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What I liked about wood tobe coburn was the fact my major the classes I took was very specific to my major I was taking a fashion design and about 95% of my classes were based on it to learn skills and about the industry. However my course teacher could have been better the way of teaching wasn't alway helpful. Some teacher were great and other not so much. Felt the school was very small.
when i started my time at wood tobe coburn school the school was in the midst of changing directors. with that being said the regular rules and regulations were very lenient. when the new director did show however he really "Cracked down" on rules such as dress codes - you must dress professional or you get written up and kicked out, as well as attendance - 3 latenesses count as an hour absent, 20 minutes late count as an hour absent, 20+ hours absent results in a warning or a threat to kick you out. also the financial aid ladies are on your back to pay almost $700 a month.
i love it. it give you detail and it also introduce you to internship when you are ready for it. it also introduce to a job when you you almost graduate.
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It's okay but also bad. They with hold information. The tuition is actually $40,000 and I paid half and made sure that I was down paying but then they requested I fill out my fafsa and do loans again so I was mad, due to the fact that I was told I didn't have to do any of that after the first time around and that I was done paying. Half of their lockers are broken so theft of your books happens, their computers suck, we have to pay for everything, even jeans day for our "student emergency fund" yet where does that go to? We have ID's but we don't use them because the lock to out entrance open already but if you lose them you HAVE to pay $5. They buy us our books, and of course college books don't cost a penny. Yet we find that we don't use more than half of them even after asking our professors if we are gonna use them or not and we usually don't, so reselling them is depressing because that's so much money down the drain for nothing. They don't have recycling although considering the amount of paper everyone wastes in that school. Their attendance is crazy. I once had a 2-hour class last semester and if we came in passed 8:20 am we'd be absent those whole 2 hours, and attendance is more important than your grades so image your grades after that. Once you get off first and second honors you can't back on. You need all A's to get valedictorian, not A-'s but all A's. We have a dress code which is dress professionally but of course you don't have to entirely follow it. They are very strict with sneakers but many get away with it anyways, or you can wear a certain pair and then get kicked out after a week because it bothers the professors now then it did before. They have a "no shorts rule" yet girls come in with dresses/skirts and show off their privates/underwear which is way worse than shorts including when they have very fashionable shorts for appropriate office wear. I'd love to write more but I've ran out of space.
Not sure how it is, need to explore more.
I hate school and I dunno why they make college seem so important when it's not even free.
I've gone to a teacher with a specific question, she's been more than happy to sit down with me. The major complaint I have about the school is that the class registration process is a hassle. It's all done online, but the system is super slow and I've been closed out of classes I really need."
I chose Wood Tobe-Coburn because it was hands on and it was teacher and student. They new you personally, it wasnt a big statium with 100 people in my class and i could get the extra time and help that needed sometimes. The teachers are really there to teach you because they care. You manage to be the best you can be because your being taught by people who been in the fashion industry for years.
The financial Aid at Wood Tobe-Coburn didn't cover much tuition. I still had to take out two loans to pay for all my supplies and books.Then when you get assignments in class you had to pay for everything including $100 metro card each month. I can say it was worth it, Igot the skills and expirence I needed to be a Fashion Merchandiser.
The great thing about my school are the students I've met within my two years!
The computers run very slow and the systems aren't fully up to date. It was one time when the systems were down for the whole week, and everyone in the school building were ineligible to do any work. Although, that wasn't the first incident. We only have one computer lab with the MAC computers and everyone don't have access to utilize them. It's very frustrating to have these very slow PC computers for Adobe products and the system crashes or stop working.
The school offers to help you find a job as soon as you graduate, and a high amount of graduates find placement through the school
Eveyone is pretty friendly, pretty open to making friendships and helping each other out.
My original class contained hispanic, black, asian, and caucasian, and indian students. I wasn't sure what to expect, but perhaps the location is why there is so much diversity at the school. It was refreshing.
Printing on Campus – Assuming you're lucky enough to get to use one of the library's computer's printing will be a complete hassle. Long lines, limited printers, and people constantly hovering over your shoulder as a reminder that they need to use the machines too. You're much better off doing your assignments at home and bringing in the work.
Wood-Tobe Coburn School – Classrooms are full of computers, enough for every student. Theyre installed inside the desks.
Fresh Start – I haven't actually started classes at my school yet; however, my first impression from the school was wonderful. Everyone there was friendly, and the admissions director was very welcoming. He broke down every question I had into admirable answers, and the school was absolutely the best fit for me.
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