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The small size private university creates a tight net environment that is beneficial to the students both in social and in professional life.
I choose to come to this school because it has a great location in Burbank in which I am nearby animation studios and other certain places where a guild called Women in Animation meets. I food is very good, I like surrounding myself in people who also striving for the same goals, to get into the art industry. I like the professors because while they teach, they are also currently working in the industry as well. The only thing that is a bit of a drawback is the housing/ dorm. They are pricey and ofter little room to work with.
I am about to go in as a freshman and I am very excited! The staff is amazing and is willing to help you through all of your needs.
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Woodbury is a very good school, academic wise, but has many things to improve on.

-mail room
-housing (notifications)
-insurance waiving
-background screening teachers
are just a few issues...

Make friends. Lay low. If you complain about anything it'll just get ignored anyway. Human/student services are not well rounded here.
I was impressed by the fact that this environment is centred around career and personal growth, which is a difficult attribute to find in many schools.
I really love the school and many of the staff members there. As a freashman majoring in fashion design going off to sophmore year is really fun. Woodbury let's you explore your creativity as well as to really learn hands on work upon how to sew, what you'll be making as well as being able to develop great skills and new skills whether your a beginner, intermediate, or advanced sewer. Not only are your sewing skills developed but communication skills are grown to help you get out of your shell and stand out.
Not recommended for international students who intend to work in the U.S. after graduation. International student department at Woodbury is notorious among students for being untrained and unprofessional. Year of 2017 experienced a number of work authorizations rejected for wrong fees and insufficient documents, causing 10+ international students to suffer in Visa limbo for half an year, some of whom had to leave the country. School notified of a refund but never delivered, instead fired the department char and employed a new person who, however, appears to work the same way as the former.

Education at Woodbury tends to be experimental and show-oriented with lack of foundation. Instructors often introduce master's level materials to undergraduate students and expect publishable works.

Large number of short-term Instructors are hired at Woodbury due to school's financial failure and often seen to take advantage of college credits to gain cheap labor for their own private business.
First of all, DO NOT GO HERE IF YOU ARE A TRANSFER STUDENT. This school is based on kids who just graduated high school. The majority of the age range is 17-20 and 20 is pushing it. If you don't live on campus, you're pretty much screwed out of friends. They are super clicky here and it's like being in high school with peers talking badly about others and making snarky remarks in classes. If you don't join a frat or a sorority, don't expect to fit in. 60% of the school is in them and there's only 2.
The professors are okay. I had a few really amazing ones and they are helpful with course work. Thats the one thing Woodbury has going to them. However, the chairs of the departments are also teachers and some are incredibly rude. I have left in tears on more than one occasion after talking to the chair of my department, he was not understanding at all and also said horrible things about my age in front of the entire class.
The school itself is a small community, but I like it because you get to know almost everyone in school. There are also organizations that you can join that make you feel welcomed and at home.
Woodbury is highly secured, the food is great, and the dorms is very beautiful. Plus the prices seems quite fair, and the size of the campus is just right if you seek for classroom that is one teacher and 35 or less students per class.
What I liked about Woodbury University is the help you received from the staff who work there. They are very specific when it comes to questions. I would recommend others to apply because they offer good financial help!
The San Diego campus is great unfortunately it is very small. I would change the way in which classes are assigned
Woodbury University is, as the number of students that attends it shows, is small. Whether you like that or not is personal, but for me I love it. If there is one way to describe it here, is that you become a part of a community of people that support you unconditionally. The professors are attentive and will help you to succeed in any way that they can as long as you put in your part in, which is just effort.
As an animation major, I love the area and the amount of opportunities the school is providing after graduation. The design departments aren’t as favored as the architecture or business programs. But, the campus is very safe, especially the dorms. Student life is very good for a smaller school, especially with multiple types of organizations to be a part of. The administration department needs a lot of work, considering it feels like a battle every time I go in the office about an issue or simply a question. The staff is very caring of their students besides that and I love the community feeling of on campus life. Definitely would go here again if I had the chance!
I experienced a lot of challenges from the administration, the chair, and some faculty not providing what I paid for, making unexpected changes not in line with school policy to accommodate other students. There is a lot of politics in this school, and it is 95% middle easterners who attend. But I have also experienced high level teachers who impart their knowledge and hold us up to a higher level in our work, performance, and understanding.
Woodbury University provides a small, yet intimate campus. Classroom capacity is 25-30 students, which results into the students developing a personal relationship with their professors.
Although the school prides themselves on being diverse and offering one of best college experiences, you will not receive that here in the end. I was given the opportunity to attend this school for over 3 years. I will admit, I was sold on the experience and environment. That was completely changed toward my 3rd year at Woodbury when I faced a financial issue with the school. As a result, the school in no way illustrated or empathized with my situation. It was as if they didn't care because I already put 3 years into the school. Of course, that didn't matter because of how much money the school got from me within those 3 years. My effort to try to get people at this school to help was extremely exhausting. Almost every department that I sought help from referred me to another department. The worst thing I can take away from this was how close I was to finishing. Please stay away parents and students. This school only cares about you getting in and spending money.
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I really love this school, it's a very artistic school but does have many other majors outside of the art field. The school is private but small which is easy for people to make plenty of friends. The classes are small so you are able to get on a one to one bases with teachers.
A great place for people to get an education. It is small and convenient for people to network with students outside of their major. Students are able to see a lot of the other majors because the campus is small and most people know each other.
Woodbury is an exceptional institution. The campus is beautiful and safe. The staff is very helpful. The class sizes are small which makes it easy to have a strong bond with your professor. There are a lot of clubs and organizations with a lot of diversity. The only thing I wish I could change is the student involvement on campus. Not many students are involved or come to events, I think it would be better if they did. It would bring liveliness to the campus.