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The Nursing dept. is wonderful! All of the teachers are so helpful. The nursing track is not easy and you must study and dedicate most of your time to it.
I loved having the small classroom settings, which allowed me to establish a greater rapport with my professors.
Wor-Wic provides an enriching learning environment with competent staff and endless opportunities. People of any age will feel comfortable at this college as this is an equal opportunity institution. Wor-Wic offers many accredited programs and classes to prepare you for almost any career! Wor-Wic is a community-oriented school and I wouldn't want to attend anywhere else!
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Wor-Wic Community college was a great place to begin my college career. The staff was very supportive and helpful with the students. I would definitely recommend the school!
So far I've only gone through my first semester but I'm going on my second, and I love this community college. They have the best lunches and my teachers I've had have been so helpful through the semester. The only thing that could change is the staircases, they could be updated. The school is going through some expansions right now so hopefully they consider that. If your looking for a school that's cheap and gives you the credits you need, Wor-Wic community college is the way to go.
The one on one communication from teacher to student was less personal.
There were tutors to help support and evaluate skills in English and Mathematics.
I haven't really started the courses pertaining to my current major.
My overall experience so far attending this school has been good. The students and teachers did not make me feel inadequate due to my age. The class size was never too large.
I'm excited to complete my schooling and enter into the nursing program.
There is a lot of competition to obtain entry into their nursing program. As a part time student, it has taken me three semesters to complete 90% of my pre-requisites part time.
Wor-Wic is very affordable compared to other colleges nearby. I enjoy the opportunities and the flexibility of classes.
The Flexibility is great you get alot days off and you can pick days you want to go to school.
The online course are great because you don't have to be in school to do them and also you really don't need to worry about you running out of time because you going at your on speed.
There great really cant explain it.
The classes room size are just so perfect there not to big but also not to small. There be classes with 50 kids or some with just ten it whatever you pick.
The student career prospects and the value of a degree in Wor - Wic Community College is the best ever for my first year of college.
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The unique of my nursing program is that we can work at still be learning. We get to do hands on in a hospital and watch and learn that most colleges don't do at all.
What make Wor-Wic Community college so unique is that here even though you new to college they make sure you are comfortable coming they worry about you and they go on your time.
All of my credits from high school followed with me when I got to college. I did not have to repeat any classes
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