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The campus is gorgeous and it is a small campus, which is super nice during the Winter and you don't want to walk 20 minutes to get to a class. It is not uncommon to find your dorm mates and peers collaborating on difficult homework or studying in the dorm common rooms or hallways. There is always something to do on campus, whether it is taking part in Greek life or playing a role in Student Government or our Robotics Team. It is nice to walk onto a campus where the atmosphere is kind, welcoming, and although there is a "nerdy" stereotype, which is true in a sense, but when you walk onto campus for the first time and you realize that everybody is normal (although you may find some hardcore Trekkies or Larpers here) and that everyone make have their quirk but the important shared qualities are being passionate, curious, and kind.
WPI prepared me extremely well for the real-life working world. The projects-based curriculum made me invaluable to employers.
WPI is unlike any other university I considered. The unique curriculum that takes a holistic approach to problem-solving with an engineering and global mindset is second to none.
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The program of studies is accommodating for being a polytechnic university. Professors are easily-approachable, as well as incredibly well informed individuals. Each professor wants to see you succeed and it is rare that a teacher is not willing to help a student excel in their courses. The connections available at the school are incredible too, including on-site interviews and career fairs that give students an easy way to apply for jobs with renown companies.
I love the intensity and seriousness that the students and faculty have concerning their subjects. This however also makes a lot of students anti social which is a bad thing when it comes to making friends.
I originally went here before transferring to RPI after one year. I have to say that I deeply regret going here in the first place. The workload was not at all rigorous and the opportunities were just not there.
WPI doesn't have a high national reputation, but this won't prevent it from being a top tier college, especially from an engineering point of view, in this country. I feel that WPI's professors are putting more efforts on teaching real-life applications of skills than theoretical researches. So finding a good job is relatively easy for students studying here.
I am happy to be part of Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI). I am double majoring with a minor. If you plan your classes well, you can get two majors. Mine are in Electrical and Computer Engineering and Interactive Media nd Game Development. My minor is is Spanish. I love the opportunity to study a session abroad in Australia, helping a community in Melbourne.
There is a plethora of opportunities for students here. You can get work in a research lab, an administration position, or in a club. Every student has to participate in projects, and get good job experience for future jobs.
I've had a pretty poor experience with the social scene at this school. There are close to no parties or social venues going on - absolutely terrible. Academics are fine, but nothing great. If you're looking to do research as a freshman, it's going to be difficult - another school might better suit your needs.
This college is absolutely terrible. I graduated far behind my peers and making $30,000 a year with a very high GPA. I should have gone to a state school for nothing or spent more to go to a better school like RPI or Cornell, since my degree is worth squat.
The school is relatively small but packs a lot of beauty on the campus in terms of history, the buildings, and the foliage. The school has about 400 undergraduates and 2000 graduates and the school is always buzzing. Graduate research is incredible and the global reach that WPI has in regards to projects abroad is astounding and world renown.
WPI has outstanding professors and staff really care about the students in addition to being a top-notch academic and research institution.
It's a very good school for those who are looking for a fast-paced and an amazing academic campus. The majors are designed in a way you get to explore it in any way you want to. You get to go in depth with your major. You are also not forced to take basic classes like English, a Language, History and many others. You can choose to take it. The humanities requirement allows you to explore a different and more relaxing subject of your choosing. Sure, they may require work, but they're fun.
WPI courses are structured in four terms; they are seven-week long, with a 10-day break between A and B Term, a month of Christmas vacation between B and C, and another 10-day break between C and D Term. While this structure makes courses very intense compared to other colleges, the fact that they last for only 7 weeks is refreshing and improves the students' quick-thinking ability. The courses are heavily based on practical work, research, public speaking, and travelling abroad. The class sizes vary, and while freshmen are often taught in big lecture rooms, they eventually develop stronger interactions with their professors, once their courses become more degree-specific. WPI is expensive, but it tends to be big on scholarships and financial aid, especially towards international students. Most freshmen live in dorms, which makes socializing easy, and then move to off-campus housing. Don't expect much from the Woo nightlife, but there are plenty of student parties throughout the year.
I love that WPI has multiple resources to study and do my work. The professors, TAs, PLAs, etc are very kind and are very much open to help a student out. They have a passion for teaching as well. Although the pace is very fast, it is something to get used to, but that is why the professors encourage and provide a bunch of resources outside of their class and the text. The college is fairly expensive, but less than some private schools. WPI stands out from the rest because it is a project based school. Your work experience through internships is much more important than your GPA.
The students at WPi are very friendly and open. It would be very easy to make friends and join clubs to socialize or form study groups.
WPI is an amazing school academically. Campus is small and easy to get around. Facilities are grade A for students and athletes. Some negatives about WPI include, professors who struggle speaking English, poor party scene, and if you are against fraternity and sorties it is not the place for you.
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WPI definitely lives up to the name of having top academics and it is clear that learning is a priority. With a project-based curriculum, the school is able to prepare students for the real world. If you're looking for a big football school, go elsewhere. Worcester itself is a little sketchy, but the campus (although open) is still safe and there are plenty of alerts and email updates when applicable.
I like that the school is project based, giving me realistic applications of engineering principles. Employers think very highly of WPI graduates. I'm a member of a fraternity and I have made a lot of friends. The teachers are very dedicated. Some don't speak good English and are hard to understand. I wish that the tuition was lower, but if I get a good job after graduation it will be worth it.
WPI is a really nice school with a great, friendly community and atmosphere. Students are nice and very willing to help each other. Professors care about students and want you to succeed; they will help you when you ask.