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The college is pretty small, so its very much like a family. There are many programs to help students and feedback is a huge thing, they constantly want to know how they can make our experience better.
Having attended a summer course during summer 2016, I felt that though Woodland community college is small it has a lot to offer.
Woodland Community College, is a small quaint college. I love how this college is small, because you are able to connect with your professors in a much deeper level. Being, a small community college you are also able to connect with students around the campus and form friendships, and study buddies. I feel that because it is small as a student I am able to focus much more, than being in a larger junior college. What this college has is that their classes are focused for transfer students, where you don't feel overwhelmed with so many choices of classes.
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No need for post-grad services
  • 7 months ago
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Some classes are huge, others are tiny.
Excellent Administration of Justice department
This is a school for those looking to get a quick degree and take GE courses. It is essentially a commuter school, people take their classes and leave. Most students do not participate in any other stuff around campus other than their classes. Professors are generally okay but 90% are not experts in their fields. Overall, I'm happy I went here to get my classes done to transfer to a university since it's cheap, basic, and accessible. Can simply complete your classes and leave without having to be involved with things on campus.
I was able to change my class schedule very easily.
I've never taken any online course at my school yet.
Our career center gives us idea of what kind of job we can look for, and they help us find what's the best job for us.
  • 11 months ago
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On campus, my school gave us chance to find a work on the campus such as working in the school supply shop.
  • 11 months ago
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My professors are all very nice to me. The course are fun especially when the professors are fun, and when the class are small.
It has a lot opportunities to helps us study.
My school always answers my question when I needed
Most people go to this school to get credits to transfer, or for a certificate program, I don't think I've ever seen an employer recruiting on campus.
  • Feb 8 2016
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There have been a few professors I have really liked, and a few that I didn't like at all, but they all did a decent job of teaching their subject . The classes vary in size, but I have never had a class that was too big for there to be interaction between the students and teacher.
There are only a few classes available that are actually applicable to my major, but the ones that are available seem okay. They could be more challenging and engaging, but they are not terrible.
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The school is great for getting general ed out of the way, and for taking college classes at a lower price than you could at a state college, but it is definitely missing the social aspect of a more traditional college campus.
just like anywhere, you have to give the professor what they want to hear
junior college does not deal with that, and a person has to ask the right questions to get an answer. same as anywhere no one wants to give information away
  • Dec 30 2015
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