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I absolutely loved my visit and I can't wait to start my education there. The staff is really nice, all of the student there were very welcoming. I felt like family the moment I walked through the doors. This is an incredible school to five deep into the understanding of the Bible and see how awesome God is.
Word of Life Bible Institute is one of the best investments you can make after high school. Many people go to Word of Life as a gap year before they go to a public university. This school prepares you for a life of service. We have ministry and service assignments (jobs on campus). The Bible Institute has professors who care about you personally and your relationship with the Lord. The students are all welcoming and so very kind.
I recently had the opportunity to visit and tour the campus in Florida. The staff was exceptionally friendly and helpful. They are welcoming and make you feel at home. I was accepted into the program for the 2018-2019 school year and can't wait to attend!
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The only suggestion I really have is to improve communication with the students. It made it difficult and frustrating at times to not find out what was going on till last minute or to go into something feeling unclear. If they could do a better job with that, the experience would be phenomenal.
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Studying at Word of Life for two years was a life changing experience. Being completely submerged in the Word by professors who take their walk with God seriously is a once in a lifetime opportunity. As you go there, you grow deeper in your relationship with God and others, as well as yourself, can see Christ working in your life.
I really liked how Word of Life is ministry based and how much they emphasize the importance of doing things as unto the Lord and how much we need to be sharing the love of Christ to everyone around us. Something I would like to see changed is them giving a time of rest and not having things going on all the time especially on weekends after we have had a busy week.
The Bible experience at Word of Life Bible Institute is life changing. Through learning the Bible and studying it the courses here are excellent and challenge you. Although you have very little time and chances to do outside or other things in the are the location of the school is excellent.
It is truly an amazing place to be at for a whole year. When you go up there you will learn many new things and come back home a different person.
I am dissapointed in the lack of diversity. Just go to their campus.. and by the way, even the Magi presentation the students put on portrayed the wise Magis as white men - this is not even biblically accurate. An alumni published an illustrated Bible (the action bible) and guess what? Every single person depicted is white! What gospel message does WOL inadvertently proclaim? That the love of Jesus... the gospel... is only meant for a few? I'm disgusted and ashamed for the body of Christ. My daughter is a beautiful girl of mixed race who was ostracized as a child when attending WOL camp. She said she didn't know unkindness until she attended the camp. They left her out of all activities and I personally witnessed a counselor pick up a stick to touch & check her hair for lice, every one else was checked with a gloved hand. I'm beyond saddened by their lack of sensitivity, inclusion, training..
They have classes recorded which is if you're away
They offer helpful tech for Greek and Hebrew
They are mostly missionaries or pastors
its very stimulating and you will learn the Bible
They offer many missions trips & outreach
Its hard however it is worth it
It really grows your relationship with God, great 1
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This is not a specific major because all students take the same courses, except for the electives. This is good because everyone has the same workload. The dorms are different - you can request cabins or larger dorms (for males) or different dorms (for females.) After second year, you can apply for an internship at the school, or cross cultural internship oversees for two years. As an alumni, you are eligible to attend the Israel tour, which takes place every spring as well.
Not too familiar with all of this
Little help for those outside of ministry.
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