is a very tight knit community. Many students who have graduated stay in touch with teachers, filling them in on the latest job opportunities around the country.
Students take 12 classes at a time, each student taking the same class. Since worsham is a small school, this strict schedule is possible. Extra help can come from the teachers personally, but I find studying with my peers an excellent resource, if not the best. Only a hand full of the professors are very helpful, specifically, the ones who have been there for 20 plus years or are seasoned funeral directors. Worsham provides excellent hands on training at the Cook County Medical Examiners Office in Chicago.
Almost all have the teachers have been through the school and are funeral directors. With that said, the teachers are very understand with academics as well as the job of being a funeral director. Many teachers have had students from all over the country, providing excellent knowledge and resources or job openings. Although the work load is intense, each teacher understands and encourages.
My review is "it's okay" because the school has only a library and a computer lab. However, that is all you need.
Only 1 Major – This is a technical school only for mortuary science. The curriculum is specifically designed to meet the standards of the American Board of Funeral Service Education and to help prepare students to pass the national board exam. We take 12 classes at a time. (3 classes, 2 hours each, for 4 days [Mon.-Thurs.]) The workload is usually fairly spread out, and instructors understand that we are taking many courses at once. Some courses reiterate information that was previously learned in another course, which helps. It is challenging, but the program is designed so that nearly anyone who puts forth the effort can pass. The school does all they can to make arrangements for students to live/work in funeral homes while they are in school, and helps student find other housing arrangements as well. They will do all they can to help you locate and apply for internships and work positions as well. They really want to see each and every student succeed in the field.
Inflexible, but Understanding – This is a technical school, so everyone in your class is taking the exact same classes and the same time. There is no flexibility as far as what classes you do or don't take (unless you are exempt from a class by receiving a Bachelors degree in that subject area). However, the entire curriculum is designed to meet specific standards set forth by the American Board of Funeral Service Education and to help students prepare for the national board exam. There is no issue with transferring credits because they do not "transfer credits" in or out. That being said, the faculty are very understanding when it comes to attendance. Communication is key, however, and we take 12 courses at a time, so missing a week of school means having to catch up in 12 classes.
Good, Small Network – Wi-fi works consistently, but is rarely needed. Laptop computers are not allowed in classrooms because they are unnecessary and cause distraction. Computer labs and printers are available and are connected to the internet. If you want to do personal browsing, do it at home, or on your own mobile device. There isn't much down time during the school day to just be surfing the web for any length of time. Very few assignments require the use of a computer.
Small School, Few Facilities, but Sufficient – It's a very small school. (About 120 students). There is a computer lab and students have access to printers and copiers as well. There is a library also that is well-stocked with related literature and many mortuary artifacts and anatomical models for study. There is also a casket showroom. Nice building and grounds, cafeteria for students with microwaves and vending, free coffee daily, and outside sitting areas.
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Very Diverse – The student body is very diverse. There are people of all ages, different ethnicities, and from different areas and backgrounds. My class is about 72% female, which is the highest percentage of any class yet. I would say most students are between the ages of 20 and 30, but there are some younger and some older as well.
It Is What It Is – All of the staff are amazing, unfortunately since I had student loans from my previous 2 years of college, I wasn't eligible for enough to cover all my tuition. I will have to get a private loan at a ridiculous interest rate just to cover the tuition. It's a private school, so the tuition is very high, but I wanted a school that would be recognized nationwide to assist in finding positions in the future. It's a very good school, you get what you pay for I guess.
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