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I experienced a lot of challenges from the administration, the chair, and some faculty not providing what I paid for, making unexpected changes not in line with school policy to accommodate other students. There is a lot of politics in this school, and it is 95% middle easterners who attend. But I have also experienced high level teachers who impart their knowledge and hold us up to a higher level in our work, performance, and understanding.
Woodbury University provides a small, yet intimate campus. Classroom capacity is 25-30 students, which results into the students developing a personal relationship with their professors.
Although the school prides themselves on being diverse and offering one of best college experiences, you will not receive that here in the end. I was given the opportunity to attend this school for over 3 years. I will admit, I was sold on the experience and environment. That was completely changed toward my 3rd year at Woodbury when I faced a financial issue with the school. As a result, the school in no way illustrated or empathized with my situation. It was as if they didn't care because I already put 3 years into the school. Of course, that didn't matter because of how much money the school got from me within those 3 years. My effort to try to get people at this school to help was extremely exhausting. Almost every department that I sought help from referred me to another department. The worst thing I can take away from this was how close I was to finishing. Please stay away parents and students. This school only cares about you getting in and spending money.
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I really love this school, it's a very artistic school but does have many other majors outside of the art field. The school is private but small which is easy for people to make plenty of friends. The classes are small so you are able to get on a one to one bases with teachers.
A great place for people to get an education. It is small and convenient for people to network with students outside of their major. Students are able to see a lot of the other majors because the campus is small and most people know each other.
Woodbury is an exceptional institution. The campus is beautiful and safe. The staff is very helpful. The class sizes are small which makes it easy to have a strong bond with your professor. There are a lot of clubs and organizations with a lot of diversity. The only thing I wish I could change is the student involvement on campus. Not many students are involved or come to events, I think it would be better if they did. It would bring liveliness to the campus.
My year and a half at Woodbury has been quite well because of the kind professors and faculty that care about each student. They genuinely want you to succeed and find a career that suits you and your talents. They want to ensure that you are fully prepared for your job field.
Woodbury University is a small campus located in Burbank, CA. Love the compact and cozy atmosphere there. Currently, I am a senior in accounting program and have been enjoying the culture and professors of this lovely University.
I was offered a 15k scholarship, and arrived happily and eager to start. What could have been a wonderful experience was ruined by the staff. Most of them were two faced to me, which I could obviously tell. They were extremely judgmental. There were nice ones, yes, but a majority of them, no. All they care about is appearance and credibility, but realistically, this school is not worth your money. Spend it elsewhere, where you will not endure narrow-minded, selfish and negative faculty. For example, if you want to major in film making, how many successful film makers have said "I am an alumni of Woodbury"? NONE. Even if I was offered a full ride, I could decline, now that I have seen what the heart of Woodbury consists of. Bleck.
Woodbury University's calming ambient and employee's friendliness create a perfect ambient for a student that wants to succeed.
Woodbury University is a great university, especially for Architecture. Education is great. Student life is pretty good but food options can improve as well as overall service university provides. Love my school always!
Well for it being my first year there, it was pretty good. The one thing I would like to see change is the food, honestly.
I attended Woodbury's Master of Organizational Leadership Program. When I attended it was a one year program with five-week classes, this has since changed. I was able to work full time and loved having just one class at a time, always on the same day of week with same cohort. We did a lot of writing and presentations. There was a special price when I attended, making it an excellent value. Some professors were better than others but overall the program enriched me personally. The food on campus is great and I also loved the library. As I was a grad student who attended at night, I can't really speak to other campus activities.
I transferred over from Cal State Fullerton. I was tired of the large public university experience , where I felt anonymous, had trouble getting the classes I needed, had very little access to teachers, and didn't get to know many of my classmates due to the large classroom size.

Woodbury gave me everything I was looking for. I felt like I was wanted from the first day I visited the school. A counselor laid out every class I needed to graduate, and I got every class I needed.

I had a lot of one on one contact with all of my teachers. They remembered my name. Class sizes are small: 12-15 students is the norm. I made relationships with many of my classmates. And there were a lot of group projects in many of my classes, which I enjoyed. Collaboration is helpful to learning.

I am very proud to be a graduate of Woodbury Umiversity.
I have visited the Woodbury campus with my cousin who is an Alumni of Woodbury University and I loved it. It was nice and small and I'm all set on going Woodbury this fall.
The school is a small private University which to me is a big plus. Since the school is so small I have more one on one interactions with my professors. The school always has activities going on, on campus.
Small school. Psychology program is one of the smallest but has some really great professors. Professors genuinely care about students and continue to mentor students after graduation. Nice location too.
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I have not heard about any crimes in Woodbury University.
Networking in Woodbury University is primal.
Its great space to rest between classes.
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