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I started college feelings very nervous, but the students and faculty at Worcester State University have made me feel welcome and appreciated.
Overall my experience with WSU was average. It all depends on what you are looking for when deciding on a college. I wish I had looked more into the career preparation that WSU offers. The resources available to students are extremely limited. Job fairs consisted of employers such as Honey Farms and Express which were looking for part-time employees not graduates with a specific skill set. I was in the Business/Accounting program and most resources were limited. There are two business clubs on campus (Enactus & Business Club). That was pretty much it. As for events and conferences, there wasn't many pertaining to my field. A lot of these events pertained to Science majors. Before choosing WSU I would research your specific program and what is offered outside of your regular classroom environment.
Transfer here from local community college after getting my associates, literally stayed one semester and left to another institution. Financial Aid and all other staff are nothing short of useless and not transparent on anything. Financial office thieves stole money from me. Most professors don't understand that mom and dad aren't paying for everything. Do yourself a favor and just look elsewhere, the cost is not worth the treatment you get. Throughout the whole semester I was there the only experience I recall that was enjoyable was filling out the paperwork stating I was transfering.
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I like Worcester state because it is close to home and I don't have to live on campus. Worcester state is not that expansive and it is a nice school. It offers lots of different majors and it is in a nice neighborhood.
There is not much to do on campus. Academics and professors are solid, food and cafe are not that great. Overall average campus experience with little actual college experience.
Pros: Great science teachers and programs, you get out of this what you put in. It will help you to be a hard worker.
Cons: Not a big budget for extra circular activities, events are often cancelled if not enough people participate.
I had a terrible time getting assistance from career services, they have no idea how to help people find jobs and were unable to guide me towards a career. This type of school does not help set you up with a job, therefore, I spent many years being confused and thinking that I was unable to get a job.
Professors are awesome for the most part. Political climate was the only reason I didn't give 5 stars, some professors very radical in political views and it shows a little to much in classroom setting. Students do not need to know political orientation of professor to get a good education.
Big enough to do great things and small enough for everyone to be involved. Terrific athletic teams on which to play and for which to root. First class student government learning how to implement solutions-based action and involvement of all sectors. Great to see all the recent improvements to the campus facilities and the connection and celebration of the history of the university representing the Heart of the Commonwealth and all New England!
If your degree is Biology, you will have one of the worst experiences of your life at Worcester State University. The curriculum is extremely a poor set up, and you will not learn or remember much of anything after the semester is over. It is literal regurgitation of information you hardly understand yourself. Some of the professors have even refused helping me on example problems I've provided, and tutors are not reliable because they're either not available or they cannot teach you properly. I am extremely disappointed because I was expecting this time of my life to expand my knowledge of the science I've grown fascinated by, but all I was left was bitter disappointment. Two of my sisters graduated with a biology degree at this university, and they've also said they've had a poor experience. I only came here due to cost sake, but even then they'll shake you out in expenses. If you want to learn biology, do NOT attend here. I regret every breath, step, and bull I've taken.
I currently attend Worcester State in pursue of a degree in Early Childhood Education and Psychology. This is one of the best school one can attend for an education degree. The campus is very nice and the food is better than I expected. I have loved most of my professors and have found the Worcester State staff to be very helpful. Overall, I am happy that I attend this school and already know that I would like to attend graduate school here as well.
I like the sense of community there is and how there’s so many clubs and there’s always something to do in the city.
It's a good school overall. I would personally like to see more student activities offered, better food selection, and more opportunities for students. Some professors are great, some are only average. I've enjoyed mine time at Worcester state so far
I really like the campus size at WSU and the updated buildings. There are many activities and opportunities offered here. Also, there are several ways to get involved on campus. I'm very happy at my new home, WSU
Worcester State has been great so far. The various departments and professors are super helpful and I've always gotten prompt repsonses from them when there's an issue. They really want to see young adults going to school and are super helpful about keeping you on track. The campus is easy to navigate and the classes are pretty cool. I would definitely recommend to someone who wanted a cheap, well-rounded school!
The past 4 years at WSU have been amazing. The community is like a family and it is easy to make friends. The professors and employees at the school are also amazing as well.
Worcester State is a very good school, especially if you want to live at home but still want to have a good campus experience.
The campus is very nice. Parking is a nightmare. The registration process is quite flawed. Most of the teachers are considerate and knowledgeable but as with anything else, there are exceptions.
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The school is good and the professors are here to help you. If you ever have any issues or problems the professors are approchable, and the campus is pretty diverse.
While visiting the college Worcester State University, The campus was very nice, big, and well maintained but the students didn't seem all that welcoming of visitors. The students made faces like they were weirded out by seeing people. Other than that it was a nice college.
Very welcoming community, with professors that care about what their teaching. Not the best funded school, but considering how much less it costs than other schools, it's pretty nice. Good academic support and tutoring, they are very invested in making sure you graduate in 4 years.
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