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Somewhat hard to transfer credits. Heard from a lot of students that they had to go through a lot of trouble transferring credits
The quality of courses and professors here are great! The size of the classrooms remain small so that the teachers can easily know the students.
The quality of employers recruiting is the best on campus. If a student needs a job it is easily found and obtained
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A lot of teachers here are awesome and are willing to help you anywhere and anytime!
I recommend all of those who can apply to apply! You'll love it here!
We have a great student career center called "the Space".
There are many places for students in need of a computer, and everything else there has rarely been a problem with. I've only had a couple problems with the campus wireless access, and it can sometimes be very slow. But this could be easily fixed, and this has been brought to the school's attention.
An absolutely amazing school that is caring and understanding about each individual student and takes the time to be there for everyone that is in need of any kind of help no matter what it may be.
Completely understanding and wonderful professors and faculty.
The tuition to go here can definitely be bought of as outrageous! But Wofford is very understanding at giving students the necessary scholarships needed for whatever their financial situation may be.
We have a very wonderful career center called "the Space".
I have never been challenged academically, and then coming here it knocked me off my feet. It has been a tough freshman year, but I can honestly say i have learned a lot of interesting and very useful material, and I would't have chosen anywhere else to go.
Professors are wonderful here and love their jobs, and are always ready to help you any way they can. The workload can be extremely difficult here if you don't know how to manage your time well, but if you do and visit your professors with ANY questions you may have there is no reason you shouldn't do well in all your courses.
I mean, you know people in general, and a good bit of them are going to be horrible and mean, thats life. But I would say my campus overall has a nice student population, and i think the small size helps with that too.
Something I find really unique about my school is a place called "the Space". The people that work here are super helpful with resumes, mock interviews, and pretty much anything they can help you with to be prepared for future careers.
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