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Worcester Polytechnic Institute has a beautiful campus and great energy throughout all aspects of the college.
The school is growing rapidly with a brilliant student body. The general student body is also fairly open ad accepting of others. You will be able to learn just as much from your peers as you will from your professors.
Everyone on campus is welcoming and helpful. WPI became my home away from home. I've met some amazing people from different countries. I've tried different things that I never would of expected. There is so much to do at WPI including events, clubs, and greek life. WPI is a caring and generous community willing to always help out others.
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I love the environment at WPI. I always feel welcomed where ever I go. The professors are really helpful and kind to those who ask for help. I love it here!
WPI gives students a multitude of opportunities. Students are allowed and encouraged to explore interests outside of their intended major. There are hundreds of clubs open to all students. There are also amazing opportunities to travel for IQP.
Very good school for those who are technically inclined and/or interested in engineering. I personally enrolled because I want to study computer science. I’ve studied here for one year and my experience has been amazing thus far, and the following years are looking even more promising. Any graduate can tell you that there is an excellent return on investment and that you won’t have any problem finding a job coming out of it. The dining hall is one of the best in the nation and has tons of variety when it comes to food choice. However, it is spotty and sometimes it's good and other times it isn't. The inconsistency is annoying, but most students only deal with it for their first year.
I am an IMGD major, and I love WPI. The professors want you to succeed, and will go out of their way to help you. They all have experience in their fields, and are very knowledgeable, especially in the game design industry. The work is intense, but as you get used to the workflow, you can't help but love it.
Wpi as a whole is not that bad. However, if you're there for Imgd it will be the worst mistake of your life. This program is run by children who will make fun of students with disablities and beat you down if you try question them. They let professors teach topics that they know nothing about and prevent you from learning what you want to.
I love the location and atmosphere of WPI. Most students are helpful to each other with school work and very friendly.
I really like the counseling center here. I wish the tuition wasn't so inflated though, so people could actually afford to go here.
Worcester Polytechnic Institute has great programs and courses, especially for students majoring in interactive game and media development. I would, however, enjoy more visibility for students of color and LGBTQ+ students.
I am halfway through my first year and I love it so far. I enjoy the 7-week terms because I am someone who tends to get bored and the quick turnaround helps me stay focused on my classes. I also like that there are three extra classes built into our schedules. They can be used to take more classes you are interested in or they can be used as "built-in fails" because if you fail 3 classes you can still be on track to graduate in four years.
WPI embodies a small-knit environment in which I feel comfortable approaching and connecting with others. Everyone is very motivated and hard-working yet not very competitive. The university does a good job at providing a unique and exceptional educational experience but I believe it could improve on the resources offered. While a STEM-based school, I believe offering more language and humanity courses would produce more well-rounded graduates.
Worcester Polytechnic Institute is a great school. The academics are excellent and the 7 week terms makes learning more fast-paced. Most professors are excellent and do their best so that students can succeed. Also, there are amazing opportunities to study abroad at various places in the world. The whole school focuses on project-based learning which offers great preparation for our future careers.
It is a fantastic place to learn and grow. I have enjoyed every moment at WPI. The professors and opportunities are like no other college.
One of the happiest colleges I've seen. great academics but be prepared to buckle down and study or you could easily drown in the swamp of work provided. Don't be fooled about taking only 3 classes at a time, its a LOT of work in a short amount of time. Good for parties but bad campus food/ mediocre housing.
WPI is a highly rated technology university. It has up-to-date labs and equipment and some excellent professors who would be willing to help you out. The institute also has unique grading policies: there are only A, B, C and No Record. The campus is small so it will save you a lot of time walking from place to place. Students here are very friendly and are happy to help you out every time.
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I really like the four quarters system of teaching. But Some professors make the course more difficult than they are.
When I was looking at schools as a senior in HS what was important was getting a job after college. I remember I was so proud to say I was attending WPI, now things are much different. Academics are excellent IF YOU LIKE ENGINEERING. I realized that I didn't want to be an engineer about 5 months in and now I'm very stuck. Also, pick a school that has great academics and a good social scene. It does not have to involve going out, just things to do! WPI lacks that and once you're midway through your sophomore year, you feel like you've met everyone you possibly can.
The campus is gorgeous and it is a small campus, which is super nice during the Winter and you don't want to walk 20 minutes to get to a class. It is not uncommon to find your dorm mates and peers collaborating on difficult homework or studying in the dorm common rooms or hallways. There is always something to do on campus, whether it is taking part in Greek life or playing a role in Student Government or our Robotics Team. It is nice to walk onto a campus where the atmosphere is kind, welcoming, and although there is a "nerdy" stereotype, which is true in a sense, but when you walk onto campus for the first time and you realize that everybody is normal (although you may find some hardcore Trekkies or Larpers here) and that everyone make have their quirk but the important shared qualities are being passionate, curious, and kind.