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Worcester State is a very good school, especially if you want to live at home but still want to have a good campus experience.
The campus is very nice. Parking is a nightmare. The registration process is quite flawed. Most of the teachers are considerate and knowledgeable but as with anything else, there are exceptions.
The school is good and the professors are here to help you. If you ever have any issues or problems the professors are approchable, and the campus is pretty diverse.
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While visiting the college Worcester State University, The campus was very nice, big, and well maintained but the students didn't seem all that welcoming of visitors. The students made faces like they were weirded out by seeing people. Other than that it was a nice college.
Very welcoming community, with professors that care about what their teaching. Not the best funded school, but considering how much less it costs than other schools, it's pretty nice. Good academic support and tutoring, they are very invested in making sure you graduate in 4 years.
I really like WSU! It’s a great school to attend! The only thing I would change is offering french as a major. Currently french is only offered as a minor.
I am currently a Biology major, and saying this including my two other sister who've taken the same major, it is very compact with information and stressful. The instructions in the laboratory are often unclear, and the professors skim through the information. The university has potential, but they really need to fix the curriculum for bio classes.
I graduated in 2016 with a BS in Public Health and minor in psychology. The school was okay I guess. I originally started in the Nursing program, but was forced to change majors after a car accident. The campus is very small. There is only 2 full academic buildings, but several other buildings have academic classrooms (library, wellness center, etc.). There is two food courts but only one accepts student meal plans. There is virtually no parking on campus for residents unless there is an extenuating circumstance. All residents must park at a lot three miles away and take a shuttle to and from their cars.
Many of the professors are great but there is not enough parking for all of the commuters that go here.
Really like the campus and teachers. The food sucks and there is a big gap in diversity but the clubs are cool.
Honestly, I am a proud student of Worcester State. I always recommend students to apply to Worcester State because of its strength in academics and relationships with professors. In addition it is an affordable school in a local town that is getting more and more renovated. Its a great school to definitely put on your "apply to" list.
What I like most about Worcester state university was the staff are very eager to help. They are there in person or via email, they want to see you succeed and do their best to help and to be hand on. The college is a very diverse campus I would say that there are equal opportunity for all who really want it. . I would recommend this college to any one weather young , or older going back to college. Most of all it is public transportation assessable.
After moving to Worcester, I was nervous to about start my college life in a new state. I first began with a 2.9 GPA but ended the semester with a 3.6 GPA. And it's all thanks to the amazing professors at the University. They know what they are teaching and are very helpful to students who need a bit more of help.
I was a transfer student to Worcester state half way through my sophomore year. This was the third school I have attended and I didn't have a good academic record going into my first semester. The classes and professors changed my attitude completely. I have finished each semester now with impressive grades and I worked really hard to get where I am at. I am so happy with my decision to give Worcester state a chance because the experience I have had there is life changing.
Worcester State is a small school with a small campus. It is mainly a commuter school. Classes are small and there are professors much better than others. I recommend using Rate my Professor to help choose classes. The food in the pod is average depending on the day while the food in the Student center is much better but costs more money.
Teachers care about student success, small campus means you'll always run into a familiar face, #1 nursing school in the state of Massachusetts, incredibly affordable for a great education
Worcester State University offers a diverse community in a residential area of Worcester Massachusetts. They have recently upgraded and built many new facilities. The latest being the Health and Wellness Center. It is a state of the art facility used by all students not just student athletes. Two new residence halls have been constructed within the last 7 years. Dowden Hall, the freshmen dormitory has been renovated in the last three years. Athletics are incorporated well into the student body. It's nice to go to a game and cheer on our Lancers with your friends. WSU offers many different majors and minors. Faculty to student ratio is low enough so that you're not just a number sitting in big lecture halls. Most faculty have worked professionally in their chosen field and are eager to share their professional experiences with students. Faculty are very approachable, for whatever reason. It's not uncommon to see faculty members eating lunch with students.
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This school is a hidden gem among expensive colleges nowadays, with a low cost, great education, wonderful resources, and excellent staff what more could you ask for?!
Worcester State is a hidden gem in central Mass. They've updated the facilities in so many ways! New dorms, new classroom buildings, and a brand new student fitness center make this school a great place to go to school.
I absolutely love Worcester State. I transferred to the school in fall of 2014, and it was the best decision I could've made. The faculty and staff at WSU are incredibly friendly and helpful, and the school seems to be run much better than my previous experience. The campus is very secure - it feels like its own community separate from the surrounding city. I feel safe walking through campus by myself. My experience living on campus has also been great. The dorms are more than suitable for college living.
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