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The Wofford College campus is beautiful. The academics at Wofford College are superior with the small class size, professors that take the time to know their students both in and out of the classroom, and a large variety of majors to choose from. Wofford is a safe campus and has worked hard to show its diversity in the students that go there as well as the staff working there. The dorms are above average for a school their size and the food is good. Student life
It felt like home as soon as I took a tour. The fact that its so small allows me to feel at home and prevents the feeling of being lost in the crowd.
Wofford has a wonderful community of staff and students. I love the close-knit bonds that are created on the small campus. One of my favorite things is running into my friends on my short walk to class. You will rarely walk somewhere and not see someone you know. Everyone is always willing to help with academics or extracurriculars. There are so many opportunities to study abroad, whether it is during interim, the summer, or a semester.
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I love Wofford. I am a student-athlete, and my coaches know that school is the number one priority. I have met so many great, like-minded people, and it is definitely easy to find your place at Wofford and feel included.
I love Wofford because it is a beautiful campus, everyone around is super friendly, and the class sizes are small and makes it easy to be well known by your professors.
I greatly enjoy the small class sizes, the availability of professors outside of class, and the community of students.
My overall experience at Wofford has been amazing. They truly prepare you for life after college, and are an amazing pre-medical school (along with pre-law and finance, among other areas). Wofford College has a strong alumni base that is useful when searching for jobs after college, or even finding internships during your time as a student.
Wofford College is a great school. We are a small school of about 1600 students so the relationships between students and staff are very real. We are a Division I school as well so our athletics are a big deal. We have tons of clubs, organizations, and Greek Life to get involved in. The administration can be overbearing at times and the tuition is very steep, but all in all it is a great school.
Wofford is small and close knit. Knowing professors personally gives you lots of amazing opportunities, and the campus is cute and convenient.
I love everything about Wofford. Classes are small and professors are the best. Everyone is so friendly and no one is ever bored here.
I love the small feel of Wofford, and especially how all of your professors know your name. The professors and the college make it easy to succeed, while still challenging your learning abilities, and they want to help you.
Wofford College is a great academic institution, the class size is small, taught by faculty members who are cutting edge in their fields. Because it is so small, it can get boring. You see the same people all the time, but it also brings people closer together.
One of the reasons I chose Wofford was the class sizes. Typically there are no more than 20 in a class, and sometimes much less! That is a big bonus for me. I also love the Interim term they have every January where they encourage you to step out of your box and take 4 credit hours that can be completely unrelated to your major.... just any off the wall, interesting, exciting, adventurous, artsy, crazy thing that strikes your fancy, to broaden your horizons or just fulfill some deep rooted fantasy or try something you never thought possible..... through school.
I haven't gotten to the point where I am looking for jobs for post college, but a big draw to Wofford for me was the way they help you find internships, and later jobs. Not just jobs, though, careers that were meant for you, individually. They also seem to be excellent at helping you further your educational career if you plan to go on to grad school or beyond, which is a big consideration for me.
I know there are many policies in place for safety. I personally have never felt unsafe on campus, however, I haven't been here long. I have no problem calling campus security for an escort if I can't find a friend to walk with at night and I don't take stupid chances.
Living on campus is a double edged sword. Of course I wanted to live in a dorm an experience "real college life" at least my first year. The dorms at Wofford are horrendous, Especially Marsh. Luckily I got into Greene which was renovated last year, if you want to call it that. I'm afraid with my allergies, I would literally have died in Marsh! For the price of tuition/room/board at Wofford, I can see NO REASON that their dorms are in the shape they are I! I understand wanting to keep the original exterior look of the buildings, to keep the traditional feel campus in tact, but the interior of those dorms should have long since been gutted and been redone!
Greek life is pretty big on campus, with about 50% student involvement. There doesn't seem to be any weird separation between Greeks and non-Greeks though, everyone just melds smoothly in that aspect. The Greeks seem to do a lot of great community service projects which seem to make them seem more down to earth than snotty.
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We have an excellent football and basketball team, as well as many other male and female sports. They recently added girls Lacrosse. Our facilities are top notch and are they are currently adding a new indoor football training facility. The Carolina Panthers even use our campus for their training camps!
For my future, I think I made the right decision. When it comes to getting a job, having a degree from Wofford College and the help from all the Alumni that back that name up will be tremendous. However, many activities and sports there seem to be very politically steered, as well. It seems it's not how good you are or how hard you work, but how much money your Daddy contributes when it comes to getting many sought after positions. I guess it's like that everywhere to a certain extent but it seems pretty blatant here. Overall, since it's the education and future I'm really here for, I'm pleased.
very safe and students are smart enough to know how drugs effect their progress and lives
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