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I like the diversity throughout campus. Also, how the professors took time out to make sure everyone understood what was going on, on their own terms. Plus they notified you at a good time in order for you to settle things out.
The teachers at wor wic are the best they made sure you understand the material they were teaching. They had unlimited resources to help you with your class.
I love that the college offers a variety of study/help sessions. The 1 fault I have is my major is nursing transfer but their financial aid will only pay for classes that are required for their nursing program. Prices seem affordable.
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Companionate and understanding. Some of the best advisors and professors you could ask for. Really understood my personal situation and found solutions for me to get my courses completed.
It has been a wonderful experience returning. The professors are willing to help with anything, they want you to succeed. Courses and material is well thought out and easy to follow.
Wor-Wic Community College has taughted me that when I feel like giving up and there feels like there’s no hope for me, they remind me that there is always someone to help me and uplift me when I am struggling.
Wor Wic Community College has been a great experience. I will be graduating in May with my Associate's Degree and transferring to a 4 year college. It has prepared me for my transition to the 4 year college. Wor Wic has been great with helping me with my 504 Plan, class schedules, and working with professors. Wor Wic's ability to prepare you for the next 2 years of college is excellent and knowing that all of your courses will transfer over to the next college is awesome. While attending Wor Wic, I have had the opportunity to learn at my pace and become comfortable being a college student. Wor Wic Community College is a great place to start your college career.
The campus is pretty and easy to navigate and kept clean. The teachers are all nice, though some of them are not the greatest, but they seem happy to help to the best of their ability. The counselors are all nice and good at their jobs. Also there's free printing in all the computer labs so that's a plus. I don't have much to complain about.
I really enjoy the TRIO Student Support Services program and most of my time here was well spent. I also enjoyed most of my instructors that I had as well. The activities that they have here for student engagement are very interesting and cultural.
I'm loving it here! There are some faculty members that result in a downside. But its affordable and overall a great place to start your college career.
I love the math and reading labs. They are a huge help. The teachers are touch and go. Book store prices can be high for no reason . The book buy back program is a joke though.
Great community college overall. The items I selected as terrible cannot be applied to this school because they don’t have any of that.
The Nursing dept. is wonderful! All of the teachers are so helpful. The nursing track is not easy and you must study and dedicate most of your time to it.
I loved having the small classroom settings, which allowed me to establish a greater rapport with my professors.
Wor-Wic provides an enriching learning environment with competent staff and endless opportunities. People of any age will feel comfortable at this college as this is an equal opportunity institution. Wor-Wic offers many accredited programs and classes to prepare you for almost any career! Wor-Wic is a community-oriented school and I wouldn't want to attend anywhere else!
Wor-Wic Community college was a great place to begin my college career. The staff was very supportive and helpful with the students. I would definitely recommend the school!
So far I've only gone through my first semester but I'm going on my second, and I love this community college. They have the best lunches and my teachers I've had have been so helpful through the semester. The only thing that could change is the staircases, they could be updated. The school is going through some expansions right now so hopefully they consider that. If your looking for a school that's cheap and gives you the credits you need, Wor-Wic community college is the way to go.
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The one on one communication from teacher to student was less personal.
There were tutors to help support and evaluate skills in English and Mathematics.
I haven't really started the courses pertaining to my current major.
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